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History of the Queensland GPS Head of the River rowing regatta

Queensland schoolboy rowing before the GPS

The Queensland Metropolitan Secondary Schools' Association was formed in 1918 to control sports between the associated schools in the state, however prior to this the first inter-school race in Queensland was held in 1890 between Ipswich and Brisbane Grammar Schools, the former winning. Brisbane won the following year.

Shortly after 1891, the Ipswich boatshed was lost in a flood and the School discontinued the sport. In 1899 the Queensland Rowing Association sought to encourage rowing in the Grammar School and Maryborough Rowing Club encouraged Maryborough Grammar School to use their facilities to that end. Maryborough Grammar School entered into annual competition with Brisbane Grammar School starting in December 1899 and continuing until 1908. The 1899 event was referred to as the Grammar Schools’ Race but from 1900 on it became the All Schools Four-oar Race that formed part of the Chelmsford Cup, a sporting competition in Rowing and Cricket between the two schools. The race was placed on hiatus in 1900 & 1901 but resumed in 1902.

The annual race would be held, from one year to to the next on the Brisbane River and on the Mary River, Maryborough with the race under the auspice of either the Brisbane Rowing Club or the Maryborough Rowing Club correspondingly. 

The Southport School (then Southport High School) entered the competition as the race came under the control of the Queensland Rowing Association in 1908 but unfortunately this was the last year the Maryborough Grammar School competed and with the donation of the Smith Cup by the Secretary of the Queensland Rowing Association Mr. J. G. Smith, the schools had a trophy to race for. The terms of the cup was that the school who first wins the race three times shall keep it forever. 

Maryborough dropped out of the contest in 1909 owning to financial issues.

With success in 1908, 1909 and 1911, Southport would take possession of the Smith Cup. A rowing enthusiast, Mr. J. K. Henderson, who worked with the then president of the Queensland Rowing Association, Mr. F. W. De Little at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, donated a trophy with the same conditions known as the Henderson Cup.

Proving victorious in 1912, 1913 and 1914, Southport would also take the Henderson Cup back to south Queensland, being the trophy's perpetual owners,  

It was then another keen rowing enthusiast, Mr. J. P. Lawless, who's son, I. D. Lawless, rowed in the 2 seat of Southport's 1914 winning crew, who kindly donated the Lawless Cup. Again it would be Southport who would take the silverware, being successful in 1918, 1920 and 1921.

The Central Technical College were an addition to the Lawless Cup in 1915 and threatened to take the cup through their two victories in 1916 and 1916, yet they failed to complete the treble before Southport. Brisbane Grammar School won the 1917 Lawless Cup Race.  Brisbane Boys' College had a Lawless Cup Race victory in 1919, however Southport would not compete in 1919 due to the Spanish Influenza virus.  

Rockhampton Grammar School made a singular appearance in Queensland Inter-school rowing in 1913.

In 1922, Denis O'Connor donated the O'Connor Cup that had attached to it different conditions. If victorious in the Head of the River, a crew would only hold the cup for 12 months with the Cup's owners decided on a year by year basis. 

To this day First VIII crews from the Queensland Great Public Schools still compete for the O'Connor Cup with the 100 year anniversary of the competition due in 2022. 

In this page on the right you will find the names of crew members, results and descriptions of the Inter-School rowing regattas that took place between 1890 and 1917.


On 7th September 1889 at an aquatic demonstration was conducted by Commercial Rowing Club for Grammar School Boys. Ipswich Grammar School and Brisbane Grammar School competed with the winners listed as:

1st T H Bell, E Scott, C V Sullivan, J Darvall
2nd W Segor, J McSeain, J Bond, V Noble

The winning school was not listed but Jack Pritchard in his Queensland rowing history presumed that the winning crew was Brisbane Grammar given the presence of TH Bell.


6th September at Brisbane, Breakfast Creek 

Men's Grammar Schools' Four

Distance: 1 Mile 


1.5 Lengths 

1st Ipswich Grammar School - Bow: C. Hill, 2: A.G. Butler, 3: H.B. Rowlands, Str: A.P. Cameron, Cox: I. Hill, Coach: Mr. Colin Bell, a distinguished Cambridge Oarsman 

2nd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: Hall, 3: Ferguson, 3: Dodds, Str: McDonald

Grammar Schools race held at the Breakfast Club Rowing Club at the 1890 Anniversary regatta.Rowing stroke for stroke for nearly a mile, Ipswich Grammar pulled away in the closing stretches


26th September 1891 at Brisbane, Breakfast Creek 

Men's Grammar Schools' Four 

Distance: 1 Mile


Brisbane Grammar was a number of lengths to the good. 

