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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1965 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

Scots by Canvas (Rod Humphries, Sydney Morning Herald, 11 Apr 1965)

“Scots College yesterday beat Riverview “at their own game” to win a thrilling Head of the River on the Nepean.

Scots beat Riverview by a canvas, with Grammar half a length away third. 

Scots last won the Head of the River in 1962, and Riverview was an easy six lengths winner last year. Riverview’s use of a revolutionary style of rowing last year prompted Scots to change their style. Using a basically similar style they were able to narrowly beat last year’s winners.

It was a great finish with Scots, moving stroke for stroke over the last half of the one-and-a-half-mile course.

The heavier and more experienced Grammar eight on the opposite side of the river rowed a good race to finish third. The odds were against Grammar who earlier in the day had misfortune to “hole” their boat after a training paddle.

Riverview may have ruined their chance by losing about a length at the start. When the crews were properly under way there was keen competition for the lead between five crews on the Sydney side of the river. The King’s, Scots, Newington, Riverview and Shore, and Grammar on the Emu Plains side.

Riverview appeared to take the lead just before half-way but Scots then got to the front and maintained their lead to the finish.”


Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy



½ length

1st Scot’s College – Bow: R.R. Norris, 2: J. Dolman, 3: B.W. Hawthorne, 4: A.J. Main, 5: W.F.G. Khan, 6: I.D. Black, 7: R.B. Hampshire, Str: J.P. Wheaton, Cox: D.A.B. Richards

2nd Riverview

3rd Sydney Grammar

Senior 1st Four

Yaralla Cup


1 ½ lengths

½ length

1st Riverview – Bow: R. O’Neill, 2: P. Duffy, 3: J. Curtin, Str: P. Rowley, Cox: A. Horsley

2nd Scot’s College

3rd Sydney Grammar

Senior 2nd Four


2 ½ lengths

½ length

1st Sydney Grammar – Bow: D.L. Richardson, 2: A.C. Strong, 3: C.P. Harris, Str: J.G. Warren, Cox: G.E. Gill

2nd Riverview

3rd The King’s School

Senior 3rd Four


3 lengths

3 lengths

1st           Sydney Grammar – Bow: I.J. Polkinghorne, 2: M.C. Lewington. 3: R.A. Howard, Str: A.B. Canvin, Cox: D.H. Stevenson

2nd          Newington

3rd          Sydney High

Senior 4th Four


1 length

½ length

1st           Scot’s College – Bow: R.H. Douglas, 2: W.D. Turner, 3: A.W. McKibbon, Str: H.J. Watson, Cox: F.W. Walker

2nd          Shore

3rd          Sydney Grammar

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