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1982 Interstate Championships

4 Apr 1982, Nepean River NSW

1982 Interstate Championships Programme Cover

1982 Programme Cover

94th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st SA - Bow: Graham Keynes, 2: Chester Macdonald, 3: Bruce Keynes, 4: Michael Nielsen, 5: John Quigley, 6: John Bentley, 7: Tim Willoughby, Str: Stephen Mann, Cox: Gavin Thredgold, Cch: Robert Cooper, Emerg: Rob Lang
2nd TAS - Bow: Ricky Bird, 2: Russell Hookway, 3: Tony Heron, 4: Bruce Heron, 5: Richard Heron, 6: Roger Grace, 7: Mark Wilson, Str: Cameron Chrichton, Cox: Frank Andrews, Cch: Paul Myler
3rd VIC - Bow: Colin Rawson, 2: John Cumper, 3: Martin Hunt, 4: Mark Doyle, 5: David Doyle, 6: Stuart Moreton, 7: Neil Myers, Str: Ion Popa, Cox: Michael Sim, Emergs: Sam Patten & Jeff Lawrence, Cch: Peter Philp, Mgr D J Faulkner
4th NSW - Bow: Jordi Martin, 2: Graham Edmonds, 3: Murray Ross, 4: Steve Peruch, 5: Jim Battersby, 6: Graham Jones, 7: Anthony Brown, Str: Clyde Hefer, Cox: Terry O'Hanlon, Emerg: Rob Wickenden, Cch: Michael Morgan
5th QLD - Bow: Chris Hegerty, 2: Joe Tooma, 3: Geoff Hall, 4: David Rose, 5: Ian Edmunds, 6: Peter Zahnleiter, 7: Gavin Keily, Str: Richard Powell, Cox: Michael Jowett, Cch: Terry Mulligan
6th WA - Bow: Robert Tielman, 2: Timothy Norrish, 3: Paul Druckett, 4: Robert Coakley, 5: Steven Fisher, 6: James Burt, 7: Jamie Jones, Str: Tony Lovrich, Cox: Steve Annear, Cch: Murray McHenry, Emerg: Warren Jones

The first 500 metres was a good race between SA, Tasmania and Victoria with Victoria taking the honors narrowly through this part of the race. This continued through the second 500 metres with SA then taking the lead and never reliquising it throughout the rest of the race. A spirited challenge by Tasmania in the last 500 metres could not break the South Australians who won by 1.8 seconds.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st VIC - Andrew Cassidy
2nd NSW - Edward O Hale
3rd TAS - Greg Hall
4th SA - Brenton Terrell

After many years as the top Australian sculler, Ted Hale finally surcumbed to Andrew Cassidy of Victoria in a close race. Cassidy led from the start and despite a huge effort by Ted Hale in the final stages of the race, Cassidy held on to win narrowly.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st TAS - Bow: Ian Jordan, 2: Ashley Wilkes, 3: Michael Partridge, Str: Bruce House, Cch: David Poulson
2nd VIC - Bow: Charles Bartlett, 2: Simon Cook, 3: Stephen Spurling, Str: Simon Gillett, Emerg: Brian Digby, Cch: Rob Stewart
3rd NSW - Bow: Steve Herd, 2: Allan Eskdale, 3: John Cantor, Str: Dominic O'Loughlin, Cch: Peter Stroud
4th SA - Bow: Jim Martin, 2: Gerard Quigley, 3: Cameron Miller, Str: Richard Hall, Cch: William Moody
5th WA - Bow: Ian Hilton, 2: Neville Kempton, 3: Russell Langdon, Str: Ian Clairs, Cch: Ken Grant, Emergs: Greg Raszyk & Richard Kay