1st Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: R. McCowan, 2: J.L. Wassell 3: I. Gore-Jones, Str: E.R. Row, Cox: A. Wassell 

2nd Ipswich Grammar School - Bow T. Taylor, 2: G. Tozer, 3: H. Bullmore, Str: H. Rowlands, Cox: S. Tozer 

1892: n/a

1893: n/a

1894: n/a

1895: n/a

1896: n/a 

1896: n/a

1897: n/a

1898: n/a 


6th December at Mary River Maryborough

Men's Grammar Schools' Fours 

Distance: 0.75 Mile


1 Length 

1st Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: A. T. Dennis, 2: R. C. Roe 3: V. McDowall, Str: M. M. Callan, Cox: L. M. Laurie 

2nd Maryborough Grammar School - Bow: L. Hart, 2: Walker, 3: Batholomew, Str: J. Hart, Cox: Pearce

The Brisbane Grammar crew were somewhat the heavier averaging 10st 4lbs. The Maryborough boys went off with the lead and kept the nose of their boat well in front for more than a half a mile. When Callan, rowing a long powerful stroke, called  upon his men and went rapidly to the front. The Brisbane crew finding themselves a length in front. 

1900: n/a

1901: n/a 


5th December 1902 at the Brisbane River 

Men's Grammar Schools' Fours 

Distance: 0.75 Mile

Times: 5:00.00


1 Length 

1st Maryborough Grammar School - Bow: H.L. Baines 9st, 2: E. Hanley 11st 2lbs, 3: G. W. Watson 12st 4lbs, Str: J. Hunter 10st 3lbs, Cox: H. L. Harvey 

2nd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: J. R. Trundle 10st 10lbs, 2: A. S. Roe 10st 8lbs, 3: C. C. Stodart 11st 8lbs, Str: C. J. Weedon 10st 2lbs, Cox: F. C. Hardgrave, Coach: Mr. Archibald & Mr. R. H. Roe 

Starter: Mr. J. MacTaggart

Umpire: Mr. A. Drury 

Brisbane had the midstream position. From the start Maryborough went straight to the front, rating 33 strokes per minute to 32 of Brisbane Grammar. Maryborough then took what appeared to be an unassailable lead, yet this inspired Grammar to lift their intensity and by the time they bridge was reached, they had closed the deficit to only two lengths. They continued to close the gap but only to one length which was the ultimate margin. The course was over three quarters of a mile from Alice street ferry to Commercial and Brisbane Rowing Shed 


9th December 1903 at the Maryborough River, Maryborough

Men's Grammar Schools' Fours 

Distance: 0.75 Mile


2 Lengths

1st Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: W.S. Mactaggart 10st 5lb, 2: C.E. Parkinson 10st 5lb, 3: A. S. Roe 10st 10lb, Str: K. Smith 10st 10lb, Cox: E. G. Spence 8st

2nd Maryborough Grammar School - Bow: J. Campbell 9st 7lb, 2: C. Hanley 10st, 3: R. Warry 10st 6lb, Str: H. Burn 10st 5lb


6th December 1904 at the Bridge Reach of the Brisbane River

Men's Grammar Schools' Fours 

Distance: 0.75 Mile


0.5 Lengths

1st Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: F.A.J.W. Taylor, 2: A.G. Corrie, 3: N.R. Murray, Str: C.E. Parkinson, Cox: C. Clark

2nd Maryborough Grammar School - Bow: W. Farquhar, 2: V. Mallor, 3: R. Baines, Str: R. Hughes, Cox: V. Price 

Umpire: D. Mactaggart

Judge: C. Bowley 

Both getting away to a good start, Brisbane Grammar’s superior weight class became pronounced and the crew pulled away into the lead. Both crews were stroking between 38 and 40 and l splashing a lot during their stroke. Yet as the race progressed, Brisbane consolidated their lead and began to settle down to a better style. After the bridge it seemed Maryborough were rallying and threatened to eliminate the deficit. Brisbane responded however and pulled away half a length in front. 


