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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

2022 Interstate Championships 

Lake Nagambie, Victoria

2022 Programme Cover

Photography for this regatta can be found at Australian Rowing Images with this regatta in the Sunday 3rd April 2022 gallery.

These Championships were planned to be held at the Sydney International Rowing Centre. However, due to severe flooding in the Penrith area, the course was closed. With entries closing the next day, Rowing Australia made the following announcement on 15th March 2023.

Rowing Australia (RA) can confirm that the 2022 Australian Rowing Championships (ARC) will move to Lake Nagambie (Vic) and that the event dates will remain unchanged, with the Regatta to run from Monday 28 March – Sunday 3 April 2022.

The location change is due to the Sydney International Regatta Centre (SIRC) being unable to host the ARC due to water contamination issues occurring as a result of the recent floods.

Rowing Australia CEO Ian Robson said there had been careful and thorough consideration given to all available venues.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rowing Victoria, the Shire of Strathbogie and the Nagambie Rowing Club for stepping up to host the 2022 ARC at short notice. Other venues were considered, and we are extremely grateful to those organisations who put up their hands and offered us a lifeline at this time.

“Nagambie was ultimately selected because of a strong commitment and willingness expressed by Rowing Victoria, the Shire of Strathbogie, Nagambie Rowing Club and adjoining Local Government Authorities to contribute and make this event succeed. Crucial to the success of this event is our ability to recruit a local volunteer workforce and we have every confidence the community within Nagambie and the surrounding regions will answer our call for help.

“Our stakeholders have been extremely supportive as we work through the decision-making process. I’d particularly like to thank Destination NSW for its continued support of the ARC, and we hope to continue our strong partnership in the years to come as now look to bring the ARC back to Sydney in 2024.

“We are also extremely grateful to the rowing community, the clubs, schools, volunteers and participants, for your understanding and patience as we now focus on delivering a safe and successful ARC at Lake Nagambie, from 28 March – 3 April,” Robson concluded.

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Despite the last minute move and the resulting difficulties in gaining accommodation, the regatta was a great success. The rapid generation of a pool of Victorian volunteers and the establishment of the regatta in Nagambie were a credit to all involved. This was especially the case as the course was being used for the APS Head of the River on the weekend of the start of the regatta. The bumping out of one regatta infrastructure and the bumping in of another continued well into the evening after this local regatta.

New South Wales once again won the Rowing Australia Cup with five wins in these Interstate Races including a strong win in the King's Cup. Victoria kept up their great record in Queen's Cup.

RA President Rob Scott presents NSW CEO Margot Harley with the RA Cup

Results for this regatta in pdf format can be found through this link - Sunday 3rd April.

Organising Committee and Umpires

Organising Committee

Rowing Australia headed by RA Events Manager Alice Evans. Other members included Ian Jickell (Rowing Victoria), Chris Grummitt, Michael Eastaughffe, Fred Taylor, Anthony Brown and Brett Ralph (Technical Delegate).


Caroline Schomberg (QLD) (President of the Jury), David Grubits (VIC) (Assistant President of the Jury), Catherine Garrington (ACT), Geoff Northam (ACT), Merran Holmes (NSW), Tim Wainman (NSW), Victor Walter (NSW), Stewart McQuade (QLD), Karen Mills (QLD), Rod Roy (QLD), Rob Stobie (QLD), Vicky Knight (SA), Phillip Fraser (TAS), Tina Maher (TAS), Chris Symons (TAS), Ashley Dillon (VIC), Rod Florence (VIC), Duncan MacKinnon (VIC), William Webster (VIC), Grant Ford (WA)

Jury and technical officials at regatta conclusion

Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup



1st - New South Wales - Bow: Sam Hardy, 2: Will O'Shannessy, 3: Jackson Kench, 4: Jack O'Brien, 5: Spencer Turrin, 6: Alex Nichol, 7: Jack Hargreaves, Str: Alex Purnell, Cox: Kendall Brodie, Coaches: Jason Baker, Dan Noonan
2nd Victoria - Bow: Rohan Lavery, 2; Will Achermann, 3: Alex Wolf, 4: Simon Keenan, 5: Ben Canham, 6: Angus Widdicombe, 7: Nicholas Smith, Str: Nick Lavery, Cox: James Rook, Coach: Michael McKay
3rd Western Australia - Bow: Patrick Boere, 2: A Rossi, 3: L Walker, 4: M McQuillan, 5: G Laufmann, 6: J Hicks, 7: J Cleary, Str: Sam Marsh, Cox: E Scott, Coaches: Mark Beer, J O'Dea
4th Queensland - Bow: M Crowe, 2: J Armitage, 3: Cormac Kennedy-Leverett, 4: M Rowe, 5: E Apel, 6: P Holt, 7: Adam Bakker, Str: Harley Moore, Cox: J Cooke, Coach: S Rowe

