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rowing victoria state championships

1921-1922 Rowing Victoria State Championships

The interesting issue arising from the Championships was the selection of the Mercantile eight as the Victorian crew. In most other years, a composite crew was formed either to get the best crew or the unavailability of crew members to make the interstate trip.


Champion Men's Scull

(2 1/2 miles)

Time: 19:06.0
Margins: Easily

1st James Barton, Richmond

2nd C Collyer, Barwon

3rd A Dawson, Ballarat

DNS J Jorgenson, Yarra Yarra

This event was rowed on 12th November, 1921, over the 2 1/2 mile course from the Footscray Wharf to the Ferry, and was again won with ease by Mr. J. Barton, of the Richmond Club. Mr. J. Jorgenson (Yarra Yarra) did not start. Mr. J. Barton is congratulated on his third successive win in this event.

James Barton as pictured in the Interstate Championships program

Champion Men's Pair

(1 mile)

Time: 7:04.4
Margins: 4 lengths

1st Wendouree – Bow: R W B Todd, 10st. 12lb., Str: J R Jopling, 11st. 10lb., Cox: J Halliday

2nd Ballarat

3rd Albert Park

Other competing crews:



Ballarat City


Civil Service

This event was rowed on Monday, 5th June, 1922, over a mile course on Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, the arrangements for the race being ably carried out by the Ballarat Regatta Association. This is the first occasion that the event has been rowed at Ballarat since 1901. Your Committee considers, in view of the big entries now received for the champion pairs, that Lake Wendouree is the most suitable course for this race, the rowing of heats in championships being undesirable. The race was won by the Wendouree crew who finished four lengths in front of Ballarat, Albert park being third. The Wendouree Club is congratulated on securing its first pair-oared championship.

Champion Men's Four

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 14:19.6
Margins: 3/4 length

1st Mercantile – Bow: Herbert Smyth, 12st. 4lb., 2: Jud Harding, 12st. 12lb., 3: Robert (Bob) V Gregg, 12st. 9lb., Str: James M Buchanan, 11st. 3lb., Cox: E Counihan, Coach: Mr J McGregor

2nd Wendouree

3rd Albert Park

Other competing crews:


Civil Service

DNS Corio Bay

This event was rowed on 17th December on the Lower Yarra course, finishing at Footscray. Mercantile won by three-quarters of a length after a magnificent race with Wendouree, who finished second, Albert Park being third. Corio Bay, who had entered, were unable to start. 

Champion Men's Eight

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 13:23.0
Margins: 2 lengths

1st Mercantile – Bow: H C Maling, 11st., 2: Cecil N McKay, 11st. 5lb., 3: H Robert Rush, 12st. 4lb., 4: Jack L Mounsey, 11st. 5lb., 5: Herbert Smyth, 12st., 6: Jud Harding, 12st. 9lb., 7: Robert (Bob) V Gregg, 12st. 10lb., Str: James M Buchanan, 11st. 5lb., Cox: W F Shaw, Coach: Mr Alex B Sloan

2nd Civil Service

3rd Albert Park

4th Corio Bay

This event was rowed on the 12th November, 1921, on the Lower Yarra course, finishing at Footscray. The race was won by Mercantile by two lengths from Civil Service and Albert Park, the only other competitor being Corio Bay. Congratulations are extended to the winning crew. Mercantile had won this event throughout the season.

The Mercantile crew, with the exception of the coxswain, was selected as the Victorian crew.

The Mercantile crew racing as Victoria

Champion Women's Four

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: No time taken

1st Albert Park Ladies No 1 – Bow: D Teasley, 2: D Hood, 3: E Connor, Str: M Cain

2nd Albert Park Ladies No 3

The unofficial Ladies' Champion Fours were again conducted at the Henley on Maribyrnong Regatta on 18th February 1922.

The race was won by Albert Park Ladies' Rowing Club No 1 crew who defeated their number 3 crew. The members of the winning crew were Misses D Teasley (bow), D Hood, E Connor and M Cain (str).


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Barton photo from 1922 Interstate Championships program

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