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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1958 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

‘Comeback’ After 51 Years. Thrills in big boat race. (Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Apr 1958)

Riverview won the G.P.S. Head-of-the-River race yesterday for the first time in 51 years. 

It was one of the most thrilling and grueling Head-of-the-River races in recent years. During the race a member of St. Joseph’s eight, John Williams, “caught a crab” with his oar and was catapulted into the water. The racing shell continued with one oar dangling and finished last.

Williams, who was picked up be an umpire’s boat, said later that the front chock of his moveable sear broke and threw him off balance. He added, “The next thing I knew the oar caught me under the chest and I was thrown into the air.

“I hit the water headfirst.” 

The King’s School led High and Riverview most of the race. In the last 200 yards Riverview overtook The King’s and went on to win. Ten minutes later the members of the winning eight jublilantly threw their young cox, W.M. Hedger, into the river. All eight members jumped in after him while the other crews cheered.

Yesterday’s win was Riverview’s first sine 1907, when the championship was for four-oared boats. High took the first honours of the day yesterday by winning the first fours from Riverview and Grammar.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


¼ length

1 ½ lengths

1st Riverview – Bow: R. Rose, 2: R. Meagher, 3: R. Curtin, 4: G. Durrell, 5: S. Hammond, 6: N. Hammond, 7: M. Oates, Str: D. Rowe, Cox: W. Hedger

2nd Shore

3rd High

4th The King’s School

5th Grammar

6th Scots College

7th Newington

8th St. Joseph’s College

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup



1 length

1st Sydney High – Bow: R. Madgwick, 2: I. Toll, 3: J. Campbell, Str: C. Hull, Cox: R. Caddy

2nd Riverview

3rd Grammar

4th Newington

5th Scots College

6th Shore

7th The King’s School

8th St. Joseph’s College

Senior 2nd Four


1 length

Dead heat

1st Sydney High – Bow: D. Hall, 2: D. Moran, 3: A. Skinner, Str: I. Stewart, Cox: K. Lloyd

2nd Scots College

2nd Shore

4th The King’s School

5th St. Joseph’s College

6th Newington

7th Riverview

8th Grammar

Senior 3rd Four


1 ½ lengths

¼ length

1st           Grammar – Bow: P. Barcham, 2: D. Cohen, 3: I. Hottes, Str: R. Hearn, Cox: R. Dight

2nd          Newington

3rd          Scots College

4th          Riverview

5th          High

6th          The King’s School

7th          St. Joseph’s College

8th          Shore

Senior 4th Four



½ length

1st           Riverview – Bow: M. Lowrey, 2: M. Williams, 3: P. Bookallil, Str: M. Dureau, Cox: J. Brennan

2nd          Scots College

3rd          The King’s School

4th          Shore

5th          Newington

6th          Grammar

7th          High

8th          St. Joseph’s College

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