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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

2007 Interstate Championships

5-11 March 2007, Nagambie Lakes VIC


2007 programme cover

These championships were plagued by poor weather which at one time, created unrowable conditions and at other times, unfair conditions. The weather was unseasonal and varied every day - normally the weather is stable and calm at that time of year. It was influenced by a cyclone which came down the WA coast in much the same way as occurred in 1989 when the Nationals were cancelled.

The five years of drought in Victoria did not help matters with the course surrounds dusty and dry.

The drought certainly did not disturb the Victorian team who took out the points score trophy for the most successful team.

The results of the Interstate Championships in pdf format can be found through this link.

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Brian Vear (Chairman), Regina Kennedy (Event Co-ordinator), Grant Cogriff, Eric Waller, David Deeble and Andrew Guerin.

Jury: Steve Hinchy (QLD - President of the Jury), Michael Eastaughffe (SA - Competition Manager), Bob Pennington (SA), Peter Huggett (QLD), John Murdoch (WA), Craig James (WA), Phil Fraser (TAS), Nick Hunter (ACT), Rene Klupacs (VIC), Barnaby Cundell (SA), Rod Dobell (TAS), Brian Nash (WA), Reg McKay (VIC), Rod Florence (VIC), Victor Walter (NSW), Ron Beattie (NSW), Bob Cook (ACT), Kelly Jenkins (VIC), Kerry Bligh (TAS), Brett Woolfitt (WA) and Lyn Bayliss (WA).


2007 Jury

Boat Drivers: Ron Widgery, Michael Goodger, Tim Ward, George Homer, Greg Hall,

Event Staff: Alice Evans & Chris Grummett (Regatta Secretaries and Timing), Sue Lovell (Office Co-ordinator), Kris Szatsnajder & Denis Bourke (medical), Phil Sandford (Office support), Wendy Jenkins (photo finish), Roger Wilson & Ray Ebert (commentators), Lynne Charge (Volunteer supervisor), Hugh Hindle, Jennifer Schouten, Laura O'Bryan, Tamara McPherson, Robin Burrows, Bill Webster, David Grubits, John Nichols, Geoff Hardy, Peter Darbyshire, Bob Morrell, Annie Harvey, Pauline Day.

Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st Victoria - Bow: Christian Ryan, 2: Nicholas Phelps, 3: Jason Heard, 4: James Marburg, 5: Cameron McKenzie-McHarg, 6: Karsten Forsterling, 7: James Tomkins, Str: Drew Ginn, Cox: Marc Douez, Cch: Chris O'Brien
2nd New South Wales - Bow: Nicholas Hudson, 2: Nick Baxter, 3: Fergus Pragnell, 4: Matthew Ryan, 5: James Chapman, 6: Thomas Laurich, 7: Francis Hegerty, Str: Sam Loch, Cox: Marty Rabjohns, Cch: Andrew Randell
3rd Western Australia - Bow: Ross Brown, 2: Jayden Edwards, 3: David Dennis, 4: Steven Fletcher, 5: Jeremy Stevenson, 6: David Kelly, 7: James Gatti, Str: Todd Skipworth, Cox: Hugh Rawlinson, Cchs: Antonio Maurogiovanni & Sean Leyland
4th Queensland - Bow: Ben Sprenger, 2: Michael McBryde, 3: Dan Ellice-Flint, 4: Craig Dorrstein, 5: David Galley, 6: Hardy Cubasch, 7: Sam Conrad, Str: Duncan Free, Cox: Michael Toon, Cch: Tim Conrad
5th Tasmania - Bow:Max Sondermeyer, 2: Shaun Finlayson, 3: Dion Birtwistle, 4: Patrick Bird, 5: Anthony Males, 6: Brendan Long, 7: Scott Brennan, Str: Dane Williams, Cox: Giles Harvey, Cchs: John Driessen & Rhett Ayliffe
6th South Australia - Bow: Andrew Swift, 2: Chris Martin, 3: Mitchell Oliver, 4: Alister Walsh, 5: Chris Morgan, 6: Will Jeffries, 7: Bryn Coudraye, Str: Nick Andrew, Cox: Tom Game, Cch: John Bolt
7th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: James Crouch, 2: Ben Southwell, 3: Mitch Punch, 4: Lawrence Sandral, 5: Craig Jones, 6: Miles Foran, 7: Chris Ritchie, Str: Mack Wilcox, Cox: Robert Winkworth, Cch: Regan Sanders

The Victorians led from start to finish, marginally increasing their lead at every 500 m mark. In fact, all crews kept their position throughout the race after the 500 m mark.

