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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1956 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Great Boat Race Finish to ‘Joey’s’ (Les Ryan, Sydney Morning Herald, 08 Apr 1956)

St. Joseph’s College yesterday won the Head-of-the-River in the greatest finish since the war.

St. Joseph’s beat the King’s School by 3ft, with Shore 3ft away third. Only about two lengths separated the first seven crews to finish in the mile and a half race. Hot favourite Sydney Grammar finished fifth behind Scots with Sydney High sixth, St. Ignatius seventh, and Newington last.

The win was St. Joseph’s College’s sixth Head of the River victory – and the first for 20 years.

St. Joseph’s first won in 1911, then in 1916, 1932, 1933 and 1936. St. Joseph’s (average weight 12st 8lb) is one of the heaviest crews even to win the race. Average weight of The King’s crew was 11st 2lb, and Shore 11st 8lb.

St. Joseph’s led early, rowing powerfully, from the unfavourable seven lane with a high rating of 43.

Next came The King’s School with St. Ignatius, Shore, High and Newington in the order. Last were Scots and Grammar – Scots did not get away smartly as expected, and Grammar’s start was ragged.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy




1st St. Joseph’s – Bow: B.B. Jarasius, 2: I. Byrnes, 3: B. Gruzauskas, 4: A. Nowikow, 5: B. Greer, 6: C. Graffes, 7: C. Spark, Str: E. Heinrich, Cox: D. Yates

2nd The King’s School

3rd Shore

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


1 ½ lengths

1 length

1st Shore – Bow: B.I. Dickson, 2: J.D. Hudson, 3: A.K. Cowlishaw, Str: P. Bradford, Cox: R.H. Taylor

2nd High

3rd St. Ignatius’ College

Senior 2nd Four


1 ½ lengths


1st High – Bow F.A. MacDonald, 2: K. Rubie, 3: S.W. McCarth, Str: A.G.K. Simons, Cox: R. Caddy

2nd St. Joseph’s College

3rd St. Ignatius’ College

Senior 3rd Four


Dead heat

¾ length

1st           Shore – R.G. Leggo, 2: D.F. Catts, 3: M.J. Buckley, Str: R.J. Maslin, Cox: J.W. Sawkins

1st           St. Joseph’s – Bow: P. Doyle, 2: N. Hatch, 3: R. Pickard, Str: V. Fazio, Cox: A. Mosckos

3rd          High

Senior 4th Four


¾ length


1st           The King’s School – Bow: J.E. Chiragakis, 2: M.I. Dorman, 3: D.B. Pirie, Str: H.D.R. Bell, Cox: P.F. Bell

2nd          High

3rd          St. Joseph’s

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