6th December 1905 at the Mary River, Maryborough

Men's Grammar Schools' Fours 

Distance: 0.75 Mile


0.5 Lengths

1st Maryborough Grammar School - Bow: R. Baynes, 2: N. Mellor, 3: N. Gibson, Str: R. Hughes, Cox: B. Pryce

2nd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: H. Denham, 2: A. H. Perry, 3: L. G. Brown, Str: W. G. Murray, Cox: H. Plant 

Starter: Mr. J. S. Bartholomew

Judge: Mr. R. Menlove

This was a scratch regatta under the patronage of M.R.C. done in conjunction with a cricket match played, both cricket and rowing matches were for the Chelmsford Cup. 


12th December 1906 at the Milton Reach of the Brisbane River

Men's Grammar Schools' Fours 

Distance: 0.75 Mile


2 Lengths

1st Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: J. M. Brown 9st 10lbs, 2: W. E. Kiernan 10st 1lb, 3: L. G. Brown 11st 12 lbs, Str: H. K. Denham 9st 12lbs, Cox: F.C. Skinner

2nd Maryborough Grammar School - Bow: B. Price 9st, 2: F. Adams 10st 4lbs, 3: R. Balls 10st 4lbs, Str: N. M. Gibson 10st 8lbs, Cox: F. Hughes 


Starter: Mr. D. Mactaggart 

Judge: Mr. E. R. Hughes (Brisbane Rowing Committee, B.R.C.)

Timekeeper: Mr. J. Burton 

Both crews got away to a solid start with the Maryborough crew on the northern bank, and Brisbane in midstream. Brisbane at once assumed the lead and settling down to a longer and steadier stroke, had an advantage of two lengths after a quarter of a mile. Brisbane were rowing at 32 strokes per minute compared to 34 strokes per minute from Maryborough yet the latter were struggling with their swing, splashing badly. Over the next quarter mile, Brisbane’s lead extended to three lengths, and they were keeping perfect time. The race then became a procession with Brisbane pulling away to a 2 length lead which could have been more had it not been for an admirable final rally by Maryborough at the post. 


10th December 1907 at the Mary River Maryborough 

Men's Grammar Schools' Fours 

Distance: 0.75 Mile

Winning Time: 4:46.00


2 Lengths

1st Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: C.M. Lilley, 2: G.S. Wilson, 3: L.G. Brown, Str: H.K. Denham, Cox: G.E. Riechelmann

2nd Maryborough Grammar School - Bow: D. J. Sinclair, 2: V. Green, 3: C. V. Broom, str: R. A. Boyle, Cox: G. H. Ott 

Starter: Mr. J. S. Bartholomew 

Judge: Mr. J. E. Brown

The race was rowed down stream. Both started off at a strong even stroke, but before the first hundred yards had been traversed the nose of the Brisbane boat began to forge to the front. The advantage was more than maintained, and despite several good spurts on the part of Maryborough, the visitors gradually drew away and passed the winning post three lengths to the good. 


10th December at the Brisbane River 

Men's Grammar Schools' Fours 

Distance: 0.75 Mile

1st The Southport School - Bow: L. Skinner 8st 8lb, 2: H. M. Palmer 10st 5lb, 3: M. J. W. Hamilton 12st, Str: N.R. Dowling 10st, Cox: J.H.S. Jackson 

2nd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: C. M. Lilley 10 st 6lb, 2: N. A. Lloyd 10st 6lb, 3: J. L. Nimmo 11st 10lb, Str: H. K. Denham 10st 10lb, Cox: J. R. Halstead 

3rd Maryborough Grammar School - Bow: R. Rowland 9st 10lb, 2: J. Cunningham 9st 6lb, 3: H. W. Lee 10st 12 lb, Str: J. Sinclair 10st 4 lbs, Cox: R. Murray 

Starter:  Mr. D McTaggart

Umpire: Mr. E. Baynes 

Judge: Mr. A. Burton 

The race for the interschool championship this year for the first time included The Southport School. On lining up, Maryborough occupied the position on the north bank, Brisbane in the centre. Maryborough got the best of starts with Southport slow to catch the water. The advantage gained by Maryborough was only temporary as the Brisbane became the leader through their rapid stroke. Maryborough began to drop back as the crews approach the bridge which was where Southport began to make they’re charge.