The Governor General after presentation of the King's Cup to NSW

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup



1st - New South Wales - David Bartholot, Coach: D McLachlan
2nd ACT - Caleb Antill, Coach: Nigel Harding
3rd Victoria - Redmond Matthews, Coach: Michael McKay
4th Queensland - Jackson Free, Coach: Marcus Free
5th Tasmania - A Paterson, Coach: Brett Crow
6th Western Australia - J Cleary

David Batholot is hoisted by Antill left and Matthews right

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup



1st Queensland - Bow: J Price, B Heseltine, J Bowser, T Williamson, Coach: L Karadimitris
2nd New South Wales - Bow: P Waldersee, M McCrea, W Batt, H Curtin, Coaches: A Field, L Allen
3rd Victoria - Bow: S Oostendorp, Harry Cathcart, Carl Tomczak, Tom Hastings, Coach: Michael Cushion

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy



1st New South Wales - Bow: D Glendinning, 2: N Pender, 3: W Delaney, 4: M Harrold, 5: H Danks, 6: M Von Appen, 7: Henry Ryan, Str: B Graham, Cox: T Harris, Coaches: Tim McLaren, S.Huxley
2nd Queensland - Bow: N Rosemann, 2: D Watter, 3: M Branch, 4: M Taylor, 5: J Lord, 6: S Atherton, 7: D Horsley, Str: M Salisbury, Cox: C Ashby, Coaches: Michael Toon, N Stubbs
3rd Victoria - Bow: B Symons, 2: Dominic Frederico, 3: J Bryant, 4: T Heerding, 5: Joshua Bortolussi, 6: F Stimpson, 7: Angus Reinehr, Str: F Oliver, Cox: Haley Verbunt, Coach: Matthew Ryan
4th Western Australia - Bow: L Davis, 2: A Cecchele, 3: A Almassi, 4: B Whyatt, 5: A Solomon, 6: B Scott, 7: L Walker, Str: A Baroni, Cox: C Anspach, Coaches: Tom Gatti, L van de Ven
5th Tasmania - Bow: T Morgan, 2: A Midson, 3: K Breier, 4: L Dean, 5: S Mounter, 6: R Colley, 7: A Paynter, Str: B Boman, Cox: A Whatling, Coach: M Finlayson
6th ACT - Bow: D Schroder, 2: R Priest, 3: E Toscan, 4: H Roberts, 5: J Scheman-Rogers, 6: W Gregory, 7: C Hayes, Str: C Bush, Cox: B Heatley, Coaches: David Fraumano, Mark Kwiatkowski
7th South Australia - Bow: K Miller, 2: B Ashman, 3: C Deckers, 4: F Balnaves, 5: T Saunders, 6: J Felderhof, 7: A Holland, Str: J Nesbitt, Cox: A Hughes, Coach: Will Raven

Men's Interstate PR3 Scull Championship



1st ACT - Nicholas Neales, Coach: David Fraumano
2nd New South Wales - James Talbot, Coach: C Holliday
3rd Queensland - Mac Russell, Coach: M Russell
4th Victoria - Aaron Skinner, Coach: David Skinner
DNF South Australia - S Stunell, Coach: Christine MacLaren

