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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1981 Interstate Championships

12 Apr 1981, Hinze Dam QLD

1981 programme

1981 Programme Cover

93rd Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship–The King's Cup

Time: 5:43.6
Margins 0.63 & 5.5 secs

1st SA - Bow: Chester MacDonald, 2: Michael Nielson, 3: Bruce Keynes, 4: Nigel Winter, 5: Rob Lang, 6: Henry Duncan, 7: Tim Willoughby, Str: John Bentley, Cox: Brenton Parsons, Cch: Bill Dankbaar, Emergs: Robert Cooper & Graham Keynes, Mgr: Peter Giacchino
2nd VIC - Bow: John Cumper, 2: James Kiellerup, 3: Alex Sloan, 4: Martin Hunt, 5: Andrew Withers, 6: James Lowe, 7: David Doyle, Str: Ion Popa, Cox: John Leeming, Emerg: Paul Reedy, Cch: Colin J Smith, Mgr: Graeme Boykett
3rd QLD - Bow: Gavin Keily, 2: Joe Tooma, 3: Trevor Bettenay, 4: Chris Beech, 5: Peter Zahnlieter, 6: Geoff Hall, 7: Peter van den Broek, Str: Allen MacPherson, Cox: Michael Jowett, Cch: Terry Mulligan
4th NSW - Bow: Mark Avakian, 2: Dominic O'Loughlin, 3: George Andrews, 4: Steve Peruch, 5: Jim Battersby, 6: Graeme Jones, 7: Jordi Martin, Str: Graham Edmonds, Cox: Terry O'Hanlon, Cch: Michael Morgan
5th WA - Bow: Jamie Jones, 2: Peter C Beekink, 3: Russell C Rodgers, 4: Mark W Beekink, 5: Anthony Gillbanks, 6: Paul Duckett, 7: James Burt, Str: Robert M Coackley, Cox: Stephen Annear, Cch: W Guy Horsley
6th TAS - Bow: Robert Weekes, 2: Mark James. 3: Paul Kitto, 4: Richard Heron, 5: Stephen Kerin, 6: Shane Fish, 7: Edwin George, Str: Cameron Crichton, Cox: David Rattray, Cch: David Poulson

This was an interesting race with the Queensland crew leading throughout the first 1000 metres. South Australia and Victoria kept in close contact and with 500 metres to go, these two crews left Queensland behind in a fine race to the finish. The South Australian won by 0.63 second. This was the first win by South Australia since 1937.

King's Cup

John Bentley, stroke of the 1981 South Australian winning King's Cup crew with "Bub" Jarvis at the Victory dinner held at Morphettville Racing Club dinning room on 3 May 1981

Bub rowed no. 3 seat in the 1920 King's Cup race when it was first contested as "The King's Cup". South Australia won the 1920 race and the crew were all from the Murray Bridge Rowing Club.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship–The President's Cup

Time: 7.16.00
Margins 5.4 and 2.6 secs

1st NSW - Edward O Hale
2nd VIC - Bruce McNaughton
3rd QLD - Neil Mansfield, Cch: Robert Alexander
4th SA - John Bolt
5th TAS - Paul Harvey, Cch: David Poulson

McNaughton of Victoria led for the first 1250 metres of the race being pressed by Hale of NSW all the way. At this point an additional effort by Hale enabled him to break through and go on to win by 5.4 seconds to McNaughton with Mansfield a further 2.6 seconds further behind.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Penrith Cup

Time: 6.11.00
Margins 0.18 & 2.2 secs

1st TAS - Bow: Ian Jordan, 2: Ashley Wilkes, 3: Michael Partridge, Str: Bruce House, Cch: David Poulson
2nd VIC - Bow: Sandy Marshall, 2: Lyall McCarthy, 3: Charles Bartlett, Str: Simon Gillett, Emerg: S Young, Cch: Rob Stewart
3rd WA - Bow: Ian P Clairs, 2: David S Curry, 3: G Wayne Simmons, Str: Chris H Curry, Cch: Ken D Grant
4th NSW - Bow: Jeff Patterson, 2: Michael Smith, 3: Clyde Hefer, Str: Graeme Gardiner, Cch: Peter Stroud
5th SA - Bow: P A Quigley, 2: Kym P Daly, 3: Ron G Mobbs, Str: Richard T Hall, Cch: Robert J Russell
6th QLD - Bow: Robin Fay, 2: David Alexander, 3: John Hodgkinson, Str: Peter Hegarty, Cch: David Ochert

This was another high standard and great race with Tasmania winning by 0.18 second from Victoria, with WA 2.2 seconds further behind. TAS, VIC, WA & NSW were all in the race until a late stage in the race when Tasmania and Victoria broke free and raced stroke for stroke to the finish.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship–The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy

