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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1910 NSW AAGPS Head of the River:

Wednesday, 20 April

First Crew (First Eight):

The 1910 race was the first time that the first crew changed from fours to eights. Accordingly, the Major Rennie trophy was awarded to the winner of the First Eight race from this year to present day. The same four schools from the year prior entered eights for 1 mile, 550 yard race on the Parramatta River:

-  St. Ignatius College

-  St. Joseph’s College

-  Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)

-  Sydney Grammar School

The conditions were unfavourable characterised by heavy rain and choppy water. St. Joseph’s led the race by a length at halfway, however, Church of England’s final dash meant they nosed in front by the finish line at Putney by just a ¼ length. Church of England regained the Major Rennie trophy they last held in 1908.

The Sydney Morning Herald wrote about the exciting race for the inaugural eights: 

“The gun went off the four boats got away together…St. Ignatius started to fall behind almost immediately. St. Joseph’s, Sydney Grammar and C. of E. Grammar were in line for a considerable distance, but the firstnamed seemed to be putting in the best work. The North Shore boys, however, were playing a waiting game, and their final effort was well timed. At the gasworks, the Hunter’s Hill lads were leading by about half a length, and most of those on the umpire’s boat thought the race was over. But at Putney Church of England Grammar School boys had been saving themselves for the final dash, and nobody begrudged them their victory. It was a close finish – the judge (Mr. J. Degotardi) gave the margin as not more than a quarter of a length. Sydney Grammar was a close third, but St. Ignatius was left right behind. The time was 7m 57 1-5s.”

Second Crew (First Four):

Given the Eight became the blue-ribband event, the depth of rowers was reduced and thus the entries for the second crew (first four) was down. Accordingly, three crews entered the race:

-  St. Joseph’s College

-  Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore)

-  Sydney Grammar School

Sydney Grammar were successful in winning the Yaralla Cup by two lengths over St. Joseph’s College. It was their first win in this category since 1907.

Index to Results:

Officials and Organising Committee:

Starter: Mr. J. McGregor

Judge: Mr. J. Degotardi

Umpire: Mr. V. Horniman

Timekeeper: Mr. W. Kerr

Head of the River - First Eight

1 mile, 550 yards

Time: 7 min 57 sec

1st Sydney Church of England Grammar School – Bow: R. C. Irving, 2: H. R. Tucker, 3: W. T. Tucker, 4: H. R. Lomax, 5: P. F. Fenwick, 6: L. B. Heath, 7: R. M. Saddington, Str: P. E. Voss, Cox: F. W. M. Busby

Margin: 1/3 length

2nd St. Joseph's College – Bow: P. Walsh, 2: T. Roche, 3: J. Brady, 4: J. O'Loughlin, 5: K. Flynn, 6: N. Keating, 7: W. Cameron, Str: E. Cody, Cox: W. McGrath

3rd Sydney Grammar School – Bow: A. S. Carfrae, 2: S. J. Bull, 3: S. H. Knight, 4: A. M. Gibbs, 5: R. C. Inglis, 6: A. E. Gates, 7: L. Scott, Str: H. A. Henry, Cox: R. H. R. Grieve

4th St. Ignatius College – Bow: J. McKay, 2: C. Gordon, 3: D. Fey, 4: L. Devine, 5: C. McKillop, 6: W. Flannery, 7: B. McKay, Str: B. Veech, Cox: A. Kelly

Second crews - First Four

1 mile

Time: 6 min 14 sec

1st Sydney Grammar School – Bow: V. Cobbleson, 2: L. W. Street, 3: R. A. Stewart, Str: C. Crago, Cox: J. F. Mant 

Margin: 2 lengths

2nd St. Joseph's College – Bow: J. Lane, 2: S. McKelvey, 3: P. Tracey, Str: A. Thorpe, Cox: H. Nash

3rd Sydney Church of England Grammar School – Bow: C. C. Minty, 2: C. S. Hay, 3: K. B. Voss, Str: C. W. L. Pulling, Cox: R. S. Robertson


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