Increasing their rating, when the crews emerged from the bridge Southport had their noses in front. Having settled down to a solid swing, Southport consolidated their lead to half a length upon passing the commercial rowing club in the finishing stretch. Despite a late rally from Brisbane, Southport maintained their lead to prove victorious by 1.25 lengths with Maryborough 4 lengths behind in third. This event was included in the Chelmsford Cup competition, in which Southport does not participate, Brisbane accordingly secured the first place points. 


4th December 1909 at the Bridge Reach of the Brisbane River 

All Schools' Race

Distance: 0.75 Mile

1st The Southport School - Bow: J. W. Dowling, 2: G.E Lascelles, 3: R.S. Billington, Str: D.R. Dowling, Cox: L.B. Chapman 

2nd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: G. E. Baynes, 2: N. A. Lloyd, 3: C.C. Campbell, Str: G. S. Wilson, Cox: T. H. O. Hopkins  

Southport won by a clear margin with a mishap delaying the Brisbane Grammar Crew.


All Schools' Race

Distance: 0.75 Mile

Time: 4:53.00


0.5 Lengths

1st Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: C. Cran 8st 8lb, 2: C. E. Scott 11st 7lb, 3: R. B. Taylor 12 st, Str: J. P. Kennedy 9st 5lb, Cox: J. Lane 

2nd The Southport School - Bow: L. Skinner 9st 6lb, 2: E. H. Lascelles 9st 6 lb, 3: R. S. Billington 11st, Str: R. H. Nimmo 9st 8lb, Cox: J. B. Chapman

Starter: Mr. C. H. Briggs

Judge: Mr. A. Barton

The start was effect about 8.30a.m. by Mr. A. J. Westaway, the tide being with the rowers and a sharp breeze against them. The crews had gone only a couple of lengths when the bow from Southport crabbed badly and the crew lost a full length. They settled down however much better than their opponents, gradually drewing level  amidst cheers from the crowd. The two boats came out from the shadow of the bridge with practically nothing between them, and a magnificent tussle ensued. The visitors maintained their superiority for just a little longer and then were reigned in by the Brisbane Crew.As they neat the Lucinda Warf. Southport rowing hard again at 36, momentarily had an advantage over their slower but seemingly more vigorous opponents. From there to the finish, Brisbane continued to hold the advantage, and won a magnificent race by half a length in 4:53.00.


4th November 1911 at Bridge Reach of the Brisbane River

All Schools' Race

Distance: 0.75 Mile

Time: 4:25.00


2 Lengths 

1st The Southport School - Bow: H. C. Anderson 10st 9lb, 2: J. W. B. Gribble 11st, 3: A. F. North 12st 2lb, Str: R.H. Nimmo 10st 6lb, Cox: I .B. Chapman 7st

2nd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: A. W. L. Row 9st 12lb, 2: A. H. Jones 10st, 3: A. F. North 12st2lb, Str: R. Nimmo 10st 6lb, Cox: I. B. Chapman 7st

Officials were:

Starter: Mr. A. Burton

Judge: Mr. W. M. T. Mood 

Timekeeper: Mr. H. Brooks

Umpire: Mr. R. H. Roe 

The race started at 11.30, amidst cheers and counter cheers from the crew’s supporters, Southport made a fine start, and early secured a slight lead. Rowing a somewhat faster stroke, they gradually crept away from the Grammars, holding a useful length lead as they went under the bridge. It looked hopeless for the Grammar to decrease the distance between the boats and Southport, despite having to stall off a late surge from Brisbane crossed the line two lengths ahead clear winners. Southport had now become the permanent holders of the Smith Cup having been victorious thrice since 1908.


