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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1929 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Sydney High School was not to be denied two years running and came back with a fine win in both heat and final. This made nine wins from 10 starts. George Hancock was again the coach.

The conditions on the finals day were difficult with a strong cross wind making for choppy conditions.


Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: AAGPS


Head of the River

Time: 9 mins 19 secs
Margins: 3 feet, 0.75 length, 3 lengths

1st Sydney High School - Bow: B C Gardiner, 2: H V Rees, 3: F H Berger, 4: H F Bolton, 5: D J Duffy, 6: J B Robinson, 7: Ron C Eubel (Captain of Boats), Str: R G "Bulge" Walker, Cox: A E Kahn, Cch: George Hancock 
2nd Sydney Grammar School
3rd Sydney Church of England Grammar School
4th Newington College

Sydney High School Eight after winning their race

First Four

Time: 6 mins 27.5 secs
Margins: 2 lengths, 0.5 length

1st Sydney High School - Bow: R Nicholson, 2: G Millard, 3: E Baber, Str: J Broughton, Cox. J Hill, Coach Mr C Smith.
2nd Newington College
3rd St Ignatius College

Second Four

Time: 6 min 44 secs
Margin: 1.5 lengths, 2 lengths

1st St Ignatius College - Cch: W B Williamson
2nd Sydney High School - Bow: R Crebbin, 2: J Quinlan, 3: D Ferguson, Str: C Gerrard, Cox: R Henderson, Coach: Mr K Dainer
3rd St Joseph's College
4th Scots College

Heats: St Ignatius won their heat on Wednesday by 10 lengths in good conditions and started favourite.

Sources include:

  • The Record, Sydney High School, Vol XXI No 1, 1929


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