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History of the South Australian Schools Head of the River rowing regatta

2016 South Australian Schools' Head of the River

The 2016 regatta was conducted on 12th March and hosted by Adelaide High School.

Nine schools contested both the Girl's and Boy's Head of the River. Seymour College was victorious in the girl's Head whilst St Peters prevailed in the boy's race. This was to be the first of a long run of wins for St Peter's. 

The full regatta program can be found through this link


Regatta Referee - J Asenstorfer 

BRO's & Boat Drivers - I Mannix, J Halliday, S Pennington, B O'Donnell, P Knight, V Night, T Milne, B Cundell, J Jackson, D Raymond, G Starkey, P Logan, D Lascelles, N Saunders, T Ward, P Young, D Mahony 

Regatta Control & Assistance - D DeBellis, C Firth, P Halliday 

Regatta Course - B Ralph, T Ward 

Commentators - D Freeman, P Mangelsdorf 

Regatta Operations - B Lannan 

Rowing Coordinators Committee - L Kolega, T Fraser, K Vinderloo, J Hammond, R Sexton, T Lister, B Coudraye, A Dodson, D Potts, R Mobbs, B Williams, S Perry, B Flannagan, J Whitwell, D McGrath 

Regatta Coordinator - C Severin 

Regatta Directorate - A Zocchi, S Murray 

Boys' Events

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Boys First Eight

1st St Peter's College - Bow: Ned Young, 2: Oscar McGuinness, 3: Connor McKinney, 4: William Robertson, 5: Bernard de Villiers, 6: Nicholas Emms, 7: Julien Madden, Str: Maxwell Fisher, Cox: Indran Mukherjee, Cch: Sam Loch


St Peter's College, winners of the Gosse Shield 
Back row: Sam Loch, Ned Young, Bernard de Villiers, Nicholas Emms, William Robertson, Indran Mukherjee
Front row: Maxwell Fisher, Julien Madden, Connor McKinney, Oscar McGuinness

Photo from 2017 regatta program

Boys Second Eight

Boys First Four

Boys Year 10 Quad Scull

Boys Year 9 Quad Scull

Boys Year 8 Quad Scull

Girls' Events

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Girls First Eight

1st Seymour College - Bow: Lucy Dangerfield, 2: Ella Janes, 3: Chelsea Higginbottom, 4: Ellie Altschwager, 5: Jordy Purvis, 6: Alex McCarthy, 7: Elizabeth Johnson, Str: Cara Gordon, Cox: Maddie Smoker, Cch: Aleco Lanfranco


Seymour College, winners of the Florence Eaton Cup
Back row: Lucy Dangerfield, Elizabeth Johnson, Alex McCarthy, Ellie Altschwager, Aleco Lanfranco
Front row: Ella Janes, Chelsea Higginbottom, Jordy Purvis, Cara Gordon, Maddie Smoker 

Photo from 2017 regatta program

Girls Second Eight

Girls First Four

Year 10 Quad Scull

Year 9 Quad Scull

Year 8 Quad Scull


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