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History of the South Australian Schools Head of the River rowing regatta

1959 South Australian Schools' Head of the River

Saturday, 18 April – Torrens Lake:

The 1959 SA Head of the River featured the following events:

- First Eight

- Second Eight

- Open Four

- Under 16 Tub Fours (Slides)

- Under 15 Tub Fours (Slides)

St. Peter's College regained the Gosse Shield defeating Scotch College in the final. Like 1958, each school won a event. Scotch College retained the Wallman Trophy for Second Eights, Adelaide High won the Open Four, Prince Alfred College won the Under 16 Tub Four and St. Peter's won the Under 15 Tub Four.


Organising Committee:

South Australian Rowing Association


Judges: J. G. Gosse, J. S. Lord, I. H. Hobbs & J. R. Barbour

Umpires: P. M. Cudmore, E. H. Burgess, J. T. Sheppard. F. R. Forgan & G. H. Mitchell

Starters: P. M. Cudmore, L. T. Grummet & R. D. Clark

Timekeepers: J. F. Lavis & B. P. Bishop

First Eight

Gosse Shield

½ mile

Time: 2 min 54½ sec 

Margin: (unknown)

1st St. Peter's College – Bow: A. J. Wallace, 2: N. R. Seppelt, 3: M. P. Sage, 4: R. A. S. Adams, 5: I. H. Quigley, 6: D. H. White, 7: R. D. Cheesman, Stroke: H. A. E. Gosse, Cox: M. R. Andrewartha

2nd Scotch College – Bow: R. J. Bourman, 2: R. J. Bowering, 3: R. A. McLeod, 4: A. J. Mould, 5: R. G. Gabb, 6: R. A. Ferguson, 7: A. J. Benny, Stroke: P. B. Goode, Cox: D. B. Wilson

(Knocked out in heat by St. Peter's College):

Prince Alfred College – Bow: A. J. Fleming, 2: J. L. Kallin, 3: D. J. Jarman, 4: R. J. Jarman, 5: P. W. H. Woodruff, 6: S. S. Vandepeer, 7: T. R. Binder, Stroke: W. B. Clarke, Cox: A. J. Prentice

(Knocked out in heat by Scotch College):

Adelaide High School – Bow: N. C. Frost, 2: R. P. Vallee, 3: I. D. Cushway, 4: R. Bird, 5: B. R. Zeitz, 6: D. M. Simcock, 7: D. J. Rowe, Stroke: D. W. Henderson, Cox: I. F. Barclay

Second Eight

Wallman Trophy

½ mile



1st Scotch College – Bow: R. A. Stevens, 2: J. T. Fowler, 3: J. A. Fraser, 4: M. M. McEgan, 5: P. C. Woodhouse, 6: W. K. McBeath, 7: R. M. McLeod, Stroke: R. F. Ingham, Cox: A. J. Whitford

(Knocked out in heat by Scotch College):

Adelaide High School – Bow: K. I. Green, 2: I. Dainis, 3: D. Porter, 4: A. Grullis, 5: A. Griffin, 6: A. B. Pannell, 7: F. C. Roberts, Stroke: J. Wiggins, Cox: D. H. Francis

(Other crews):

Prince Alfred College – Bow: D. L. Jacobs, 2: A. H. Davey, 3: P. J. Nelson, 4: W. W. Jenkin, 5: D. M. Cooper, 6: D. E. Barker, 7: C. F. A. Dibden, Stroke: P. R. Ackland, Cox: I. R. Sowton

St. Peter's College – Bow: M. M. Shearer, 2: J. M. Densley, 3: D. J. M. Taylor, 4: C. J. Brooks, 5: J. R. Hawker, 6: D. B. Bishop, 7: S. A. R. Disney, Stroke: T. A. Atkinson, Cox: N. H. Trott

Open Four

¼ mile



1st Adelaide High School – Bow: D. E. Clayton, 2: R. H. Brown, 3: J. K. Alexander, Stroke: G. G. Adamson, Cox: N. H. Murrie

(Knocked out in heat by Adelaide High School):

St. Peter's College – Bow: P. R. Kirby, 2: K. D. Cooper, 3: J. R. Walker, Stroke: B. H. P. Martin, Cox: N. K. Arthur

(Other crews):

Prince Alfred College – Bow: D. F. Bowen, 2: W. R. Kelly, 3: J. R. Rowe, Stroke: L. R. Cox, Cox: G. D. Dalton

Scotch College – Bow: G. W. Hollidge, 2: A. H. Ralph, 3: M. L. Bowering, Stroke: J. C. Ingham, Cox: T. R. Varcoe

Under 16 Tub Four (Slides)

¼ mile



1st Prince Alfred College – Bow: A. M. Charlick, 2: J. M. Kirk, 3: T. J. Watkins, Stroke: R. K. Bagshaw, Cox: R. W. Boswell

(Knocked out in heat by Prince Alfred College):

Scotch College – Bow: M. A. Swan, 2: J. M. Ford, 3: B. R. Nicholson, Stroke: D. A. Sanders, Cox: G. G. Rankine

(Other crews):

Adelaide High School – Bow: C. Wales, 2: R. D. Cole, 3: B. J. Larner, Stroke: R. G. Sladden, Cox: C. C. Galatis

St. Peter's College – Bow: D. A. A. Black, 2: D. B. Lindsay, 3: C. W. S. Douglas, Stroke: M. Quinlan-Watson, Cox: M. Gee

Under 15 Tub Four (Slides)

¼ mile



1st St. Peter's College – Bow: G. W. Everett, 2: N. B. Hopkins, 3: A. J. Milne, Stroke: R. C. Kirby, Cox: D. E. Brooks

(Knocked out in heat by St. Peter's College):

Adelaide High School – Bow: R. K. Jamieson, 2: J. M. Hooper, 3: P. A. Wells, Stroke: G. C. Barclay, Cox: D. Palmer

(Other crews):

Scotch College – Bow: K. D. Stock, 2: J. B. Laffer, 3: R. W. Lorimer, Stroke: A. R. Makin, Cox: I. V. Lloyd

Prince Alfred College – Bow: D. W. Randall, 2: W. C. Gardiner, 3: W. A. Giles, Stroke: M. R. Susans, Cox: P. J. Freeman


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