The race was a Victorian versus New South Wales affair with New South Wales never giving up. In these conditions, it was appropriate that these two crews were in adjoining lanes. The time, whilst not fast, was exceptional in these conditions.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st Victoria - David Crawshay, Cch: Chris O'Brien
2nd South Australia - James McRae, Cch: Adrian David
3rd New South Wales - Peter Hardcastle, Cch: Nick Garrett
4th Tasmania - Brendan Long, Cch: Ryett Ayliffe
5th Western Australia - Jeremy Stevenson, Cch: Antonio Maurogiovanni
6th Australian Capital Territory - Craig Jones, Cch: Regan Sanders
7th Queensland - Sam Renton

Crawshay had the favoured lane eight and James McRae lined up next to him on lane seven. Crawshay took an early lead and extended it over the second 500m.

McRae then started to work through the lead established by Crawshay but only managed to hold him during the last 1000m. The experience of Crawshay showed through the youthful McRae and we look forward to more races between these two scullers. Peter Hardcastle kept with the pace especially in the latter stages of the race.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st Western Australia - Bow: Perry Ward, 2: Ross Brown, 3: Todd Skipworth, Str: Ben Cureton, Cch: Jason Lane
2nd Tasmania - Bow: Blair Tunevitsch, 2: Samuel Beltz, 3: Tom Gibson, Str: Jonothon Hookway, Cchs: Rhett Ayliffe & John Driessen
3rd Queensland - Bow: Henry Bryan, 2: Thomas Croagh, 3: Matthew Bolster, Str: Darryn Purcell, Cch: Robert McNeill
4th New South Wales - Bow: Hugh McLeod, 2: Luke Woods, 3: Luke Freeman, Str: Roderick Chisholm, Cch: Ron Batt
5th Victoria - Bow: Thomas Nickson, 2: Peter Kupcis, 3: Eduardo Inostroza, Str: Tommy Bertrand, Cch: Bill Tait
6th South Australia - Bow: John Jackson, 2: Andrew Swift, 3: Beau Gora, Str: Adrian Oest, Cch: Ron Mobbs

The Western Australian crew were favourites but drew an unfovoured lane three. Despite this, they lead throughout the race.

The Tasmanians fought well from lane seven but could only gain on the early WA lead in the last 500m.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st New South Wales - Bow: James Goswell, 2: James Anderson, 3: Alistair Matthews, 4: Kieran Kobelke, 5: Andrew Conolly, 6: David Neuhaus, 7: Mitchell Estens, Str: Richard Allsop, Cox: Toby Lister, Cchs: Mark Prater & David Rodger
2nd Queensland - Bow: Tom Gethin-Jones, 2: Brenton Canning, 3: James Dickson, 4: Michael Smith, 5: Thomas Shepherd, 6: Ben Cook, 7: Hugo Struss, Str: Jared Bidwell, Cox: Daniel Licastro, Cch: Greg Brown
3rd Tasmania - Bow: Jarrod Matthews, 2: Taylor Wilczynski, 3: Alister Foot, 4: Lachlan Davey, 5: David Wright, 6: Nicholas Harris, 7: Adam Wertheimer, Str: Thomas Friend, Cox: Jack Tronson, Cchs: Robert Williams & Russell Hookway
4th Victoria - Bow: James Adams, 2: Simon Booth, 3: Timothy Linke, 4: William Lockwood, 5: Thomas Mosley, 6: Ben Quinlan, 7: Alexander Scharp, Str: Angus Tyers, Cox: , Coach: Ian Wright
5th South Australia - Bow: Andrew Jackson, 2: Owen Girardi, 3: Patrick Maddern, 4: Sam Martin, 5: Tom Drought, 6: Ned Kinnear, 7: Matthew Bolt, Str: James McRae, Cox: Sarah-Jane Hyde, Cch: Zoltan Shepherd
6th Western Australia - Bow: James Clarke, 2: Rhys Gelmi, 3: James Ielati, 4: Adam Seroka, 5: Jerey Ellis, 6: Rhys Grant, 7: Michael O'Shea, Str: Cameron Brewer, Cox: Benjamin Depiazzi, Cchs: Jamie Jones & Stephen Saunders
7th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Tom Watkins, 2: Anthony Tridgell, 3: Benjamin Wise, 4: Richard Greig, 5: Zac Cleaver, 6: Reese Graham, 7: Bradley Carron-Arthur, Str: Nicholas Barnier, Cox: Robert Winkworth, Cch: Jason Cain

