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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1934 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

G.P.S Regatta. Sydney Grammar School Wins Head of River Title. (Sydney Morning Herald, 23 Apr 1934)

After a terrific struggle, under boisterous conditions, Sydney Grammar School won the Schools’ Championship Eights at the Great Public Schools’ regatta on the Parramatta River on Saturday from Sydney Church of England Grammar School. Sydney Grammar School also won the race for First Four, Sydney Church of England Grammar School being successful in the Second Fours.

The strong westerly breeze and rough water made conditions very unpleasant for the competitors, and it was a tribute to the watermanship of the crews that they negotiated the course without swamping.

It was one of the worst days which can be recalled on which the Great Public Schools’ regatta has been held.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


2 lengths

1st Sydney Church of England Grammar – Bow: J.N. Sevler, 2: J. Creagh, 3: G.G. Seagoe, 4: L.W. Middleton, 5: R.O. Marshall, 6: D.I. Baggett, 7: W.G. Thomas, Str: J.R. Burrell, Cox: B.G. Broadbent, Cch: L.C. Robson

2nd Sydney Grammar School – Bow: S.J. Player, 2: L.E. McDonnell, 3: J. Bodham-Whetham, 4: C.A. Muller, 5: M.G. Arnold, 6: J.F.C. Close, 7: R.A. Kearney, Str: S.E. Finlay, Cox: R. Crichton-Brown, Cch: A.N. Finaly

3rd Sydney High School – Bow: J. Weeks, 2: K.W. Gallie, 3: C. Wood, 4: A.R. Callaway, 5: M.T. Wood, 6: R. Clark, 7: J.L. Wall, Str: A. Lander, Cox: N.D. Dunnett, Cch: G.E. Hancock

4th The Scots College – Bow: I.R. Hood, 2: H.J. Ingham, 3: J.A.C. Kelly, 4: J.L.D. McKay, 5: D.A. Campbell, 6: J.C. Lane, 7: R.D.F. Williams, Str: A.W. McIntosh, Cox: B.G. Clarke, Cch: R.A. Ashburner

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


½ length

4 lengths

1st Sydney Grammar School – Bow: J.C. McLachlan, 2: E.M. McCulloch, 3: D. Hyman, Str: E.H.R. Deck, Cox: J.B. Winning, Cch: A.T. Stewart

2nd Sydney High School – Bow: F. Ferris, 2: U. Solomon, 3: W. Stevenson, Str: F. Crocker, Cox: R. Ryan, Cch: W.E. Livingstone

3rd The Scots College – Bow: W.H. Cumming, 2: R.K. Gordon, 3: G. Sears, Str: D.P. Pagan, Cox: J.S. Olsen, Cch: L.W.F. Webster

4th St. Ignatius’ College – Bow: H.V. Tully, 2: F.J. Smith, 3: E.M. Robinson, Str: T.V. Coyle, Cox: J.M. Hunter, Cch: S. Raper

Senior 2nd Four


5 lengths

1st Sydney Church of England Grammar – Bow: S.H. Welsh, 2: G.G. Hyles, 3: J.G. Marsh, Str: R.A. Pedlingham, Cox: C.S. Spain, Cch: E.M. Jones

2nd The Scots College – Bow: J. Grey, 2: N.C. Smith, 3: B. Low, Str: J.W. Brav, Cox: W. Kerr, Cch: L.W.F. Webster, J.D. Butcher

3rd Sydney Grammar School – Bow: A. Taylor, 2: N. Lamrock, 3: C.F. Read, Str: V.E. Clarke, Cox: D. Clarke, Cch: A.T. Stewart, C.E. Street

4th Sydney High School – Bow: R. Ashdown, 2: S. Maxwell, 3: C. Wallace, Str: W. Marr, Cox: D. Henderson, Cch: F.M. Nichols

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