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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1988 Interstate Championships

10 Apr 1988, Nepean River NSW

1988 programme

1988 Programme Cover

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Kevyn Webb (Chairman), Don Croot, Jon Lanning, Terry Maher, Terry Baskett, John Boultbee, J Brown, P Callaghan, Phil Cayzer, Ernie Chapman, Doug Donoghue, Jack Eddie, Debbie Fox, A (Tony) Foulkes, Spencer Grace, Ken Henson, M Holland, John Keane, Michael Leonard, Graham Lorking, Jacqui Marshall, Greg Moore, Ian Mitchell, Chris Noel, J Parkinson, George Parlby, Robin Poke, Maurie (Mo) Reddan, S Reddan, Rusty Robertson, Reg Stride, Keith Swanson, Jack Tanner, Carrie Voothuis, William Webb & William Winkworth

100th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Andrew Cooper, 2: Gary Gullock, 3: Mark Doyle, 4: Michael McKay, 5: Sam Patten, 6: James Tomkins, 7: Ion Popa, Str: Peter Antonie, Cox: Graeme Barns, Cchs: Brian Richardson & Martin Aitken, Mgr: Andrew Guerin, Emergs: Hamish McGlashan & Peter Tomanovits
2nd SA -Bow: David Greenslade, 2: John Belcher, 3: Tony Iverson, 4: Chester McDonald, 5: Michael Nielsen, 6: John Bentley, 7: David McLeod, Str: Hamish McLaughlin, Cchs: Robert Russell & Phil Mangelsdorf
3rd NSW - Bow: James Clarke, 2: Paul Thompson, 3: James Galloway, 4: Graham Jones, 5: James Battersby, 6: Gordon Marcks, 7: Richard Finlayson, Str: Steve Evans, Cox: Andrew Cox, Cch: Rusty Robertson
4th QLD - Bow: Douglas Kewley, 2: Michael Donnelly, 3: Robin Bakker, 4: Robert Jenkins, 5: Mark Halstead, 6: Richard Graham, 7: Timothy Browne, Str: Mal Batten, Cox: Chris Grummitt, Cch: Bruce Greenland
5th TAS - Bow: Stuart Walter, 2: Paul Catlin, 3: Ray DeHaan, 4: Drew Cox, 5: Mark Dance, 6: Pino Radenti, 7: David Carter, Str: David Tippett, Cox: Gavin Wakefield, Cch: Merv Tippett
6th WA - Bow: David Clarke, 2: Tim Wilkinson, 3: Cameron Edwards, 4: Haig McGlashan, 5: Steven Fisher, 6: Patrick Walsh, 7: David Kennedy, Str: Paul Page, Cox: Mark Kesiel, Cch: Steven Annear

The Victorians started well and got a length lead early in the race. This margin increased to a 10.94 second margin at the finish. The only interest was in the minor placings.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup


1st SA - Brenton Terrell, Cch: Bob Marlow
2nd VIC - Paul Reedy
3rd QLD - Richard Powell, Cch: Bob Bleakley
4th NSW - Dean Watts
5th TAS - Glenn Myler
6th WA - Tony Lovrich

The end margins do not reflect the great tussell between Terrell of SA who won, Reedy of Victoria and Powell of Queensland. The three scullers had a great race with Terrell leading for the first half of the race, Reedy taking the lead in the third 500 metres before surrendering it to Terrell who had a great last 500 metres.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Malcolm Robertson, 3: Joe Joyce, Str: Brian Digby, Cch: Paul McGann
2nd NSW - Bow: Derek Mollison, 2: Bruce Hicks, 3: Reuben Bettle, Str: Merrick Howes, Cch: Paul Rowe
3rd QLD - Bow: Andrew Laming, 2: Lynton Hudson, 3: Rod Birt, str: David Power, cch: Jack Hutchinson
4th TAS - Bow: Craig Rickards, 2: Mike Davies, 3: Jamie Osbourne, Str: Peter Holloway, Cch: Paul Harvey
5th WA - Bow: Daryll Salisbury, 2: David Rich, 3: Mark James, Str: George Xouris, Cch: Ken Grant
6th SA - Bow: Tim Burns, 2: David Belcher, 3: Gavin Russell, Str: William Natt, Cch: Matthew Draper

