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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1972 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

King’s Rule the River (Alan Speers, Sydney Morning Herald, 09 Apr 1972)

“The King’s School, runaway winners of the 1972 GPS Head of the River yesterday, vindicated a departure from normal preparation procedure by coach Greg Moore.

A crowd estimated at about 10,000, disappointing in view of the fine weather, saw the King’s record their fifth win in six years in the GPS rowing classic.

The King’s demoralized their rivals in the 1 ½ mile race, bursting across the finishing line 2 ½ lengths in front of favourites, St Joseph’s, with Riverview a canvas away third.

They turned the event into a one-act affair over the last half-mile. Moore, coaching the school first eights for the first time, was faced with a crisis only five or six weeks ago when two of his crewmen were forced to withdraw.

Graham Wilkinson (glandular fever) and Digby Roberts (ricked back) were forced out of the crew. Moore promoted Rodney Osborne and Stephen Buzacott from the second eights to fill their places and re-shuffled almost the entire crew, with the exception of the number two oarsman, Greg Webb, and Geoff Raymond (number six).

But the move which really paid off for Moore and the King’s was the coach’s decision to take both the first and second eights to regatta at Lismore and Grafton over the Easter weekend. The first eights won Maiden, School and Open events at the two regattas – and their extra conditioning pair off in yesterday’s exciting race on the Nepean.”


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


2 ½ lengths


1st The King’s School – Bow: S. Buzacott, 2: G.S. Webb, 3: R. Osborne, 4: A.R. Woolnough, 5: J.R. Sharp, 6: G.A. Raymond, 7: J.B. Roberts, Str: R.F. McIntosh, Cox: G.T. Bell

2nd St Joseph’s College – Bow: P.E. Fox, 2: W.L. Williams, 3: T.A. Murray, 4: T.R. Hain, 5: F. Carbone, 6: J.D. Dwyer, 7: J.A. Reading, Str: G.L. Elliott, Cox: P.E. Clarke

3rd Riverview – Bow: S.J. Williams, 2: B.M. Cruise, 3: P.J. Webster, 4: N.J. Stiffe, 5: J.E. Coolican, 6: M.A. Coonaghan, 7: D.E. Quinn, Str: F.C. Curtin, Cox: C.G. Corcoran

4th Sydney High

5th Newington

6th Shore

7th Sydney Grammar

8th Scots

Senior 2nd Eight



¼ lengths

1st Newington – Bow: M.S. Bradford, 2: R.C. Whalan, 3: S.S. Smith, 4: R.P. Eu, 5: W.I. Grant, 6: K.B. Haigh, 7: J.M. Johnson, Str: A.D. Goodchild, Cox: I.C. Swane

2nd Sydney Grammar

3rd St Joseph’s College

4th The King’s School

5th Scots College

6th Shore

7th Riverview

8th Sydney High

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


½ Lengths

¾ lengths

1st St Joseph’s College – Bow: P.J. Comerford, 2: D.M. Curry, 3: P.F. Mack, Str: G.P. McCann, Cox: M.A. Ryan

2nd Scots College

3rd Sydney Grammar

4th The King’s School

5th Newington

6th Shore

7th Sydney High

8th Riverview

Senior 2nd Four


¾ lengths

½ lengths

1st The King’s School – Bow: N.J. Coleman, 2: J.C. Hamilton, 3: M.E. Hughes, Str: M.A. Woods, Cox: P.J. Hagan

2nd Riverview

3rd Scots College

4th Sydney high

5th Sydney Grammar

6th St Joseph’s College

7th Shore

8th Newington

Senior 3rd Four


¾ lengths

½ lengths

1st           St Joseph’s College – Bow: M.F. Daniel, 2: T.E. Quigley, 3: M.A. Levy, Str: C.J. Picone, Cox: A.J. Klely

2nd          Shore

3rd          The King’s School

4th          Riverview

5th          Sydney Grammar

6th          Newington

7th          Scots College

8th          Sydney High

Senior 4th Four



1st           Shore – Bow: M.L. Vivers, 2: T.R. Fitzpatrick, 3: G.G. Brown, Str: S.T.F. May, Cox: T. Clark

2nd          Scots College

3rd          The King’s School

4th          St Joseph’s College

5th          Riverview

6th          Newington

7th          Sydney Grammar

8th          Sydney High

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