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History of AAGPS Head of the River Rowing Regatta

Note: This is an excerpt from another page on this website.
For a more complete history, see the 1952 NSW AAGPS Head of the River.


1952 AAGPS Head of the River–
Senior 1st Eight

Major Rennie Trophy



1 ¼ lengths

1st Shore – Bow: R. Ballhausen, 2: K.J. St Heaps, 3: E.H. Borden, 4: P.H. Jemeison, 5: G.B. Roberts, 6: J.C. Warden, 7: W.L. Vivers, Str: W.H.B. Chenhall, Cox: J.A. Henninghan, Cch: W.G. Thomas

2nd Grammar – Bow: D.M. Middleton, 2: G.D.W. Irvine, 3: J.S. Rowe, 4: J.W. Monks, 5: J.N.G. Rennie, 6: L.G. Andrews, 7: J.J. Webster, Str: P.J. North, Cox: R.A. Wood, Cch: A.B. Gould

3rd Newington – Bow: J.C. Williams, 2: J.B. Jamieson, 3: C.L. Hinrichsen, 4: D.J. Collins, 5: J.S. Tukia, 6: R.M. Thomson, 7: A.W. Van Stom, Str: R.C. Barnett, Cox: P.J. Quinn, Cch: C.G. Davies

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