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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1974 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Strong rating wins eights (Phillip Christensen, Sydney Morning Herald, 07 Apr 1974)

Riverview led for most of the distance to take the Head of the River down on the Nepean, at Penrith yesterday. Riverview also took the second eights and The King’s who won all the fours, they made a clean sweep.

The major eights was raced at a fast rating from the start and Riverview had a margin of a length and a quarter over Sydney Grammar at the end, with Newington a quarter length away in third place.

Newington did well to hold with the Riverview crew who were rating 36 and making it difficult on the trailing crews. Riverview has stretched the lead to a length approaching the last half and it here Newington and the Grammar elected to make their move. 

Riverview were expected to perform well yesterday following their great performance in the State championship, although it was over the shorter 2,000 meter course. Their much vaunted second eights continued their unbeaten college effort with a two-and-a-quarter lengths win to take the L.C. Robson Memorial.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


1 ¼ lengths

1 length

1st Riverview – Bow: R. Larbalestier, 2: A. Curtin, 3: D. Stenmark, 4: D. Hegarty, 5: M. Shillington, 6: S. Curtin, 7: G. Lemon, Str: J. Flannery, Cox: T. Christian

2nd Sydney Grammar – Bow: G. Woodroof, 2: A. Phillips, 3: S. Goddard, 4: D. Gengos, 5: I. French, 6: R. Hession, 7: I. Pagan, Str: J. Widdup, Cox: A. Michael

3rd Newington – Bow: P. Hermann, 2: G. Brown, 3: A. Nott, 4: B. Gray, 5: P. Chidgey, 6: S. Wisdrowski, 7: S. Handley, Str: M. Hermann, Cox: R. Handley

4th Scots College

5th Shore

6th The King’s School

7th Sydney High

8th St Joseph’s College

Riverview First crew - winners of the Head of the River

Senior 2nd Eight


2 ¼ lengths

1 ½ lengths

1st Riverview – Bow: W. Meagher, 2: J. Wilcox, 3: G. Hogan, 4: A. Abbott, 5: J. Magee, 6: P. Sullivan, 7: J. Ryan, Str: M. Chapman, Cox: M. Kenny

2nd The King’s School – Bow: R. Mitchell, 2: B. Symons, 3: P. Hughes, 4: W. Abram, 5: M. Board, 6: K. Richardson, 7: R. Baker, Str: J. Polain, Cox: S. Donnelley

3rd Shore – Bow: P. Bingham-Hall, 2: M. Holt, 3: M. Rodger, 4: C. Tiley, 5: I. Rundle, 6: J. Bush, 7: G. Tooth, Str: D. Myers, Cox: J. Moors

4th St. Joseph’s College

5th Sydney Grammar

6th Sydney High

7th Newington

8th Scots College

Riverview winning second eight

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


2 lengths

1 ¼ lengths

1st The King’s School – Bow: K. Musgrove, 2: A. Burkitt, 3: W. Croker, Str: C. Coombes, Cox: Colless

2nd Shore

3rd Riverview

4th Newington

5th Sydney Grammar

6th St. Joseph’s College

7th Scots College

8th Sydney High

Senior 2nd Four


2 lengths

4 lengths

1st The King’s School – Bow: M. Ryrie, 2: D. Capel, 3: S. Bristow, Str: P. White, Cox: A. Raymond

2nd Riverview

3rd St. Joseph’s College

4th Shore

5th Sydney Grammar

6th Newington

7th Scots College

8th Sydney High

Senior 3rd Four


3 ½ lengths

1/3 length

1st           The King’s School – Bow: R. Isles, 2: W. Dunnett, 3: S. Roberts, Str: J. Osborne, Cox: L. MacSmith

2nd          Sydney Grammar

3rd          St. Joseph’s College

4th          Riverview

5th          Scots College

6th          Shore

7th          Sydney High

8th          Newington

Senior 4th Four


4 lengths

¼ length

1st           The King’s School – Bow: J. Simson, 2: G. Archibald, 3: R. Allen, Str: S. Wilcox, Cox: M. Harrowell

2nd          Riverview

3rd          St. Joseph’s College

4th          Newington

5th          Scots College

6th          Shore

7th          Sydney High

8th          Sydney Grammar

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