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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1961 Interstate Championships

Women's: 15 Apr 1961, Parramatta River NSW
Mens': 6 May 1961, Port River SA

1961 programme

1961 Programme Cover for the Men's Interstate Championships

Index to Results

A PDF copy of the 1961 men's program can be found through this link.

Full definition images from these championships can be found on the Australian Rowing Images website.

Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee:
Chairman: Richard D Clark
Hon Secretary: Ian A Jamieson
Hon Treasurer: Brian P Bishop
Committee: Charles Baumann, R Carter, F Lodge & F Errington
Chairmen of Sub-Committees: Malcolm S Forgan, Anthony S Matthews, Donald C Arnold, Roger Leach & Douglas N Linnett

Starters: F N Lodge & Rodney J Leaver
Umpires: John C Williams & Samuel Rose
Judges: Charles Baumann, R Carter & F Errington
Timekeepers: Graham Coldwell & Harold G Pennington
Regatta Control: David Perry, John Menz & Ross Bluntish
Course Stewards: P Mitchell, Joseph Vardon, A Russell & Dr B Rennie
Despatch Stewards: H Lowe & R Lowe
Weight Stewards: C Poynter & E Worley
Official Recorder: A Gandy

73rd Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 5:52.0
Margins 3/4 & 1 length

1st VIC - Bow: John Castles, 2: David Caithness, 3: Simon Newcomb, 4: Martin Tomanovits, 5: William Arnold, 6: Graeme McCall, 7: Derek Norwood, Str: David Boykett, Cox: David Palfreyman, Coach: Norman Cairnes, Emerg: Duchan Stankovich, Mgr: Noel Wilkinson, Selectors: Dr Lloyd S Williams, Ron J March & coach.
2nd NSW - Bow: Hugh Chalmers, 2: Peter Shenstone, 3: John McGill, 4: John A Campbell, 5: Graeme K (Mick) Allan, 6: Kevin Evans, 7: Stuart McGill, Str: Robert Sample, Cox: Alf MacLaren, Emergs: John Quick & Bruce L Evans, Cch: Alan R Callaway, Mgr: Allan Shedden
3rd WA - Bow: Milton Francis, 2: David Cullen, 3: John Ledder, 4: Allan Gray, 5: Max Gamble, 6: Berry Durston, 7: Roger Liggins, Str: John Rosser, Cox: Terry Scook, Cch: Ken Grant, Emerg: Reg Clairs, Mgr: Ron Polgaze
4th SA - Bow: J Brook, 2: D Vincent, 3: Lindsay Southcott, 4: David B Bishop, 5: Geoff D Burfield, 6: R Cheesman, 7: F Levinge, Str: R Russell, Cox: Vaughan Bollen, Cch: J Bollen, Emerg: D Sweetman
5th QLD - Bow: R Philp, 2: John Drewe, 3: Peter Jorss, 4: J Ireland, 5: I Mayes, 6: J Job, 7: B Clarke, Str: J Adam, Cox: Tom Jack, Emerg: Allan Higgins, Cch: R B Scott, Manager: Nev Cullen
6th TAS - Bow: C Northam, 2: J Harman, 3: D Rule, 4: K Burges, 5: A Johnson, 6: D Hollway, 7: R Young, Cox: L Upchurch, Emergs: R Gray & D Burke, Cch: J Grace, Mgr: R B Jackson

The eights race was very close for the first 1000 metre with Victoria only a canvas in front at that stage. Victoria moved out to a length lead but were challenged twice by NSW and finished 3/4 length in front.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 7.16.8
Margins 3 & 1 1/2 lengths

1st WA - Roger Ninham
2nd TAS - Graham Squires
3rd VIC - Jeff Sykes
4th NSW - William Mison
5th QLD - Russell H McLellan
6th SA - R Mackenzie

Roger Ninham

WA sculler Roger Ninham

The sculling race was less fierce than the eights, with a three length win to Roger Ninham.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 6.40.00
Margins: canvas & 1/2 length

1st NSW - Bow: David Willmott, 2: John Henderson, 3: Ray Bushell, Str: Steve Roll, Cox: Brian Thomas, Emerg: Ron Bath, Cch: Bert Harding
2nd WA - Bow: Anthony Windus, 2: Geoff Storey, 3: Dennis Durston, Str: Don O'Brien, Cox: Gary Bowler, Cch: Dr W Jim Pannell, Emerg: K Clay, Mgr: Ron Polglaze
3rd VIC - Bow: George Taylor, 2: Ken Hume, 3: Anthony Walker, Str: Roger Moore, Cox: Penry Green, Cch: Keith Bilney, Emerg: Rodney Gladman, Selectors: William Wallace, E Wilson & coach.
4th SA - Bow: R Morgan, 2: Ian Russell, 3: P Blank, Str: J Blank, Cox: Peter Worley, Cch: K McCoy, Emerg: T Keenihan, Mgr: P L Baulderstone
5th TAS - R Gibson, 2: R Richardson, 3: G Jones, Str: D Gibson, Cox: J Pulfer, Cch: S Swan, Emerg: Colin Jones
6th QLD - Bow: R Bell, 2: T Dawson, 3: Graham Angus, Str: R Leggett, Cox: B Erwin, Cch: J Donoghue

The lightweight four provided typically tough lightweight racing with close competition all the way down with a close win to NSW.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1000m
Time: 4.15.4
Margin: 3 & 3 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: Phyliss Hansen, 2: Margaret Agnew, 3: Jacqui Bonner, Str: Margaret Hansen, Cox: Peter Wade, Cch: Frank Nicholls
2nd VIC - Bow: Susan Large, 2: Gwen Dickson, 3: Pat Hill, Str: Gail Charles, Cox: Ann Shaw
3rd QLD - Bow: A de Munari, 2: F Lewis, 3: Barbara Bensen, Str: D Christensen, Cox: Mr R Kerr

The conditions were quite tough and heavy going. The Victorians led Queensland and then NSW in the early part of the race. However NSW managed the conditions far better and took the lead and move away to a three length win to Victoria and further back to Queensland who had the most difficulty with the conditions.


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