The New South Wales crew won well despite a challenge from the strong Queensland crew on the adjoining lane. The NSW crew started well with a 3.67 lead at the 500 m mark. The Queensland crew drew closer in the middle 1000m. The NSW crew used the last 500m to assert their lead.

The race was therefore won in both the first and last 500m where NSW got a lead and then capitalised on it. It was a great race between these two crews.

Women's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The Queen's Cup


1st Victoria - Bow: Catriona Sens, 2: Robyn Selby Smith, 3: Emily Martin, 4: Sarah Heard, 5: Pauline Frasca, 6: Kim Crow, 7: Fleur Chew, Str: Phoebe Stanley, Cox: Lizzie Patrick, Cch: John Cumper
2nd New South Wales - Bow: Amy Ives, 2: Verena Stocker, 3: Zoe Uphill, 4: Monique Heinke, 5: Katelyn Gray, 6: Brooke Pratley, 7: Victoria Roberts, Str: Elizabeth Kell, Cox: Beth Smith, Cchs: Stani Slavova & Ellen Randell
3rd Western Australia - Bow: Jessica Huston, 2: Joanna Lutz, 3: Sally Robbins, 4: Sarah Outhwaite, 5: Danielle Jolly, 6: Natalie Bale, 7: Megan Bagworth, Str: Amber Bradley, Cox: Connor McCombe, Cchs: Antonio Maurogiovanni & Sean Leyland
4th Queensland - Bow: Emma Brown, 2: Martina Smidt, 3: Sarah Eke, 4: Sascha Lahey, 5: Kimberley Brown, 6: Emma McCarthy, 7: Pippa Savage, Str: Sally Kehoe, Cox: Jennifer Gilbert, Cch: Peter Howard
5th Tasmania - Bow: Ingrid Fenger, 2: Ailsa Tremayne, 3: Rebekah Tunevitsch, 4: Charlotte Walters, 5: Elizabeth French, 6: Kerry Hore, 7: Claire Shield, Str: Kate Hornsey, Cox: Jaimee Sluce, Cchs: Paul Newbon & Anthony Edwards
6th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Yasmin Burraston, 2: Emma Cook, 3: Lauren Burraston, 4: Christabelle Northam, 5: Sonia Mills, 6: Jessie Foran, 7: Veronica Tamsitt, Str: Sarah Cook, Cox: Anne Whelan, Cch: Gordon Marcks

The Victorians showed their strength by winning from the unfavoured lane two. The New South Wales crew used their lane advantage in the first 500m but the Victorians hauled them back in during the second 500m.

It was clear that this was to be the Victorian's race with no crew going to disturb their ambitions.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st Queensland - Pippa Savage, Cch: Lyall McCarthy
2nd Tasmania - Kerry Hore, Cch: Darren Balmforth
3rd Australian Capital Territory - Sonia Mills
4th New South Wales - Zoe Uphill, Cchs: Ellen Randell & Stani Slavova
5th Western Australia - Sarah Outhwaite, Cch: David Colvin
6th Victoria - Lisa Szatsznajder, Cch: Brenton Terrell
7th South Australia - Stephanie Monson, Coach: Andrew Butler

Pippa Savage drew the favoured lane eight and had to row through the field to win despite a great effort from Kerry Hore from lane three.

