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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1952 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Shore Tipped to Win, But Wind May Aid Grammar (Sydney Morning Herald, 19 Apr 1952)

A record crowd of more than 25,000 is expected to watch the 22nd G.P.S. Head-of-the-River boat race on the Nepean River this afternoon.

Shore, which has won three times in a row, is favourite again. But if a south-westerly which swept across the Nepean yesterday continues today, Sydney Grammar School’s chance of winning will increase. The Grammar crew has drawn No. 2 lane, and, with St. Ignatius’ College and The King’s School, would receive the benefit of a south westerly, which would come through the Glenbrook gap, sweep across the river into the high bank and funnel down that side of the river.

Scots College, given little chance before the race, won the Head-of-the-River in 1946, when their crew drew the Penrith bank lane, and there was a powerful south-westerly. Rowing secretary, Mr. Doug Taylor, said yesterday that he had given no instruction to move the position of any of the lanes for today’s race.

The punts anchored for the start will be in the same position they have occupied for years, and the crews will row in the same lanes.

A large squad of traffic police will patrol the Great Western highway all day between Sydney and Penrith. More than 2,500 cars and 30 buses are expected to carry supporters and relatives of the competing crews.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy



1 ¼ lengths

1st Shore – Bow: R. Ballhausen, 2: K.J. St Heaps, 3: E.H. Borden, 4: P.H. Jemeison, 5: G.B. Roberts, 6: J.C. Warden, 7: W.L. Vivers, Str: W.H.B. Chenhall, Cox: J.A. Henninghan, Cch: W.G. Thomas

2nd Grammar – Bow: D.M. Middleton, 2: G.D.W. Irvine, 3: J.S. Rowe, 4: J.W. Monks, 5: J.N.G. Rennie, 6: L.G. Andrews, 7: J.J. Webster, Str: P.J. North, Cox: R.A. Wood, Cch: A.B. Gould

3rd Newington – Bow: J.C. Williams, 2: J.B. Jamieson, 3: C.L. Hinrichsen, 4: D.J. Collins, 5: J.S. Tukia, 6: R.M. Thomson, 7: A.W. Van Stom, Str: R.C. Barnett, Cox: P.J. Quinn, Cch: C.G. Davies

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


3 lengths

1 ¼ lengths

1stShore – Bow: Peter Gordon Ellison, 2: K.C. Wanless, 3: B.C.E. Jackson, Str: J.D. Wilson, Cox: T.J. Glennie, Cch: H.M. Perry

2nd Sydney High

3rd Scots College

Shore First Four, winners of the Yaralla Cup

Senior 2nd Four


1 length

1 length

1st Shore – Bow: E.C. Gregory, 2: R.B. Tress, 3: W.F.C. Osborne, Str: R.S. Lovegrove, Cox: A.N. Whybrow, Cch: R.A. Gilfillan

2nd Newington

3rd The King’s School

Senior 3rd Four


4 lengths

1 length

1st           Shore – Bow: G.R. Solomon, 2: E. Sundstrup, 3: B.J. Clayton, Str: A.G. Knight, Cox: T.B. Studdy, Cch: H.M. Perry

2nd          Sydney High

3rd          The King’s School

Senior 4th Four


¾ length

1 ¼ lengths

1st           Shore – Bow: P.J. McGrath, 2: J.R. Heath, 3: R.W. Ball, Str: C.B. Gordon, Cox: W.A. Thomas, Cch: R.A. Gilfillan

2nd          St. Joseph’s College

3rd          Newington

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