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rowing victoria state championships

1908-1909 Rowing Victoria State Championships

Record entries were the highlight of the Championships in this season - nine entries in the pair and six in the eights. 

Interestingly, the State selectors asked Harold Brasch to represent the State in the Interstate Sculling Championship despite Richards from South Melbourne having won the Victorian Championships. Brasch was unable to compete due to business reasons so Richards was ultimately selected.


Champion Men's Scull

(2 1/2 miles)

Time: 17:00

1st A Richards, South Melbourne

2nd Harold D Brash, Mercantile

Lower Yarra, October 10th, 1908. This event was decided under favorable conditions, A Richards gaining the distinction from Harold Brasch by a good margin. The South Melbourne Club is to be sincerely congratulated on having for the first time secured Championship honours.

Champion Men's Pair

(1 mile)

Time: 5:50
Margins: 2 lengths

1st Civil Service – Bow: J Howieson, Str: W L B Anketell, Cox: S A Jeram

2nd Albert Park

3rd Nagambie

4th Seymour

5th Banks

6th Mercantile - Bow: H E Stevens, Str: Lisle Jones, Cox: C Bennett

7th Footscray City

8th South Melbourne

9th Yarra Yarra

The record entry of nine crews was received for this event, and, owing to this fact, the race was started at the “Tunnel”, that being the widest part of the river. Boisterous weather somewhat spoilt the effect of nine crews starting abreast, but the Civil Service representatives – Bow: J Howieson, Str: W L B Anketell, Cox: S A Jeram – by an excellent display of oarsmanship, gained a victory by two lengths. The race was conducted on 16th January 1909 with a record entry of nine crews.

Champion Men's Four

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 13:41.8

1st Nagambie – Bow: J Welch, 2: T Vickers, 3: F Catlin, Str: W Heath, Cox: D C Carter

2nd Footscray City

3rd Mercantile - Bow: G Logan, 2: William Potter, 3: M K Moses, Str: Percy C Ivens, Cox: W Totton

4th Albert Park

5th Civil Service

Lower Yarra, November 28th, 1908. The twenty-first race for this event was contested by five crews, the largest entry since 1890, and was finely won by the Nagambie Club’s representatives. The race was rowed in record time, and the winners were heartily congratulated on their excellent performance.

Whilst not the start of this race, a view of a start at this time on the Lower Yarra

Champion Men's Eight 

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 14:03

1st Albert Park – Bow: J Wright, 2: W Weekes, 3: J Johnstone, 4: D McNaughtan, 5: F Johnson, 6: C H Kohn, 7: MG Scott, Str: Charles Donald, Cox: B Arnold

2nd Footscray City

3rd Nagambie

4th Mercantile - Bow: G Ferguson, 2: G Logan, 3: H F Stevens, 4: William Potter, 5: M C Brown, 6: J J Fogarty, 7: A Moore, Str: Lisle Jones, Cox: C Bennett

5th Yarra Yarra

6th Banks

In this race the number of crews starting constituted a record, and for this reason special permission, much appreciated, was obtained from the Melbourne Harbor Trust Commissioners to row the event over the course finishing at the Crane. It was witnessed by a great assemblage of the public, the sight presented by the six competing eight-oared crews being magnificent.


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