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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1984 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Shore Blitz but Those Kings Rule the River (Sydney Morning Herald, 01 Apr 1984)

The Kings School took out the prestigious Head of the River title for a record fifth year in a row on the Nepean at Penrith yesterday.

Kings finished far too strongly to beat heavyweight Shore by one and three-quarter lengths with Newington two lengths further back in third place. “We Knew we had to beat Shore who are a top crew but we were just a fraction better,” said Kings’ coach Ken St Heaps, himself a former Shore crewman.

And not only did Kings set a record with its fifth win since 1980. Number seven oarsman David Bellamy created a GPS record by rowing in the last three successful crews.

Kings’ victory stopped Shore from making a clean sweep of all six events at the regatta. Shore showed great depth to win the second eights and all four fours events. And what a fight they put up in the first eights. Shore, averaging 87kg per man, started best of the eight competing crews to lead for the first half of the 2,400-metre race.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


1 ¾ lengths

2 lengths

1st The King’s School – Bow: J. MacKenzie, 2: J. Steeple-Park, 3: M. Williams, 4: W. Day, 5: J. Day, 6: A. Thiel, 7: D. Bellamy, Str: S. McGuiness, Cox: D. Mylner

2nd Shore

3rd Newington

4th Grammar

5th Scots College

6th High

7th Riverview

8th St. Joseph’s

Senior 2nd Eight


2 ½ lengths

3 lengths

1st Shore – Bow: D. Forbes, 2: T. Russell, 3: S. Leeder, 4: S. Schweikert, 5: P. Murphy, 6: M. Farmer, 7: S. Simpson, Str: A Hoholt, Cox: A. Henderson

2nd The King’s School

3rd High

4th Newington

5th Riverview

6th St. Joseph’s College

7th Scots College

8th Grammar

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


2 lengths


1st Shore – Bow: A. Wiesner, 2: I. Wunderlich, 3: P. Chapman, Str: C. Huxtable, Cox: A. Macoun

2nd The King’s School

3rd Riverview

4th Grammar

5th Newington

6th St. Joseph’s College

7th High

8th Scots College

Senior 2nd Four


1 ½ lengths

1 ½ lengths

1st Shore – Bow: P. Mason, 2: R. Burgess, 3: D. McDowall, Str: F. Scott, Cox: C McDonald

2nd Riverview

3rd Newington

4th The King’s School

5th High

6th Grammar

7th Scots College

8th St. Joseph’s College

Senior 3rd Four


½ length

½ length

1st           Shore – Bow: N. Russell, 2: T. Bartlett, 3: W. Stuwart, Str: S. Shirley, Cox: H. Smith

2nd          Riverview

3rd          Newington

4th          The King’s School

5th          Scots College

6th          St. Joseph’s College

7th          Grammar

8th          High

Senior 4th Four


1 ¼ lengths

¾ length

1st           Shore – Bow: S. Cosgrove, 2: S. Nuthall, 3: A. Newman, Str: J. Hayes, Cox: J. Ditchfield

2nd          St. Joseph’s College

3rd          Riverview

4th          The King’s School

5th          Scots College

6th          Newington

7th          Grammar

8th          High

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