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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1960 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Shore yesterday overcame its jinx when it won a stirring G.P.S. Head of the River on the Nepean from Scots and High (Alan Clarkson, The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 Apr 1960).

“It was Shore’s first victory since 1954 and came after three years of disappointment when the school was never out of a place. Shore, rowing immaculately, beat the heavyweight Scots crew by half length with high another half length away third.

Rowing officials said the time of 8 minutes 16 2-5 seconds is the slowest ever. Riverview made a gallant attempt to lead throughout. They were a length, and then a length and a quarter in front, and in a desperate attempt to maintain the lead rowed themselves to a standstill.

At the finish Ellis Murphy, No. 6, collapsed from exhaustion and tumbled into the water. The cox, Mark Raper, collapsed as the boat was taken from the water and 20 minutes later John Taylor (No. 4) and Bob Lachal (No. 2) also had to receive attention.”


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


½ length

½ length

1st Shore

2nd Scots College

3rd Sydney Boys High

4th Newington

5th St Joseph’s College

6th The King’s School

7th Riverview

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


½ length

1st Sydney Boys High

2nd Shore

3rd Riverview

4th Newington

5th St. Joseph’s College

6th Scots’ College

7th Sydney Grammar

8th The King’s School

Senior 2nd Four


½ length

1st St. Joseph’s College

2nd Riverview

3rd Shore

4th Scots’ College

5th Newington

6th King’s School

7th Sydney Boys High

8th Sydney Grammar

Senior 3rd Four


¾ length

1st           The King’s School

2nd          St. Joseph’s College

3rd          Sydney Grammar

4th          Scots’ College

5th          Shore

6th          Newington

7th          Riverview

8th          Sydney Boys High

Senior 4th Four

1st           The King’ School

2nd          Sydney Grammar

3rd          St. Joseph’s College

4th          Sydney Boys High

5th          Newington

6th          Shore

7th          Riverview

8th          The Scots’ College

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