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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1926 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Sydney High School won again in their second start at 34th annual GRP regatta. This was the second school to do achieve such a feat. St Ignatius was struck down with illness in both the eight and the fours. They even questioned whether to row. Sydney Grammar also suffered from the effects of influenza. Of note was that the bow of the Sydney Grammar School First VIII was future Prime Minister William McMahon. His coach described his rowing as follows: He had a free movement, with a good length of body swing. The hands were smart and the blade work clean. Although on the small side he rowed a powerful blade. He raced weighing only 9st 13lb.

Also worth noting that St Ignatius was another small school with only 40 boys in the senior school at that stage. It explains the lack of success during this period.


Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: AAGPS


Head of the River

Time: 8 mins 38.5 secs
Margin: 2 feet and 3 feet

1st Sydney High School - Bow: B McMillan, 2: E P Field, 3: A R Broadhurst, 4: G Reddish, 5: D M Cook, 6: L Bagbie, 7: K Hardy, Str: K C Robinson, Cox: R M Mainwaring, Cch: George Hancock
2nd St Josephs College
3rd Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)

4th Newington College

Other crews
St Ignatius College - Str: Kevin Fagan
The King's School
Sydney Grammar School - Bow: William D. McMahon, 2: J. G. Gourlay, 3: B. V. Kenny, 4: F. G. Dundas, 5: A. B. Gould, 6: E. A. Bright, 7: F. A. Russell, Str: W. J. Phipps, Cox: S. H. Gowing, Coach: George MacKenzie

E1: 1st SCEGC, 2nd NC, 3rd SC, 4th SIC Time, 8min 40.2 secs
E2: 1st SHS, 2nd SJC, 3rd SGS, 4th TKS Time, 8mins 43.6 secs

Sydney High School VIII

First Four

Time: 6 mins 17secs
Margin: 2 lengths

1st The King's School
2nd Newington College
3rd St Joseph’s College
4th Sydney Church of England Grammar School 

Other crews:
Sydney High School
Scots College

Sydney Grammar School - Bow: R. B. Campbell, 2: W. H. Hemingway, 3: N D Wheeler, Str: D. F. Stewart, Cox: S. W. McMahon

Sydney High School Four

E1: 1st NC, 2nd SCEGS, 3rd SHS, 4th SIC Time, 6 mins 32.4 secs 
E2: 1st TKS, 2nd SJC, 3rd SGS, 4th SC Time; 6 mins 33 secs

Second Four

Time: 6 mins 9.5 secs 
Margin: 0.5 length

1st The King's School2nd Sydney Grammar School - Bow: L. Mowle, 2: W. S. Brown, 3: J Slack-Smith, Str: J. C. Loxton, Cox: A. W. Clough
3rd Sydney High School - Bow: A Crowther, 3: H Peach, Str: L Hopper, Cox: H Walker, Cch: G Smith
4th Sydney Church of England Grammar School;

Other crews
Newington College
St Ignatius College

E1: 1st TKS, 2nd SHS, 3rd SC, 4th SIC Time 6 mins 8.5 secs
E2: 1st SCEGS, 2nd SGS, 3rd SJC, 4th NC Time, 6 mins 21.4 secs

Sydney High School


  • Sydney High School centenary history published in 1988
  • The Record, Sydney High School, Vol XVII No 3 June 1926
  • The Sydneian, No 261, August 1926 for Sydney Grammar School crew names

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