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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1964 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

40,000 See Riverview Win Race. (Sydney Morning Herald, 19 Apr 1964)

Riverview swept home by six lengths to win the 66th G.P.S. Head of the River on the Nepean at Penrith yesterday.

They beat Newington by that margin and left Shore yet another length behind. Officials agreed it was one of the easiest Head of the River wins ever. Riverview – who started as 5-2 underdoes – took the lead from the start and never let it go.

Newington, last year’s winner and hot favourite for this year’s race, could only cling to them. Nearly 40,000 people, mostly teenagers, screamed themselves hoarse as the eights came into view a couple of hundred yards from the finish. It was there that it was settled that River had the 1964 G.P.S. boat race tied up.

And it was then that hats, bunting, ribbons from the Riverview camp flew into the air. The Riverview crew shot through the water in 8m 4-5s over the mile and a half course – although they were rowing into a head wind.

They were closely followed by the Governor-General, Lord de L’Isle, and his son and daughter, the Honorable Philip Sidney and the Honorable Catherine Sidney, who followed the race in a private launch. 


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


6 lengths

1 length

1st Riverview – Bow: P. Wadsworth, 2: J. Brennon, 3: P. McHugh, 4: J. Small, 5: P. Cahill, 6: G. Skuthorp, 7: M. McGlynn, Str: C. Morgan, Cox: G. Rich

2nd Newington – Bow: P.K. White, 2: S.E. Johnston, 3: D.G. Mulready, 4: R.P. Allen, 5: M.D. Morgan, 6: C.W. Moy, 7: D.E. Crowhurst, Str: C.G. MacDougall, Cox: B.E. Chessell

3rd Shore – Bow: G.C. Wilson, 2: D.R. Pritchard, 3: J.E. Clarke, 4: C.A. Burton, 5: P.R. Holmes, 6: W.A. Taylor, 7: D.M. Mathson, Str: S.H.O. Smith, Cox: R.L. Bruce

4th St. Joseph’s

5th The King’s School

6th Scots

7th Grammar

8th High

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


1 ½ lengths

2 lengths

1st Riverview – Bow: J. Buckingham, 2: J. Graham, 3: M. Leonard, Str: P. Sharp, Cox: E. Carter

2nd St. Joseph’s

3rd Sydney Grammar

Senior 2nd Four


2 lengths

½ length

1st The King’s School – Bow: P.R. Baird, 2: R.M. Reddell, 3: W.G. Horsley, Str: D.B.A. Wildon, Cox: I.W. Davidson

2nd Riverview

3rd Newington

Senior 3rd Four


1 ½ lengths

½ length

1st           Newington – Bow: K.I. Mackney, 2: P. Postlethwaite, 3: W.A. Bradley, Str: M.J. Talbot, Cox: W.J. Feggans

2nd          The King’s School

3rd          Sydney Grammar

Senior 4th Four


1 ¼ lengths


1st           The King’s School – Bow: D.M. Loxton, 2: F.R. May, 3: M.D. Laurence, Str: H.R. Bowman, Cox: D.J. Wright

2nd          St. Joseph’s

3rd          Shore

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