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History of the South Australian Schools Head of the River rowing regatta

2013 South Australian Schools' Head of the River

The 2013 regatta was conducted on 6th April and hosted by Prince Alfred College.

Eight schools contested both the Girl's and Boy's Head of the River with the hosts Prince Alfred College taking the boy's Head and Walford Grammar taking the girl's Head. 

Full results can be found through this link.

The full regatta program can be found through this link


Regatta Referee - M Eastaughffe 

Jury/BRO's - J Asenstorfer, B Cundell, P Erskine, J Halliday, J Jackson, D Lascelles, P Knight, P Logan, I Mannix, G Melbourne, R Moffat, D Neall, B O'Donnell, B Pennington, S Pennington, G Playford, B Ralph, D Raymond, N Saunders, G Starkey, T Spencer, T Ward 

Regatta Control & Assistants - D Ralph, D DeBellis, P Halliday, M Mussared 

Regatta Course - T Ward, B Ralph 

Commentators - D Freeman, P Mangelsdorf 

Site/Car parking Control - J Erickson 

Rowing Coordinators Committee - L Archibald, R Barteletti, J Bentley, B Coudraye, C Dalton, R Elleway, B Gora, A Hughes, E Laidin, R Mobbs, D Potts, A Randell, S Perry, R Sexton, V Spencer 

Regatta Directorate - G Melbourne, M Eastaughffe, K Tutt, A Johnstone, D Ralph 

Regatta Convener - D Ralph 

Boys' Events

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Boys First Eight

Boys Second Eight

Boys First Four

Boys Second Four

Boys Year 10 Quad Scull

Boys Year 9 Quad Scull

Girls' Events

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Girls First Eight

Girls Second Eight

Girls First Four

Year 10 Quad Scull

Year 9 Quad Scull


Regatta program - from  

Regatta Manager for results - extracted 9th June 2023

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