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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1921 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

The new entrants to the championship continued again in 1921 with Newington College racing. Like Kings, they also won in their first start. Newington was coached by old boy E R Barker and prominant sportsman Ossie J Wood.

The entry of King's in 1920 signalled a six crew race which was too many for safe and fair racing on the river course. Put simply, the course was too narrow in places. Heats were introduced in 1921 to overcome this situation. Winners and losers finals were introduced also.

The race was conducted on 30th April.


Organising Committee

Organising Committee: AAGPS



Head of the River

Time: Not known

1st Newington College - Bow: C N Andrews, 2: R Fairlie, 3: T E Wiseman, 4: E Bardsley, 5: F A Calder, 6: D R Baker, 7: C R Laverty, Str: F N Chenall, Cox: A W Morrow, Cchs: E R Barker & Ossie J Wood

Losers Final
1st unknown
2nd St Ignatius College
- Cch: Chris Kayser


First Four

Time: Not known

1st The King's School
2nd unknown
3rd St Ignatius College


Second Four

Time: Not known

1st unknown
2nd unknown
3rd unknown
4th St Ignatius College


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