Women's Interstate Eight Championship–The Queen's Cup



1st Victoria - Bow: Ria Thompson, 2: Georgie Gleeson, 3: E Gaffney, 4: J Mitchell, 5: Paige Barr, 6: Sarah Hawe, 7: Lucy Stephan, Str: Katrina Werry, Cox: P Georgakas, Coach: Alistair Matthews
2nd New South Wales - Bow: E Price, 2: L Graham, 3: J Ford, 4: H Hudson, 5: R Meredith, 6: G Rowe, 7: L Gourley, Str: Emma Fessey, Cox: T Barnet-Hepples, Coaches: H Chapman, N Legge
3rd Western Australia - Bow: T Adamson, 2: G Seed, 3: L Franklin, 4: J Patterson, 5: G Patten, 6: G Hart, 7: J Swick, Str: Annabelle McIntyre, Cox: N Rogers, Coaches: J Hewlett, B Hutton
4th Queensland - Bow: E Newell, 2: M Williams, 3: Anna Kirkwood, 4: L Loots, 5: E Parker, 6: Caitlin Cronin, 7: L Alton, Str: E Pozzi, Cox: L Lunney, Coaches: E McCarthy, A Ellis
5th Tasmania - Bow: S Robinson, 2: K Oliver, 3: A Boutcher, 4: L Wrigley, 5: J Stephens, 6: H Dobbie, 7: M McCausland, Str: I Higgins, Cox: C Mead, Coach: Brett Crow

Women's Interstate Lightweight Quad Scull Championship–The Victoria Cup



1st Tasmania - Bow: K Hall, 2: A Reardon, 3: E Mure, Str; G Nesbitt, Coach: Paul Newbon
2nd New South Wales - Bow: E Timms, 2: A Cooper, 3: M Franz, Str: S Jerapetritis, Coaches: J Hanley, C Glynn
3rd Queensland - Bow: O Cook, Str: J Malcolm, 3: O Georgilopoulos, Str: S Malcolm, Coaches: M Russell, A Radero
4th Victoria - Bow: Demi Kyriacopoulos, 2: A Di Cosmo, 3: O Evans, Str: M Foley, Coach: L Hall-Sullivan
5th South Australia - Bow: S Roe, 2: C Pocock, 3: S Suhinin, Str: I Watson, Coach: R Mobbs

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Bicentennial Cup



1st New South Wales - Bow: L Page, 2: E Thomson, 3: T Knoke-Driver, 4: T Kerpiniotis, 5: C McManus-Barrett, 6: I Scammell, 7: G Sypher, Str: G Turner, Cox: H Cowap, Coaches: Lachlan Carter, F Dieu 
2nd Queensland - Bow: E Smith, 2: J Proberts, 3: I Drewe, 4: D Free, 5: S Wightman, 6: E Ready, 7: L Hope, Str: N Duncan-Banks, Cox: S Ridgway, Coaches: C Borger, A McNicol
3rd Victoria - Bow: S Gordon, 2: E Dow, 3: K Bitzios, 4: E Haberfield, 5: H Magasanik, 6:  J Roysmith, 7: R Cantwell, Str: O Sargeant, Cox: M Hoffman, Coach: Mitch Nelson
4th Western Australia - Bow: L Fievez, 2: G Spencer, 3: A Ambrosino, 4: G Hart, 5:  J Swick, 6:  H Cannon, 7: C Broad, Str: T Webb, Cox: K Hall, Coaches: G Willson, K Atchison
5th Tasmania - Bow: E Hepburn, 2: P Tippett, 3: A Florance, 4: M Brown, 5: L Calvert, 6: L Tippett, 7: P Teale, Str: P Davis, Cox: S Ellis, Coaches: A Crow, T Barrett
6th South Australia - Bow: V Binns, 2: D Macolino, 3: C Illman, 4: G Seppelt, 5: M Murray, 6:  Z Hoadley, 7: C Romaniuk, Str: S Barr, Cox: M Newland, Coach: Christine MacLaren
7th ACT - Bow: E Gregory, 2: P Padovan, 3: E Mchugh, 4: E Moran, 5: I Lang, 6: M Vagg, 7:  B Kelleher-Cole, Str: L Goldie, Cox: C Barr, Coach: C Pijpers

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy



1st New South Wales - Harriet Hudson
2nd Queensland - Lilli Alton
3rd Victoria - M Marston, Coach: Mitch Nelson
4th ACT - N Greenland

Women's Interstate PR3 Sculling Championship



1st Victoria - Jess Gallagher, Coach: Sam Fennessy
2nd New South Wales - L Greissl, Coach: J Smith
3rd ACT - R Jones, Coaches: D Grant, W Hatcher
4th Queensland - Rebecca Markwell


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