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rowing victoria state championships

1903-1904 Rowing Victoria State Championships


Champion Men's Scull

(2½ miles)

Time: 18:00 

1st Percy C Ivens, Mercantile

2nd Harold D Brash, Mercantile

3rd G Browne, Civil Service (also recorded as being from Warrnambool)

4th Charles Stamper, Albert Park

This event was held on the 10th October, 1903, and for the third time in succession was won by Percy C Ivens, of the Mercantile Club.

Percy Ivens won the Champion Scull for the third time in a row

Champion Men's Pair

(1 mile)

Time: 7:47

1st Albert Park – Bow: Alex Chamley, Str: Charles Donald, Cox: T Buchanan

2nd Mercantile - Bow: Percy C Ivens, Str: Alex B Sloan

3rd Yarra Yarra

Rowed on the Upper Yarra on 5th December, 1903, and for the third time in succession resulted in a win for the representatives of the Albert Park Club.

Champion Men's Four

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 16:15.4

1st Albert Park – Bow: E W Tulloch, 2: Charles Donald, 3: Alex Chamley, Str: James Donald, Cox: T Buchanan

2nd Yarra Yarra

3rd Banks

Rowed on November 14th, 1903.

Champion Men's Eight

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 12:21.2

1st Ballarat – Bow: C E Tulloch, 2: H Thomas, 3: H Rowe, 4: E Cooper, 5: W D Dawson, 6: Charles E Suffren, 7: A Hall, Str: J B Suffren, Cox: B Arnold

2nd Mercantile - Bow: J G Strong, 2: William Potter, 3: Percy C Ivens, 4: J J Fogarty, 5: Arch Dobbie, 6: DR M K Moses, 7: J Southern, Str: Alex B Sloan, Cox: R A Cooper

3rd Albert Park

4th Banks

This championship was conducted on 26th March 1903 on the Saltwater River (Lower Yarra). The race was in two parts. Mercantile started well taking a good lead at the half way mark and were rowing within themselves. They had the misfortune of striking a spar which holed their boat near the bow seat which gradually water logged the boat. The severely hampered crew held on gamely to finish second.


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