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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1911 NSW AAGPS Head of the River:

Wednesday, 26 April

First Eight:

The 1911 edition was the second year that the eights were used, with the same four crews racing on the Parramatta River:

-  St. Ignatius College

-  St. Joseph’s College

-  Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)

-  Sydney Grammar School

The day was met with favourable conditions with three steamboats following the race. The race was extremely close, given that the four boats couldn’t be separated at the halfway mark. However, St. Joseph’s College managed to win their maiden Head of the River by just 2 feet over Sydney Grammar. St. Joseph’s first race in the Head of the River was 1907.

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote about the tight contest and St. Joseph’s college first ever win of the Major Rennie trophy:

“It was an excellent race, the four crews getting away almost together. They remained closely packed until Gladesville was reached, at which point Church of England Grammar School had a lead of about a yard, which was retained until Cabarita was passed. The umpire's boat fell so far behind that ¡t was impossible. to actually determine the positions beyond this point, but at  Tennyson St. Joseph's put in a good spurt, and apparently this crew was not afterwards headed. The judge's decision was a win for St. Joseph's College by 2ft from Sydney Grammar School, with Sydney Church of England Grammar School a quarter of a length further away.”

First Four:

The same four schools entered the First Four who raced a one-mile race:

-  St. Ignatius College

-  St. Joseph’s College

-  Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)

-  Sydney Grammar School

Church of England got the lead early, however, St. Ignatius rowed through them to win by a length.

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote about St. Ignatius College’s win of the Yaralla Cup:

“From an even start the crews held together for 100 yard when Church of England Grammar School established a slight lead from St. Ignatius' College, which was closely followed by Sydney Grammar School, with St. Joseph's far astern. This lead was held until Mortlake was reached, when St. Ignatius' mode a strong spurt and got the pride of place. A ding-dong struggle ensued between the three leading boats to the finishing point, St. Ignatius' winning all out by a length from Sydney Church of England Grammar School, which was a length ahead of Sydney Grammar School.”

Index to Results:


Officials and Organising Committee:

Starter: Mr. J. McGregor

Judge: Mr. J. Degotardi

Umpire: Mr. V. Horniman

Timekeeper: Mr. W. Kerr

Hon. Secretary: Mr. J. C. Hartnett

Committee: Messrs. W. H. Savigny, A. D. Hall, J. J. Hannon & Brother Bertrand

Head of the River - First Eight

1 mile, 550 yards

Time: 8 min 19 sec

1st St. Joseph's College – Bow: A. Thorpe, 2: R. Tracy, 3: J. Pollard, 4: W. Lane, 5: J. O'Loughlin, 6: N. Keating, 7: C. Cody, Str: E. Cody, Cox: W. Healy

Margin: 2 feet, 1/4 length

2nd Sydney Grammar School – Bow: H. H. Jamison, 2: H. H. de Burgh, 3: J. Russell, 4: V. H. Evans, 5: R. H. Harper, 6: R. Scrivener, 7: R. C. Inglis, Str: A. E. Gates, Cox: R. H. R. Grieve

3rd Sydney Church of England Grammar School – Bow: R. M. Allport, 2: G. R. Hamilton, 3: A. E. Brown, 4: A. R. Martin, 5: W. Hay, 6: W. T. Tucker, 7: G. E. Hart, Str: K. B. Voss, Cox: T. Morell

4th St. Ignatius College (crew unknown)

Second crews - First Four

1 mile

Time: 5 min 49 sec

1st St. Ignatius College – Bow: P. D. McAlary, 2: H. Craven, 3: C. Wilkinson, Str: T. Dalton, Cox: L. Cranney

Margin: 1, 1 length

2nd Sydney Church of England Grammar School – Bow: G. S. Lloyd, 2: W. R. Boulton, 3: L. Richardson, Str: E. L. Morgan, Cox: T. H. Cullen

3rd Sydney Grammar School – Bow: R. H. Waites, 2: M. R. Smith, 3: E. J. Roberts, Str: J. G. F. Barnet, Cox: A. A. Street

4th St. Joseph's College – (crew unknown)


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