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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1954 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Clear Victory for Shore in Eights (The-Sun Herald, 11 Apr 1954)

G.P.S. rowing coaches consider that the Shore eights, winners of yesterday’s Head-of-the-River at the G.P.S. Regatta on the Nepean River, is one of the best schoolboy combinations ever to win the title.

Shore beat Newington by one and a quarter lengths over the mile-and-a-half course, with King’s a surprise third. It was Shore’s 23rd G.P.S. victory, and coach Bill Thomas’s third success in four years. Shore led Newington and St. Joseph’s at the halfway mark but the race soon became a struggle between Shore and Newington when St. Joseph’s dropped back.

Shore, with perfect style and bladework, began to peg back Newington over the last quarter of a mile, and at the finish went away to an easy victory. Newington coach Col. Davies said later that the Shore crew was the best eight he had seen in his nine years as a G.P.S. coach.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


1 ¼ lengths

¾ length

1st Shore – Bow: R.R. Dickson, 2: D.D. Vaughan, 3: R.W. Gall, 4: R.R. Warden, 5: J.R. Heath, 6: P. McN. Gardner, 7: R.P. Waddington, Str: C.B. Gordon, Cox: T.B. Studdy

2nd Newington

3rd The King’s School

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


1 ¼ lengths

2 lengths

1st Shore – Bow: D.E. MacCallum, 2: R.P. Heath, 3: J.M. Ferris, Str: W.R. Minns, Cox: R.M. Whybrow

2nd High

3rd St. Joseph’s College

Senior 2nd Four


¼ length


1st St. Joseph’s College – Bow: E.C. Stark, 2: S.B. Banks, 3: D.D. Byrne, Str: P.J. Williamson, Cox: C.W. Clarke

2nd Newington

3rd The King’s School

Senior 3rd Four


¾ length

1 length

1st           High – Bow: D.D. Sutherland, 2: R.J. Burbage, 3: R.S. Rushall, Str: G.R. Sample, Cox: D.H. Anderson

2nd          Newington

3rd          Shore

Senior 4th Four


¾ length

½ length

1st           High – Bow: A. Holt, 2: J.R. Pilger, 3: N.C. Smith, Str: A.J. Winton, Cox: I. Mashman

2nd          Newington

3rd          Shore

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