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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1939 Interstate Championships

Women's: 15 Apr 1939 Derwent River TAS
Men's: 13 May 1939 Brisbane River QLD

Queensland Men's Eight

Queensland Men's Eight

Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 14.30
Margin: 1/2 length to VIC, 1 3/4 lengths to NSW, 2 lengths to SA.

1st QLD - Bow: C K T Thompson, 2: B Fihelly, 3: L A Tait, 4: Don P Tynan, 5: M T Hourigan, 6: S K Sheard, 7: W J Morrow, Str: Wilf B Mole, Cox: G R Marks, Emerg: B Sorensen & F Wright, Cch: Eric P Evers, Manager: F Lou Poulgrain
2nd NSW- Tom W Brennan, William (Bill) J Dixon, Alex A Eddie, Gordon R Harrison, David Marks, 5: Mervyn T Wood, 6: Malcolm R Ruffels, 7: Owen A Ruffels, Str: Lance Robinson, Bernie Williams, Cox: Ray Schneider, Cch: Dr J A Parkes, Mgr: Douglas W Bowden
3rd SA - Bow: Max Gray, 2: Jack H Bollen, 3: M Coveney, 4: K Bowley, 5: Keith Roennfeldt, 6: Samuel Fitzgerald, 7: Ray K Dunn, Str: John Williams, Cox: Ron H Turner, Cch: Taufik (Toff) K Qurban, Emerg: Alan Buttrose
4th TAS - Bow: Reg G Blundstone, 2: J Stephenson, 3: A C Cresswell, 4: R G Richardson, 5: D Scanlon, 6: B R Gibson, 7: L J Porte, Str: H S Porte, Cox: Tommy Darcy, Cch: E L Gibson, Mgr: E L Bessell, Emergs: D A Large and K J Tillack
VIC disqualified - Bow: F C Penny, 2: W B Yoxon, 3: K W Anderson, 4: H J Glover, 5; D A ("Beef") Calder, 6: W Gordon Ross, 7: Arthur E James, Str: Water J Lambert, Cox: David Calnin, Emerg: H G Strachan, Cch: Ben S Thompson, Mgr: H G Butler, Selectors: Ray W B Todd, Walter N Ricketts & coach

NSW were the early leaders over Victoria. However by the mile mark Victoria were in the lead to NSW then Queensland. The race then tightened with Queensland and SA then drawing level with NSW with Victoria a mere canvas in front. VIC finished 2nd but were disqualified for passing outside a buoy at the mile mark. Queensland then overtook NSW before overhauling Victoria with only 150 yards to go. NSW finished 1 3/4 lengths behind Queensland. A crowd estimated to be 12,000 people witnessed the great victory of Queensland.

start of King's Cup race

King's Cup race

Just after the start, near the regatta's flagship, the Koopa.

Aerial view of King's Cup Finish<

Aerial view of King's Cup Finish

From The Telegraph Brisbane newspaper

Queensland Men's Eight

Queensland Men's Eight

Bow: C K T Thompson, 2: B Fihelly, 3: L A Tait, 4: D P Tynan, 5: M T Hourigan, 6: S K Sheard, 7: W J Morrow, Str: Wilf B Mole, Cox: G R Marks

South Australian team

1939 South Australian Team

South Australian coach

SA Coach

The Victorians at the start of their Interstate season

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 14.09.0
Margins: 7 & 12 lengths

1st NSW - Cecil A Pearce
2nd TAS - Ian M Cook
3rd QLD - Rod C Proctor

The sculling championship was the fourth win in succession to Cecil Pearce in another commanding performance in a record time for the course. Jack Pritchard in his book Rowing in Queensland advises that this time was still unbroken for that distance as at 1995.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 3/4 Mile
Time: 3.53.0
Margins: 3/4 length, 2 lengths and 6 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: Jess Manton, 2: Nell Walsh, 3: Merle Bennell, Str: D Pettiona, Cox: R Pyke, Emerg: J Fahey, Cch: Mr E O'Brien
2nd TAS
3rd QLD - Bow: G Biederman, 2: Audrey Hampson, 3: Flo Crosset, Str: V Whetter, Cox & Coach: Mr Ron Clemence
4th NSW - Bow: L Boon, 2: Z Edwards, 3: Rita Stephenson, Str: Doris Collins, Cox: Donald Watts, Cch: Norman Ellis
5th SA

Tasmania led early but were passed by Victoria in the second half of the race. The conditions were rough and crews took on water.

Nell Walsh of the Victorian crew was a grandmother who decried the onset of middle age and the effects of child birth to become a very able oarswomen. She also stroked the 1941 winning Victorian crew. The bow of the same crew under her married name Jess Gaynor, coached the Victorian crew in 1957.


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