7th December 1912 at Brisbane 

All Schools' Race

Distance: 0.75 Mile


0.75 Lengths 

1st The Southport School - Bow: D. S. L. McLean 10st 4lb, 2: A. R. Sexton 11st 2lb, 3: T. W. B. Gribble 11st, Str: H. C. Anderson 11st, Cox: A. Linton 

2nd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: A. W. Row 10st 4lb, 2: D. Fowles 10st 4lb, 3: S. K. Ford 10st 10lb,Str: J. A. Noble 10st 12 lb, Cox: R. Evans 7st 12lb

Brisbane Grammar had the advantage from the start, shooting out half a length to the front with a lead of a length. This was maintained until the Victoria Bridge was passed, where the Southport boys, rowing with fine combination gradually decreased the difference, and when the post was passed, the Seasiders had a lead of three quarters of a length. This was the first occasion the race has been contested for the Henderson Cup, donated by Mr. Henderson of New South Wales.


6th December 1913 on the Bridge Reach of the Brisbane River

Distance: 0.75 Mile

Times: 5:28.00


1.5 length (1-2)

4 lengths (2-3)

1st The Southport School - Bow: S. R. Dowling, 2: I. D. Lawless, 3: C. M. C. Bere, Str: T. Collins,Cox: E. I. MacMillan 

2nd Rockhampton Grammar School - Bow: C. Paterson, 2: F. Jardine, 3: F. Hutton, Str: P. F. M. Stuart, Cox: A. B. Catts 

3rd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: G. L. Gaydon, 2: M. Bowman, 3: A. Hammond, Str: G. C. Wilson, Cox: W. Candlish

The Officials were:

Starter: Mr. W. Schmidt

Umpire: Mr. R. Coclough

Judge: Mr. C. V. Francis 

The start was marred by Brisbane crabbing almost immediately, losing four strokes. Rockhampton was nearest the north bank and shot out to have the lead by ¾ length over Southport. The northern crew was rowing 38 but Southport rowing 36 were coming along nicely with a long sweeping stroke with plenty of vigour in it. Brisbane who was lying a couple of lengths behind, was content with 32. Southport began to advance on Rockhampton and when opposite the Lands office, the two crews were on even terms with Brisbane two lengths away. The Southport crew continued its showy work, thoughRockhampton was rowing a quicker stroke began to forge ahead.

At the bridge, Southport was leading Rockhampton by 2 lengths while Brisbane was 2 lengths further behind. Approaching home Southport looked strong when opposite the Commercial shed, the stroke caught a crab , there was a scene of wild excitement. The Rockhampton oarsmen  were quickened into new activity and their boat literally bounded forward. Southport corrected matters just in time. They finished with excellent dash and won by a length and a half, Brisbane were about four lengths behind Rockhampton


20 June 1914 at Bridge Reach, Brisbane River 

All Schools' Race

Distance: 0.75 Mile

Times: n/a 

Margins: 1.5 Lengths

1st The Southport School - Bow: T. F. Collins 10st 3lb, 2: I.D. Lawless 10st 11lbs, 3: C. M. C. Bere 10st 13 lb, Str: S.R. Dowling 9st 10lb, Cox: E.I. MacMillan 8 st

2nd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: E. Freeman 10st 9lb, 2: S. Simmonds, 10st 8lb, 3: M. Bowman 11st, Str: G. Boyce  10st 6lb, Cox: W. Carr 8st 

Both crews got away well at the start but Southport had a slight advantage. The Seasiders who were on the northern bank, rowed a strong stroke of 38 to the minute against Brisbane 36. Opposite the Market Wharf the crews were in a line but Southport then Began to forge ahead and at Victoria Bridge they were leading by a length. At this stage the visitors were rowing 34 to their pponents 32, passing the government stores, Southport was much steadier, but Brisbane subsequently recovered themselves and rowed with a nice combination. Southport maintained their high rating and the pistol announced them winner by a length and a half. The choppy water was a difficulty for the Brisbane crew, who nonetheless rowed a good race. 


12th June 1915 at Bridge Reach Brisbane River

All Schools' Race

Distance: 0.75 Mile

Times: n/a


2 lengths (1-2)

2 lengths (2-3)

1st Central Technical College - Bow: C. Lamb 10st 5lb, 2: R. Fraser 10st 4lb, 3: R. Board 9st 10lb, Str: J. Dowrie 10st 10lb, Cox: W. Bumett, Coach: W. Kelly, Coach: Mr. Waugh

2nd The Southport School - Bow: V. H. Chargois 10st, 2: W. J. Maclean 10st 5lb, 3: H. S. Bere 11st 6lb, Str: S. R. Dowling, Cox: C. R. Dillon, Coach: Mr. C. C. Thorold

