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rowing victoria state championships

1914-1915 Rowing Victoria State Championships

World War One commenced and many sportsmen, and in particular rowers, signed up to fight in Europe. This was to be the last Championship racing season until after the war.

Albert Park continued its winning streak in both the fours and eights.


Champion Men's Scull

(2 1/2 miles)

Time: 18:37.0

1st B G T Kelly, Yarra Yarra

2nd C Collyer, Barwon

Lower Yarra, 20th March, 1915. Only to competitors entered for this event, but they provided the most exciting race yet seen in the Sculling Championship. The result was in doubt right throughout the race, which was won by B. G. T. Kelly (Yarra Yarra) from C. Collyer (Barwon). The winner is congratulated on his first championship victory. 

Champion Men's Pair

(1 mile)

Time: 7:46.6

1st Ballarat – Bow: E B Cochran, Str: E Lawrie, Cox: G Woolcott

2nd Wendouree - Bow: A Adams, Str: B Humffray, Cox: U Harvey

3rd Richmond - Bow J Johnston, Str: R Jenkin, Cox: W Waltho

4th South Melbourne - Bow: T Barrell, Str: G Barrell, Cox: E James

5th Civil Service - Bow:E W Burne, Str: N S Walker, Cox: F Burdett

6th Hawthorn - Bow: J C Kohlman, Str: H B Kirsch, Cox: G Arnold

7th Essendon - Bow: A F Wisharrt, Str: H R Newall, Cox: W Smith

8th Albert Park - Bow: F Johnson, Str: S Pedder, Cox: R Duncan

Did not start: Mercantile: Bow: P Wade, Str: A Harvey, Cox: A Hyem

Lower Yarra, 14th November, 1914. The fine entry of nine crews was received for the Pair-oared Championship, the title being retained by the holders, the Ballarat Club. Mercantile did not start. The winners are congratulated on their second victory.

Champion Men's Four

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 16:14.6

1st Albert Park – Bow: C P Leslie, 2: S Pedder, 3: F Johnson, Str: D Laird, Cox: R Duncan

2nd Essendon

3rd Civil Service

4th Nagambie

5th Ballarat

6th Banks

7th Richmond

Lower Yarra, 12th December, 1914. Seven crews faced the starter for this event, which was also won by Albert Park.

Champion Men's Eight

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 14:37.4
Margins: 3 feet

1st Albert Park – Bow: C P Leslie, 2: R T Leslie, 3: W Loud, 4: L H McBrien, 5: J Stewart, 6: W Steinle, 7: J Hale, Str: D Laird, Cox: R Duncan

2nd Corio Bay

3rd Civil Service

4th Essendon

5th South Melbourne

6th Footscray City

Lower Yarra, 20th March, 1915. This event attracted the fine entry of six crews, and resulted in a magnificent race. Corio Bay held a slight lead to within a few lengths of the finish, when a fine sprint by Albert Park deprived the Geelong crew of victory (and the senior premiership) by the narrow margin of three feet. The winners are congratulated on their seventh consecutive victory in this event.


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