Time: 4.21.10
Margins: 0.4 & 4.0 secs

1st QLD - Bow: Jon Cafferky, 2: Richard Patterson, 3: Andrew Henderson, 4: Ronald Thompson, 5: Ian Edmunds, 6: Duncan Fisher, 7: Peter Brunckhorst, Str: Greg Kewley, Cox: Sam Carroll, Cch: Bob Bleakley
2nd WA - Bow: Rob P Tielman, 2: Timothy Norrish, 3: Chris R Strauss, 4: Anthony J Lovrich, 5: Steve J Fisher, 6: Mark E Taylor, 7: Brett E Nelson, Str: Terrence I Norrish, Cox: Michael Kampf, Cchs: Peter Shakespear & Murray McHenry
3rd VIC - Bow: Anthony Imison, 2: Alan Borger, 3: M Carnegie, 4: Robert Leach, 5: Martin O'Halloran, 6: N McConchie, 7: Mark Doyle, Str: John Mitchelmore, Cox: Graham Barns, Emergs: Sam Patten & Glenn Deag, Cch: Adrian Maginn
4th TAS - Bow: Phillip Riley, 2: N Butler, 3: A Polanowski, 4: Simon Burgess, 5: J Osbourne, 6: Kevin Hayde, 7: Richard Bird, Str: Russell Hookway, Cox: Wayne Hickson, Cch: Paul Myler
5th NSW - Bow: Simon Pardy, 2: Timothy Weston, 3: A Playfair, 4: Roger Brighton, 5: Richard Goodrich, 6: N Martin, 7: P Czeti, Str: Stephen Evans, Cox: Grant Corbett, Cch: A Rybak
6th SA - Bow: R Kinnear, 2: Darren Webb, 3: John Belcher, 4: Scott Mackay, 5: G Quigley, 6: H McLean, 7: John Draper, Str: J Moore, Cox: P Storer, Cch: P Jeffreys

After a stirring battle between Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria for the first 1200 metres, Queensland and Western Australia broke free from Victoria over the final stages of the race. The resulting race for first place was great with only 0.4 seconds between first placed Queensland from second placed Western Australia. Victoria was four seconds further back in third place.

Women's Interstate Four Championship–The ULVA Trophy

Time: 3.38.00
Margins: 3.1 & 8.6 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Dianne Smith, 2: Joanne Mitchell, 3: Pam Westendorf, Str: Jacqui Marshall, Cox: K Willcock, Emergs: N Dwyer & Margot Foster, Cch: David Palfreyman
2nd NSW - Bow: Jenny Rourke, 2: Sue Weston, 3: Robyn Mackney, Str: Jill Callan, Cox: Jill McCure, Cch: Milan Parker
3rd WA - Bow: Elizabeth J Hollingworth, 2: Toni M Van Rijn, 3: Andrea M Balch, Str: Ruth Riddell, Cox: Ros Bowl, Cch: Geoff Mitchell, Emerg: Margaret Down
4th SA - Bow: Alison M Smith, 2: Jean E Jackson, 3: Gloria E Prior, Str: Terri D Brown, Cox: J T Downs, Cch: Phillip C Manglesdorf
5th TAS - Bow: Susan Young, 2: Alison Flakemore, 3: Jackie Hayde, Str: E Cook, Cox: B Beechey, Cch: Brian Palmer

This was an all the way win to Victoria despite a serious challenge from NSW in the middle stages of the race. The margins were 3.1 seconds between first and second, and 8.6 seconds between second and third.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship–The Nell Slatter Trophy

Time: 3.55.09
Margins 4.1 and 0.9 secs

1st VIC 1 - Mary Renouf, Cch: Terry Poole
2nd NSW - Sandy Rourke, Cch: John Welch
3rd QLD No 1 - Elizabeth Shields, Cch: Richard Graham
4th VIC No 2 - Rosemary Hoffman, Cch: T Hoffman
5th WA No 1 - Barbara Kelly, Cch: G Mitchell
6th TAS - Sue Evans, Cch: Graham Squires
VIC No 3 eliminated in repechage- Marina Di Martino, Cch: Terry Poole
QLD No 2 eliminated in repechage - Catherine Langton, Cch: Bob Alexander
WA No 2 eliminated in repechage - Bow: Joanne Green, Cch: Peter Shakespear
WA No 3 eliminated in repechage - Vanessa Grant, Cch: Ken Grant

States were entitled to be represented by more than one sculler. Renouf of Victoria gained the lead at about the 700 metre mark and went on to win convincingly by 4.1 seconds from Sandy Rourke of NSW.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship–The Victoria Cup

Time: 3.34.80
Margins 0.8 and 2.4 secs

1st VIC - Bow: Leisa Patterson, 2: Meredith Williams, 3: Barbara Griffiths, Str: Barbara Phelan, Cox: Alison Davidson, Cch: Brian Dalton, Emerg: Meryl Evans & Gayle Toogood
2nd WA - Cch: Warren Gibson
3rd ACT
- Bow: Kate McLaughlin, 2: Sue Donoghue, 3: Jeanette Hall, Str: Lesley Paton, Cox: Jane Westwood, Cch: David Bagnall & Joe Wolfe
4th QLD - Bow: Lyn Kelly, 2: D Dunlop,3: Gay Allen, Str: Debbie Baskerville, Cox: C Nardi, Cch A Broad & Bradley Beutel, Emerg: W Hem & Jenny O'Neill
5th NSW - Bow: Janell Williams, 2: Leanne Turner, 3: Gay Allen, Str: Kim Brown, Cox: Megan Turner, Cch: Malcolm Shaw
6th TAS - Bow: S Boyle, 2: P Lewis, 3: J Binns, Str: K Loosemore, Cox: L Beswick, Cch: C Loosemore

Western Australia were the leaders through the 500 metre mark but were overhauled by the Victorian crew who went on to win. However the WA crew kept up the pressure and the winning margin of Victoria was only 0.8 second from WA with ACT 2.4 seconds further back.


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