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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1901 Interstate Championships

Women's: 4 May 1901, Parramatta River NSW
Men's: 30 May 1901, Albert Park VIC

commemorative certificate

Commemorative Certificate issued by NSW Rowing Association for the Men's Eight Championship

25th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship– The King's Cup

Distance: 3miles 167yards
Time: 17.14
Margins: 2 lengths, 1/2 minute and then one minute

1st VIC - Bow: Percy C Ivens, 2: J A Williams, 3: John Cockbill, 4: James Donald, 5: Alex Chamley, 6: William Potter, 7: Jack Southern, Str: Alex B Sloan, Cox: Lisle Jones, Cch: Jim M Macfarlane
2nd NSW - Bow: Walter J Furlong, 2: H Magee, 3: H Decent, 4: Alex Thomson, 5: C Henry Degotardi, 6: Charles C Paul, 7: Michael G Carter, Str: John (Jack) McGregor, Cox: Arthur E Sewell, Cch: J A Brotherton, Emergs: W J Gillies and Joseph Boylson
3rd SA - Bow: N Ross, 2: James H Gosse, 3: W Almond, 4: A Connolly, 5: E Luxmore, 6: W Walker, 7: G Ross, Str: Joseph H Clouston, Cox: C L Quist, Cch: Mr J Grayson
4th QLD - Bow: T Bird, 2: R D Kennedy, 3: E McCaskie, 4: B Papi. 5: R Cran, 6: H A Montefiore, 7: A A Petrie, Str: Arthur A Watson, Cox: C H Hall, Cch: A Burton, Emerg: V N Markwell

New South Wales took the early lead in the eights but Victoria managed to get slightly in front by the half way mark. Victoria then held New South Wales at bay to win by two lengths. Queensland tired and finished a minute behind Victoria. Arthur Watson of Queensland also stroked the Qld crew in 1900, 1902 and 1904 and coached in 1908, 1920 and 1925.

Percy Ivens

Percy Ivens

Bow, Victoria

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship– The President's Cup

Distance: 3miles 167yards
Time: 19.22.0
Margins: 35 secs and 8 seconds

1st NSW - John J Daley
2nd QLD no 1 - Michael J Slack
3rd QLD no 2 - J A Lumsden

The sculling race was a close call between Daley and Slack for half the race. Daly then spurted and Slack had no answer. The final margin was 35 seconds between first and second with 8 seconds between second and third.

Women's Scull–Great Federation Regatta

No time taken

1st VIC - Cassie Woolly McRitchie
2nd NSW - Elizabeth Messenger

NB: There are conflicting reports about who won this race.

This race is included although not an Interstate Championship. It is however the first recorded interstate women's rowing competition. McRitchie used a skiff loaned to her by the then Governor of Victoria, Lord Brassey, and she was presented with a magnificent pearl and ruby bracelet by the Duke of Gloucester. So great was the public interest in the female scullers that police were required to keep the inquisitive spectators at bay. At the great age of 96 she passed away in 1973, and will for all time be remembered as the founder of the first all women's rowing club at Albert Park in 1907. Cassie McRitchie is justifiably known as the "mother" of Victorian women's rowing. 

Cassie Woolly McRitchie

Cassie Woolly McRitchie


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  • Sydney Rows by Alan May published by Sydney Rowing Club 1970

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