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rowing victoria state championships

1935-36 Rowing Victoria State Championships




Champion Men's Scull

(2 1/2 miles)

Time: 18:08.0

1st C W F Peppler, Yarra Yarra

2nd M E K Hanson, Mercantile

3rd S B McGorm, Bendigo

4th L McTaggart, Mildura

This event was contested by four scullers over a 2 1/2 mile course on the Lower Yarra on Saturday, 15th February, 1936. C. F. W. Peppler won from M. E. K. Hanson. Time, 18 min. 8 secs. Nearing the dock a collision occurred between Messrs. Peppler and McGorm. The umpire stopped the race and re-started the competitors in the positions which they occupied when the race was stopped. 

Champion Men's Pair 

(1 mile)

Time: 6:43.2
Margins: 1 foot

1st Sale – Bow: E Cartledge, Str: N Hodson, H Ryan

2nd Melbourne University

3rd Ballarat City

4th Preston

Other competing crews – Not recorded

Held on Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, on Saturday, 23rd May, 1936, the Victorian Pair-oared Championship attracted a record entry of eleven crews, all of whom started. The weather conditions for the race were ideal. A magnificent race was won by the Sale Rowing Club by one foot from the Melbourne University Boat Club. The Committee extends to the Sale Rowing Club its heartiest congratulations on this, the Club’s first win in Championship events.                  

Champion Men's Four

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 15:36.6
Margins: 3 lengths

1st Albert Park – Bow: T Warburton, 2: M Gaskin, 3: J P Gaskin, Str: R Anderson, Cox: K Wiltshire, Coach: G Anderson

2nd Preston

3rd Mercantile

4th Richmond

5th Yarra Yarra

6th Melbourne University

7th Melbourne

8th Hawthorn

The Lower Yarra was again the venue of the Four-oared Championship, which was rowed on Saturday, 14th December, 1935. The race attracted an entry of eight crews, and was rowed under fair weather conditions. Albert Park Rowing Club won by three lengths from the Preston Rowing Club. Warm congratulations are extended to the Albert Park Rowing Club on its win in this event. 

Champion Men's Eight

(Distance: Not recorded)

Time: 15:05.4
Margins: 2 lengths

1st Mercantile – Bow: E Stephenson, 2: R S Bolton, 3: E K L Varcoe, 4: J B Clemens, 5: G I Anderson, 6: R I Stone, 7: J P L Appleby, Str: T L Luxton, Cox: J Cowling, Coach: F H Shore

2nd Albert Park

3rd Richmond

4th Melbourne

The 44th Annual Eight-oared Championship was rowed on Saturday, 15th February, 1936. Weather conditions for the race were not good. A strong south-westerly wind was blowing which made the water very rough, even in the canal, and the south side afforded very little shelter from the wind. There were only four entries and the race was won by the Mercantile Rowing Club by two lengths from Albert Park Rowing Club. The Committee sincerely congratulates the Mercantile Rowing Club on its win.

Champion Men's 2,000 Metre Scull

(2,000 metres)

Time: 9:33.0
Margins: 1 1/2 lengths

1st M E K Hansen, Mercantile

2nd C F W Peppler, Yarra Yarra

3rd B G T Kelly, Melbourne

4th M Grenfell, Albert Park

The 2,000 Metres Sculling Championship was rowed on the Lower Yarra on Saturday, 14th December, 1936. The event was won by M. E. K. Hansen by one and a half lengths from C. F. W. Peppler. Warm congratulations are extended to Mr. Hansen.

Champion Men's Junior Lightweight Eight

(1 1/2 miles)

Time: 9:42.0
Margins: 3 feet

1st Melbourne – Bow: W Bunting, 2: N F Neild, 3: A O’Connor, 4: L Harris, 5: L Money, 6: V Hyland, 7: T Hyland, Str: F Ludeman, Cox: F H Watts, Coach: O R Moody

2nd Rutherglen Lake

3rd Mercantile

4th Richmond

Formerly designated the Open Lightweight Eights (non-classifying), it was decided at a special General Meeting held on 6th November, 1935, that the nomenclature of this race be altered to the Champion Lightweight Junior Eight, and that the race be open to any oarsman 10 stone, or under, who had not won a senior race, and that it count one point per oar in the V. R. A. Junior Premiership. The race was rowed over a course of one and a half miles on the Lower Yarra on the 2nd May, 1936, and attracted an entry of four crews. A magnificent struggle resulted in the Melbourne Rowing Club winning by three feet from the Rutherglen Lake Rowing Club. Melbourne is heartily congratulated in its win in this race.

Champion Men's Junior Eight

(2 miles)

Time: 12:07.0
Margins: 1 length

1st Richmond – Bow: W Dunkley, 2: F Russell, 3: M W Hutton, 4: C B Durrant, 5: B Haimsworth, 6: W Yoxon, 7: F J Mitchell, Str: L A Reidy, Cox: T Croft, Coach: B S Thompson

2nd Mercantile

3rd Melbourne University

4th Footscray City

5th Yarra Yarra

The Junior Eight-oared Championship, rowed over a two miles course on the Lower Yarra, on Saturday, 2nd May, 1936, under perfect weather conditions, attracted an entry of five crews. The title was retained by the Richmond Rowing Club by one length from the Mercantile Rowing Club. Richmond is Sincerely congratulated on its win in this event.

Champion Women's Pair

(Distance - Not recorded)



Champion Women's Four

(Distance - Half mile)



Champion Women's Junior Four

(Distance - Quarter mile)




Victorian Rowing Association, Reports 1903 - 1944.

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