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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1962 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Close Fight By 5 Crews (Terry Smith, Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Apr 1962)

Scots College won the G.P.S. Head of the River yesterday after the eight crews had been delayed 50 minutes at the start.

Five crews crossed within two boat lengths. Newington were placed second a half a length behind Scots, with Grammar a further canvas back third. St. Joseph’s, The King’s and Shore were all within a length and a quarter of the placed crews. Scots did not take the lead until less than a quarter mile from the finish. St. Joseph’s had led up to this point. 

A crowd of 40,000 excited spectators watched the race. Only previous win for the Scots was in 1946. The delay at the start began when Newington bow man Peter Meier broke an outrigger. A Launch went scurrying away to get another. The gusty southerly wind caused further delay and the eight crews had to start from weighted buoys instead of the usual cable across the river.

The delay upset most of the boys. One crew particularly affected was the fancied St. Joseph’s College. A wonderful Scots crew certainly lived up to their rating as favourite before yesterday’s race. They finished a great second to Leichhardt in the State junior championship four weeks ago. Wily coach Alan Brown withdrew his crew from the Riverview Gold Cup after this effort in order to retain a physiological advantage over their rivals.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


½ length


1st Scots College – Bow: H.C. McDougall, 2: G.R. Drury, 3: J.M. Brain, 4: W.H. Chalmers, 5: A.C. Fountain, 6: G.E. Bowman, 7: P.T. Hampshire, Str: M.S. Robertson, Cox: A.C. Donaldson

2nd Newington

3rd Sydney Grammar

4th St. Joseph’s College

5th The King’s School

6th Shore

7th Riverview

8th Sydney High

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


¼ length

¼ length

1st The King’s School – Bow: D.Roxborough, 2: J. Armytage, 3: M.D. Jones, Str: S.G. Anthony, Cox: R. Blackmore

2nd Sydney Grammar

3rd St. Joseph’s College

4th High

5th Newington

6th Shore

7th Scots College

8th Riverview

Senior 2nd Four


1 ¼ lengths


1st Sydney Grammar – Bow: D. Murray, 2: D.R. Pritchett, 3: D.R. Raffin, Str: P.A. Tanner, Cox: R.L. Bruce

2nd The King’s School

3rd St. Joseph’s College

4th Shore

5th Newington

6th Scots College

7th High

8th Riverview

Senior 3rd Four


1 ½ lengths

1 ¼ lengths

1st           Scots College – Bow: G.S. Murray, 2: R.F. Reid, 3: J.R. Poole, Str: R.A. Sillar, Cox: R.J. Thomas

2nd          Shore

3rd          Sydney Grammar

3rd          St. Joseph’s College

5th          The King’s School

6th           Newington

7th          High

8th          Riverview

Senior 4th Four


½ length

½ length

1st           Sydney High – Bow: P.E. Mav, 2: T.J. Goodsell, 3: G.A. Andrews, Str: R.L. Grant, Cox: P. Nosworthy

2nd          Scots College

3rd          The King’s School

4th          St. Joseph’s College

5th          Shore

6th          Grammar

7th          Riverview

8th          Newington

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