Savage was fourth at 500m and had the fastest second 500m to move closer to Hore. It was in the third 500m that Savage took the lead and the race gaining over 3 seconds off Hore. The margin extended over the last 500m.

It was a classic race with both Savage and Hore racing superbly. Hore taking the race to Savage and holding on. Savage worked through the field when they were vunerable to take the race.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Quad Scull Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st South Australia - Bow: Maja Fiddler, 2: Miranda Bennet, 3: Marguerite Houston, Str: Amber Halliday, Cch: Adrian David
2nd Victoria - Bow: Alice McNamara, 2: Regina Kennedy, 3: Sara Jane Blunt, Str: Kate Durrant, Cch: David Colvin
3rd Tasmania - Bow: Emily Grant, 2: Ella Flecker, 3: Carly Cottam, Str: Ingrid Fenger, Cchs: Rhett Ayliffe & Paul Newbon
4th Queensland - Bow: Clare Raven, 2: Kylie-Ann Duff, 3: Tara Kelly, Str: Jo White, Cch: Lincoln Handley
5th New South Wales - Bow: Sarah Hill, 2: Alicia Boehm, 3: Elsa O'Hanlon, Str: Bronwen Watson, Cch: Alan Bennett

This was an interesting race with the favourites South Australi proving their favourite status from lane three. However their challenge came from a less favoured lane two, Victoria and to a lesser extent Tasmania on lane five. However the result was never in doubt with SA leading through every 500m except the last.

Perhaps there are to be some challenges to SA from the Victorian and Tasmanian sculllers.

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st Victoria - Bow: Courtney Adamson, 2: Jen Bailey, 3: Claire Bowtell, 4: Alison Crowe, 5: Sarah Hawe, 6: Grace Hicks, 7: Stephanie Madner, Str: Jessie Smith, Cox: Felicity Lawrence, Cchs: Tim Dolphin & James Petering
2nd New South Wales - Bow: Jacky Peile, 2: Emma Costello, 3: Ashleigh Peppernell, 4: Peta Eddington, 5: Brynne Allen, 6: Kate Darke, 7: Renee Kirby, Str: Chloe O'Regan, Cox: Alison Williams, Cch: Phillip Bourguignon
3rd Queensland - Bow: Alison Scobbie, 2: Clare Gilbride, 3: Steph Krippner, 4: Geneveive Gray, 5: Hannah O'Loughlin, 6: Rachael Gibson, 7: Brittany Downes, Str: Elizabeth Clouston, Cox: Jade O'Neill, Cchs: Christopher White & David Cupit
4th South Australia - Bow: Jessica McRae, 2: Kirrily Martin, 3: Sarah Day, 4: Alex Daniel, 5: Edwina Munns-Cook, 6: Annelise Johnson, 7: Alana Monson, Str: Laura Osti, Cox: Lucy Hyde
5th Western Australia - Bow: Harriet Drummond, 2: Kate Hawkins, 3: Alexandra Hagan, 4: Morag McCallum, 5: Libby Alderman, 6: Brittany Mann, 7: Georgia Baker, Str: Emily Rose, Cox: Sallie Watson, Cchs: Gonzalo Briones & John Seroka
6th Australian Capital Territory - Bow: Tess Patrick, 2: Alexa Miller, 3: Zoe Hare, 4: Emily Balmaks, 5: Amy Miniter, 6: Diana Lawrence, 7: Erin Neil, Str: Clare Winkworth, Cox: Ali Long, Cch: Dafydd Gwynn-Jones

This was an interesting race with the Victorian crew leading throughout the race from the unfavoured lane two. The Victorian crew took the race from the other crews in the first and second 500m. They then held on as the New South Wales crew pegged them back from lane five.

In the end the NSW crew failed to catch the Victorians despite a far faster last 1000m.


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