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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

1893 NSW AAGPS Head of the River

This race was conducted in four oared boats on 13 May 1893. This was the same day and regatta as the Intercolonial eights race on the Parramatta. The course was from One Man Wharf to Putney, a distance of 1 Mile 500 yards.

The following extract from "The Referee" of 17th May 1893 records the event:

The schools' champion four-oar race was rowed on the Parramatta River on Saturday, in conjunction with the Intercolonial eight-oar race. Crews from the Church of England Grammar Schooland Sydney Grammar School competed, much interest being shown by the absence of St. Ignatius' four. The crews were despatched at 3:24 o'clock to a fair start, but the North Sydney representatives soon began to forge ahead. The Sydney Grammar School crew gad gone no further than a couple of hundred yards when No. 2 caught a crab and lost his crew a couple of lengths. Stroke was thrown off his slide, which became dislodged, and although they struggled on gamely, the Sydney Grammar School won by 10 lengths, the time from One Man Wharf to Putney being given as 8min 13 sec.

The winning crew were coached by Messrs Robson and A B Barton, and pulled in admirable style, stroke, especially, exhibiting good form."

The cox of the winning crew, Roger B Fitzhardinge, was to become the stroke of Australia's first Olympic eight in 1912.

A stagger fixed seat four
of the type used in this event


Organising Committee and Officials

Convenor: RH Bode of Sydney Grammar School

Starter: Mr D Walker (Sydney Rowing Club)

Umpire: Quarton L Deloitte (Sydney Rowing Club)

Judge: Mr Delaney



Head of the River

Time: 8 mins 13 secs
Margin: 10 lengths

1st Church of England Grammar School (Shore) - Bow: J Rundle, 2: H Kendall, 3: Norman Y Deane, Str: N Trevor-Jones, Cox: Roger B Fitzhardinge, Cchs: Messrs Robson & A B Barton
2nd Sydney Grammar School- Bow: R Small, 2: G Fairfax, 3: F White, Str: L Callaghan, Cox: M Teece


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