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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1980 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Kings Win Eights (Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Apr 1980)

Experience coach Ken St Heaps relived fond memories of 1952 when he saw his Kings first eight surge to victory in the GPS head of the river rowing regatta on the Nepean River yesterday.

St Heaps, 45, who has coached at Kings for two years, was part of the victorious Shore first eight 28 years ago. After many years as a teacher and rowing coach at Shore, he joined the staff of the Parramatta school in 1978. “It brings back memories,” an emotional St Heaps said as he congratulated the victorious crew. “The boys treated the event with great dedication and a passionate determination.”

Kings took a stranglehold on the race in the middle stages. St. Ignatius, on the hot favourites for the but faded in the final event began brilliantly stages to finish fourth.

“I think the boys lacked a little in weight and even their great enthusiasm wasn’t enough to win,” headmaster of the St Ignatius, Father Quinn said.

Kings were followed over the finishing line by Newington and Scots. Both mare a determined move up through the fleet but failed to threaten the winner at any time.


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy


¾ length

¾ length

1st The King’s School – Bow: B. Wearn, 2: J. Sergi, 3: P. Capel, 4: P. MacSmith, 5: A. Pilcher, 6: H. Nivison, 7: R. Goodrich, Str: R. Knight, Cox: L. MacLean, Cch: K. St. Heaps

2nd Newington

3rd Scots College

4th St. Ignatius’ College

5th Shore

6th St. Joseph’s College

7th Grammar

8th High

Senior 2nd Eight


¾ length

2 lengths

1st St. Ignatius’ College – Bow: S. Caldwell, 2: A. Miles, 3: R. Bradshaw, 4: M. Williams, 5: P. McGrath, 6: J. Donnellan, 7: C. Shiell, Str: D. Lodder, Cox: J. Hallman, Cch: McIntyre

2nd St. Joseph’s College

3rd The King’s School

4th Shore

5th Scots College

6th Grammar

7th Newington

8th High

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


¾ length

2 lengths

1st Shore – Bow: I. Capel, 2: B. Hardy, 3: R. Nugan, Str: R. Ferris, Cox: S. Trevena, Cch: R. Shirlow

2nd Grammar

3rd The King’s School

4th Newington

5th St. Joseph’s College

6th St. Ignatius’ College

7th Scots College

8th High

Senior 2nd Four


1 length


1st Shore – Bow: A. Miskell, 2: T. Breden, 3: T. Dowsett, Str: S. Bannister, Cox: B. Barnier, Cch: R. Shirlow

2nd The King’s School

3rd Grammar

4th St. Ignatius’ College

5th Newington

6th Scots College

7th St. Joseph’s College

8th High

Senior 3rd Four


1 length

½ length

1st           Shore – Bow: A. Stuart, 2: R. Dowsett, 3: C. Selman, Str: N. Johnston, Cox: N. Taverner, Cch: J. Meakins

2nd          The King’s School

3rd          Grammar

4th          St. Joseph’s College

5th          Newington

6th          Scots College

7th          St. Ignatius’ College

8th          High

Senior 4th Four



½ length

1st           Newington – Bow: D. Burt, 2: C. Mitchell, 3: J. Van Der Vegt, Str: J. Mavor, Cox: R. Drew, Cch: Rev T. Jennings

2nd          St. Joseph’s College

3rd          Scots College

4th          The King’s School

5th          St Igantius’ College

6th          Grammar

7th          Shore

8th          High

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