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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1946 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Scots Had Day Out On The Nepean (Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Apr 1946).

Scots College oarsmen made G.P.S. Regatta Day on the Nepean on Saturday peculiarly their own, thus triumphing over history, the critics, a series of training-time afflictions, and several of the more effective laws of probabilities.

They won the First Fours and the Fourth Fours, they were beaten only narrowly in the Second Fours and the Third Fours. Then they went on to unprecedented victory in the Eights. In this way, they proved their title not only to Head of the River but to other important, if less highly regarded, parts of it as well.

The nearest they had ever been to success previously was in 1937, when they were second to Shore by a canvas in the eights and lost the first fours by three feet. From early sun-brilliant morning to leaden, surprise-packed afternoon, trains, buses, cars, carts, and wagons decanted thousands of badged and beribboned partisans along the banks of the slow-running and completely disinterested Nepean, while traffic policemen – patient targets of an army of schoolboy howlers – kept their fingers crosses and grew a little greyer in the Service.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


½ length

1 ¼ lengths

1st The Scots College – Bow: G.W. Lawrence, 2: L. Morris, 3: D.J. Armstrong, 4: N.E. Blamey, 5: T.S. King, 6: G.R. Dobbie, 7: R.H. Grieve, Str: D.S. Turnbull, Cox: R. Brownlee

2nd The King’s School – Bow: H. Taylor, 2: S. Kennedy, 3: J. Lawson, 4: D.M. Halliday, 5: H.T. Blunt, 6: D.G. Faulkner, 7: A.F. Carr, Str: R.V. Cater, Cox: C.S.T. Carr

3rd St. Joseph’s

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup



¾ length

1st The Scots College

2nd Shore

3rd Newington

Senior 2nd Four


¼ length

½ length

1st Shore

2nd The Scots College

3rd Newington

Senior 3rd Four


¾ length


1st           Shore

2nd          The Scots College

3rd          Riverview

Senior 4th Four



½ length

1st           The Scots College

2nd          The King’s School

3rd          Shore

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