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rowing victoria state championships

1911-1912 Rowing Victoria State Championships

Melbourne University won its first Championship this year in the pairs. 

Also of note this year was the use of the shorter Upper Yarra course for the sculls and pairs. Clearly much frustration had been experienced with the weather prone Lower Yarra in recent years.


Champion Men's Scull

(About 1 3/4 miles)

Time: 11:20

1st Horace E Stevens, Essendon

2nd E T J Kerby, Civil Service

3rd A Richards, South Melbourne

4th E Christie, Sandhurst

5th L S Davis, Albert Park

Upper Yarra, 13th January, 1912. This race was rowed over a course from the corner above Punt Road Footbridge to the St. Kilda Railway Bridge, about 1 3/4 miles, the five scullers starting in one heat. H. E. Stevens (Essendon) again secured this event. L. Davis (Albert Park) collided with one of the piers of the Anderson-street Bridge, and his boat sank immediately. T. Barrell, of the Wendouree Rowing Club, was training for this race, but could not start, his entry not being received at the specified time.

Champion Men's Pair

(1 mile)

Time: 5:47

1st Melbourne University – Bow: C C Halkyard, Str: Simon Fraser, Cox: C Wilson

2nd Albert Park

3rd Essendon

Other competitors:

Yarra Yarra


Civil Service



South Melbourne - did not start

Footscray - did not start

Upper Yarra, 13th January, 1912. The record entry of ten crews was received for this event, and as this necessitated rowing the race in heats, it was decided to race over the Henley course, so that a postponement would not be necessary if the weather turned out rough. In the first heat, Essendon beat Banks and Yarra Yarra; in the second heat, University beat Civil Service; Footscray did not start. In the third heat, Albert Park beat Mercantile and Nagambie; South Melbourne did not start. In the final, the University pair defeated Albert Park and Essendon after a fine race, the time being 5 min. 47 secs. The University Club is congratulated on its first Championship win.

Ballarat City and Cobram both had crews training for this race, but they were not allowed to start, as the entries were not received before the time fixed for closing.

Champion Men's Four

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 15:06

1st Albert Park 1 – Bow: D Laird, 2: S Pedder, 3: F Johnson, Str: Charles Donald, Cox: Harry Duncan

2nd Albert Park 2

3rd Footscray City

4th Banks

5th Essendon

6th Mercantile - Bow P Wade, 2: J Picken, 3: R Morrison, Str: J Harding, Cox: S Ehrenberg

Lower Yarra, 18th December, 1911. Six entries were received for this event, which was won by Albert Park No. 1 crew. This race was originally fixed for the 16th December, but had to be postponed in consequence of very boisterous weather, which rendered it impossible to row upon the lower river on that day. Interestingly, the old order of holding this Championship in December was reverted to.

Champion Men's Eight

(Distance - Not recorded)

Time: 14:54

1st Albert Park – Bow: D Laird, 2: L S Davis, 3: H Lindgren, 4: S Pedder, 5: W Needham, 6: Charles Donald, 7: F Johnson, Str: James Donald, Cox: B Arnold

2nd Footscray City

3rd Banks

Lower Yarra, 17th February, 1912. Three entries were received for this event, which was again won by Albert Park. Civil Service also had a crew for the race, but as their entry had not been received before the specified time for closing entries, the crew was not allowed to start. Your Committee again desires to express its hearty appreciation of the courtesy and kindness of the Melbourne Harbour Trust Commissioners in allowing the race to be rowed over the Coode Canal to Spencer-street course, and also for the arrangements made for keeping the course clear.


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