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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1894 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

The tables were turned in the second race with Sydney Grammar taking the title.

The race was reported as follows:

Grammar secured the best of the start, but just when the Shore boys were preparing to make a spurt, Heron, the stroke, missed the water with his oar, and fell backwards in his boat.

The mishap cost the crew 15 lengths - a handicap which they were not able to surmount - and Grammar won comfortably.

Nathaniel J McDonald, coach of the Grammar crew, was an Intercolonial oarsmen of note racing in 1890 and 1895. He became a starter of this event in later years and also coached the first fours at St Ignatius and St Josephs.



Head of the River

Time: Not known
Margin: Comfortably

1st Sydney Grammar School - Bow: E Barling, 2: H H Paterson, 3: C G Waddell, Str: J F White, Cox: R T Forsyth, Cch: Nathaniel J McDonald
2nd Church of England Grammar School (Shore) - Bow: W J S Rundle, 2: G A Moore, 3: F O Day, Str: F Heron, Cox: unknown, Cch: A Ramsay


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