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History of 1919 Peace Regatta

1962 Interstate Championships

NOTE: This image is part of Interstate Championships photo gallery.



Emergencies Eight
Reg Clairs (WA) in the stroke seat with Simon Newcomb (VIC) in the seven seat.
Simon Newcomb, Victorian emergency recalls:
In 1962 I was appointed emergency for the Kings Cup crew. It was an awful position to be put into as when we went to Ballarat for the Kings Cup event none of the emergencies got a row and simply stood around. Luckily I was delegate for Ballarat City Rowing Club at the time so approached the President and asked if I could borrow one of their eights for the Emergencies to use. I then organised a meeting amongst all of the Emergencies and we took to the water challenging all of the State Crews to races. Of course our boat was old and heavy (even for those days) but we had an enormous amount of fun. For any of the crews that would not race us we simply waited until they were doing a start or a piece and we would pick them up with a good start and really upset the apple cart.


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