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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1950 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Shore Scoops Pool at G.P.S. Regatta (Cec Pearce, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 Apr 1950)

Shore scooped the pool at the G.P.S. regatta on the Nepean yesterday.

Shore won the Head of the River in record time, the 1st and 4th fours and dead-heated with St. Joseph’s in the 3rd fours.

In winning the Eights, Shore knocked 12 seconds off the record. The time for the mile and a half was 7 minutes 40 seconds. Shore beat Scots College by 1 ½ lengths, with another little fancied crew, Kings half a length away, third.

The race was rowed in ideal conditions. A two-knot run in the river assisted the crews.

Disappointments in the race were the failure of St. Joseph’s College and Sydney High to get into the places. St. Joseph’s who vied for the lead with Shore in the early stages of the race dropped out after the first half mile to finish fifth.

Sydney High, contrary to expectations, did not rate exceptionally high. Their rating at the finish was 33. High, however, were rowing very short, due, no doubt, to their light stroke being tired.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


1 ¼ lengths

½ length

1st Shore – Bow: A.J.C. Sendall, 2: W.B. Northam, 3: D.A. Webster, 4: R.B. Rutherford, 5: P.D. Codey, 6: J.H. Lawrence, 7: D.D. Mearet, Str: D.G. Lane, Cox: F.J. Withey, Cch: J.B. Burrell

2nd Scots

3rd The King’s School

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


1 length

3 lengths

1st Shore – Bow: R.A. Woodhill, 2: A. Suche, 3: L. Meares, Str: R.Y. Knight, Cox: L. Etherington, Cch: H.M Perry

2nd Sydney High

3rd Riverview

Senior 2nd Four


1 ½ lengths


1st Sydney High – Bow: R. Thurnton, 2: F.B. Williams, 3: J.H. Nicholson, Str: J.M. Magner, Cox: I.J. Little, Cox: Major D. Duffy

2nd St. Joseph’s

3rd Grammar

Senior 3rd Four


Dead heat

1 length

1st           Shore – Bow: W.S. Dalyrample, 2: D.M. Everingham, 3: A.J. Pennefather, Str: J.W. Logan, Cox: M.R. McDade, Cch: G.J. Dawtrie

1st           St. Joseph’s – Bow: J. Taffa, 2: K.H. Logan, 3: K. Robbie, Str: R.J. Hughes, Cox: J.A. Josephs, Cch: Rev. Brother Emile

3rd          Scots

Senior 4th Four


½ length


1st           Shore – Bow: R.W. Webster, 2: J.L. Vivers, 3: V.H. Treats, Str: W.H. Chenhall, Cox: J.G. Henningham, Cox: R.A. Gilfillan

2nd          Scots

3rd          St. Joseph’s

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