This was a tightly fought race between Victoria and New South Wales although Victoria maintained the lead throughout the race. NSW finished strongly but the Victorians held on to win.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st NSW - Bow: Jamin Hill, 2: B Hagen, 3: Simon Guerke, 4: Duncan Bull, 5: Matthew Roach, 6: Alex May, 7: Liam Murphy, Str: Janusz Hooker, Cox: Martin Nicholas, Cch: Stuart Evans
2nd VIC - Bow: Cameron Jones, 2: Simon Morrison, 3: Peter Somerville, 4: Eugene Kininmonth, 5: Simon Spriggs, 6: James Baker, 7: Simon Quirk, Str: Warwick Hooper, Cox: Paul Baddeley, Emergs: Matthew Dingle & A Barton, Cch: David Pincus
3rd SA - Bow: Andrew Dobson, 2: Alistair Miller, 3: Richard Seifried, 4: William Thompson, 5: Campbell Wilson, 6: Stephen Nesbitt, 7: Cory Bernardi, Str: Michael Southcott, Cox: Tony Greening, Cchs: Robert Rowlands & Robert Cooper
4th TAS - Bow: Charlie Grant, 2: Glenn Wright, 3: Andrew Saville, 4: John Keogh, 5: Robert Winter, 6: Chris Henry, 7: Andrew Pierce, Str: Scott Oakley, Cox: Adam Westlake, Cch: John Bolton
5th WA - Bow: Timothy Pearman, 2: Hamish Fitzsimmons, 3: Andrew Thomas, 4: Simon Powell, 5: Richard Field, 6: Wayne Cox, 7: Rohan White, Str: Robert Scott, Cox: Pierrs Higham, Emerg: Justin Reading, Cchs: Conway Stacey & Janet Lankester
6th QLD - Bow: Robert Bruce, 2: David Moharich, 3: David Steadson, 4: Andrew Marshall, 5: Daniel Jones, 6: John Francis, 7: Steve Morrison, Str: Marcus Free, Cox: Andrew James, Cch: Tom Jack

youth eights

Interstate Youth Eights launch for race.

This was one of the best races of the day with New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia fighting all the way with margins of 0.10 seconds between first and second and 0.53 seconds between second and third. It was great victory to the NSW crew.

Women's Interstate Four Championship–The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Rachel McInnes, 2: Felicity McCall, 3: Sue Chapman-Popa, Str: Margot Foster, Cox: Sarah Ham, Emerg: Lisa Holloway & Janine Ratten, Cch: Brad Fry
2nd QLD - Bow: Andrea Faux, 2: Jenny White, 3: Jenny Edmunds, Str: Jacqui Kelly, Cox: Gina Lawton, Cch: Ian Edmunds
3rd SA - Bow: Margot Mayfield, 2: Robyn Grey-Gardiner, 3: Kathy Stock, Str: Alison Smith, Cox: Sarah McLean, Cch: Gavin Threadgold
4th NSW - Bow: Alison Worth, 2: Bridget Cassels, 3: Marilyn Kidd, Str: Alison Chinn, Cox: Fiona Wilkes, Cch: Fernley Schuzter
5th WA - Bow: Carlotta Pidgeon, 2: Sue Stewart, 3: Andrea Coss, str: Claire Grayston, Cox: Janet Edmondson

The top three crews were very evenly matched with Queensland the leading crew at the 1000 metre mark with little separating them from Victoria and SA. At the 1500 metre mark nothing again separated the crews. Victoria then made a determined effort to take the lead which they held to the line.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy


1st QLD - Adair Ferguson, Cch: Noel Langton
2nd NSW - Gillian Campbell, Cch: Michael Lowrey
3rd TAS - Urszula Kay
4th VIC - Virginia Cordens, Cch: Andrew McKinley

Gillian Campbell lead the race for the first 1500 metres but Adair Ferguson made a sustained effort over the last 500 metres to pass not only Campbell but also Kay from Tasmania to win.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup


1st VIC - Bow: Janet Cussens, 2: Gina Skinner, 3: Genevieve de Fraga, Str: Leanne Whitehouse, Cch: Barbara Gillett, Emerg: Marina Cade and Angela Turrell
2nd SA - Bow: Robyn Rendell, 2: Sue Nielsen, 3: Sue Deterding, Str: Amanda Cross, Cch: Robert Holland
NSW disqualified - Bow: Simone Salier, 2: Jean Turner, 3: Virginia Lee, Str: Justine Carroll, Cch: Helen Evans

The NSW crew won the race convincingly but were subsequently disqualified for a doping infringement. The finishing margin was 5.05 seconds between NSW and Victoria and 5.94 seconds between Victoria and SA.

Women's Interstate Youth Four Championship–The Bicentennial Cup


1st QLD - Bow: Jenny Browne, 2: Kiri Robson, 3: Helen Ower, Str: Kathy Taylor, Cox: Elspeth Mathieson
2nd VIC - Bow: Linda Boldt, 2: Fleur Worboys, 3: Jodie Dobson, Str: Fiona Werner, Cox: Emily Tonkin, Emergs: V Owen & L Widdop, Cch: Kate Hall
3rd WA - Bow: Christine Jewell, 2: Jemma Aldreide, 3: Alicia Day, Str: Josslyn Else, Cox: Lisa Reed, Cchs: Warren Gibson & David Mulroney
4th SA - Bow: Leonne Andrew, 2: Johnne Michell, 3: Alison Gusack, Str: Diana Taylor, Cox: unknown, Cch: Ron Mobbs
5th TAS - Bow: Teresa Michell, 2: Jane Annear, 3: Debbie May, Str: Wendy Juckes, cox: Lisa Morling, Cch: Laurie Steven
6th NSW -Bow: Mandy Norris, 2: Bronwyn Operferkuch, 3: Toni-Leigh Wright, Str: Allison Fish, Cox: Jacinta Gleeson, Cch: Debbie Fox

This was the inaugural Women's Youth Championship and a great race between Queensland and Victoria. Queensland led through the half way mark but were passed in the third 500 metres by Victoria. However Victoria could not maintain the pace and Queensland prevailed over the last 500 metres in a great race to win by 1.67 seconds.


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