Tasmania led all the way and despite a great effort by Victoria late in the race, they went on to win comfortably.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st NSW - Bow: Chris Wright, 2: Roger Brighton, 3: Luke Linton-Simpkins, 4: M Bowden, 5: Richard Goodrich, 6: Robert Britt, 7: C Bowra, Str: Steve Evans, Cox: W Marsden, Cch: Stuart Evans, Emerg: D Courtney
2nd VIC - Bow: Andrew Watson, 2: Joe Joyce, 3: Peter Howe, 4: Mark Liszukiewicz, 5: Martin O'Halloran, 6: Tasso Paxinos, 7: Greg Pechan, Str: Doug Scown, Cox: Graham Barns, Emergs: Grant Atkins & Greg Harris, Cch: Michael Manley
3rd SA - Bow: Michael Emery, 2: Michael McInerney, 3: Daniel Milton-Hine, 4: John Belcher, 5: Scott Mackay, 6: Richard Kinnear, 7: Joel Mayne, Str: Robert Booth, Cox: Michael Reardon, Cch: William Dankbaar, Emerg: Shane Lawson
4th QLD - Bow: John Cafferky, 2: John Matson, 3: Chris Boucher, 4: Richard Paterson, 5: Andrew Henderson, 6: Duncan Fisher, 7: Peter Brunckhorst, Str: Ronald Thompson, Cox: Sam Carroll, Emergs: Hugh Morrision & Corby Green, Cch: Bob Bleakley
5th WA - Bow: Steven Robertson, 2: Edward Forkin, 3: David Barber, 4: Geoff Foulkes-Taylor, 5: Konrad Floan, 6: Jeff Chatfield, 7 Brett Nelson, Str: Terrence Norrish, Cox: Mark Kestel, Cch: George Xouris, Emerg: Garry Bosman
6th TAS - Bow: Michael Davis, 2: Leigh Adlard, 3: Jamie Osbourne, 4: Matt Bryan, 5: Bill Seedon, 6: Stuart Nettlefold, 7: Craig Richards, Str: Andrew Holyman, Cox: Peter Law, Cch: Reg Free

A race developed early between NSW and VIC with NSW taking the honours despite a desperate push to the line by VIC. The wining margin was 0.8 seconds.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Margot Foster, 2: Jo Dickson, 3: Jacqui Marshall, Str: Pam Westendorf, Cox: Kaylynn Fry, Emerg: Sarah Trumble, Cch: David Palfreyman, Mgr: Angela Lelleton
2nd NSW - Bow: Jenny Rourke, 2: Sue Weston, 3: Karen Brancourt, Str: Shanne McGinniss, Cox: Megan Turner, Cch: Bruce Evans, Emerg: Marilyn Kidd
3rd SA - Bow: C Clayton, 2: A Smith, 3: Robyn Grey-Gardiner, Str: Terry Brown, Cchs: Phil Mangelsdorf & Craig Henderson
4th TAS - Bow: Susan Young, 2: Alison Flakemore, 3: Jackie Hayde, Str: Tracey Johnstone, Cox: Pam Prior, Cch: Donald Flakemore
5th WA - Bow: Sue Parker, 2: Cathy Paxton, 3: Judith Richardson, Str: Ruth Richardson, Cox: Leigh Dale

Victoria and SA led early but by the halfway mark, Victoira had gained the lead. They then consolidated this lead and went on to win by 6.2 seconds to NSW with SA a further 1.5 seconds back.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st VIC - Mary Renouf
2nd NSW - Sandra Rourke
3rd QLD - Elizabeth Burness
4th TAS - Susan Evans
5th WA - Joanne Green
6th SA - Stephanie Schmidt

Renouf from the Artemis Rowing Club in Victoria led all the way to win convincingly by 12.1 seconds.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Gayle Toogood, 2: Gini Skinner, 3: Barbara Phelan, Str: Barbara Griffiths, Cox: Alison Davidson, Cch: Brian Dalton, Emerg Meredith Williams
2nd WA - Bow: Barbara Kletnieks, 2: Christine Piesse, 3: Janet Lankester, Str: Tracey O'Shannessy, Cox: Jo Gibbs, Cch: Warren Gibson
3rd QLD - Bow: Lyn Kelly, 2: Debbie Merritt, 3: Jenny O'Neill, Str: Monica Davies, Cox: Cia Roberts, Cch: Chris Hollingsworth, Emerg: Caroline Schomberg
4th NSW - Bow: Vicki Baxter, 2: Kym Brown, 3 Gay Allen, Str: Leanne Turner, Cox: Jan Bonwick, Cch: Lindsay Callaghan, Emer: Leslie Hodgson
5th SA - Bow: Rita Reidel, 2: Hilary Stein, 3: Susan Bellette, Str: Karin Riedel, Cox: Sarah McLean, Cch: Matthew Draper

This was a very even race for the first half. However Victoria moved away from the field in the second half to win by 2.4 seconds to WA.


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