3rd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: W. W. Wilson 10st 4lbs, 2: T. W. Lawton, 3: A. J. Raymond13st 2lb, Str: E. B. Freeman 11st 1lb, Cox: W. H. Noble, Coach: Mr. Pennycuick

Officials were: 

Umpire: Mr. A. Burton,

Judge: Mr. J. Smith,

Timekeeper: Mr. C. H Briggs,

Starter: M. W. Schmidt,

The crews started off with a stroke of 38. Passing the Commercial Rowing shed, Technical College and Southport were on even terms, a quarter of a length ahead of Grammar School. Approaching the Victoria Bridge, Technical College, rowing in first-class manner, began to forge ahead whilst Grammar school crept up on Southport. The boats passed under the bridge with Technical College a length ahead of Brisbane and Southport who were level. Opposite the AdelaideWharf, Southport began to tire and a few strokes later the Brisbane crew began to fatigue. TechnicalCollege rowed on with a fine steady stroke. Opposite Birt and Co’s wharf, Southport showed some dash and they gradually drew away from Grammar who battled well. Nothing could stop Technical College though who finished easy winners by about three lengths. Two lengths separated Southport and Brisbane Grammar School. 


3rd June 1916 on the Bridge Reach of the Brisbane River

All Schools' Race

Distance: 0.75 Mile

Time: 5:49.00


0.5 Length

3 lengths 

1st Central Technical College - Bow: J. Bale 10st 5lb, 2: K. Baird 10st 10lb, 3: C. Lamb 10st 12lb, Str: J. Dowrie 11st, Cox: W. Burnett 7st 4lb, Coach: H.F. Kipping

2nd The Southport School - Bow: C. J. McCallum 9st 2lb, 2: D. Marks 9st, 3: C. M. C. Bere 11st 12lb,Str: S. Tyack 8st 4lb, Cox: C. R. Dixon 7st 7lb, Coach: Mr. C. C. Thorold

3rd Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: A. E. Axon 9st 6lb, 2: T. Lawton 10st 10lb, 3: A. Baines 11st, Str: W. Wilson 9st 8lb.

Officials were:

Starter: Mr. W. Schmidt,

Umpire: Mr. A. J. Westaway,

Judge: Mr. J. Donovan,

Timekeeper: Mr. C. H. Briggs 

There was some delay in getting the boats into position at the starting point but at 1 o’clock a start was effected. Southport’s crew got the best of the start. Grammar’s stroke had the bad luck to strike a crab before they had hardly commenced, which spoiled their chances of winning. Southport who were rowing a beautifully even stroke left the others in their wake. Technical College were rowing well, and Grammar recovered remarkably from their misfortune at the start. It is reported that a supporters boat crossed in front of the Southport crew about 10 yards from the Victoria Bridge. With the result that they got the backwash and suffered severely. Technical College by this time had obtained a lead from Southport’s and an exciting race to the finishing post resulted in technical College winning by half a length from Southport with Grammar two lengths further behind. 


2nd June 1917 on the Bridge Reach of the Brisbane River 

All Schools' Race 

Distance: 0.75 Mile

Times: 4:47.80


2 lengths 

1st Brisbane Grammar School - Bow: C. R. Boyce, 2: T. Lawton, 3: A. A. Baynes, Str: A. K. Stewart, Cox: J. G. Hoare 

2nd The Southport School - Bow: R. K. King, 2: R. W. Schofield, 3: J. O. Yates, Str: T. Marks, Cox: C. P. Bell

3rd Clayfield College - Bow: J. Ogilvy, 2: O. MacDonald, 3: G. Brown, Str: S. R. Forrest, Cox: B. F. Harris

4th Central Technical College - Bow: R. R. Saunders, 2: P. A. W. Anthony, 3: S. W. Lewis, Str: J. A. Lewis, Cox: B. F. Harris

A good start was effected and all the crews sped down the Bridge Reach splendidly. When the Victoria Bridge was reached, the Grammar School boat was ahead by half a length from Southport and this lead was gradually increased  to two lengths, which held until the end of the race. The Grammar school maintained a good swing throughout, and this, with a sharpness of catch, gave them superiority over The Southport School who finished second. Clayfield and Technical college would not finish. 


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