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History of the South Australian Schools Head of the River rowing regatta

1933 South Australian Schools' Head of the River

Saturday, 29 April – Torrens Lake:

The 1933 Head of the River featured the following events on the Torrens Lake:

- First Eight

- Open Tub Fours (Slides)

- Open Tub Fours (Fixed)

- Under 16 Tub Fours (Fixed)

- Under 15 Tub Fours (Fixed)

The Advertiser reported that 6,000 people crowded the banks of Torrens Lake. After winning a very tight heat by just 2 feet against St. Peter's College, Prince Alfred College won the Head of the River by 1¼ lengths against Adelaide High. This ensured that P.A.C. won both the Blackmore Shield and Gosse Shield for the second year in-a-row.


First Eight

The Advertiser reported of Prince Alfred College's back-to-back win of the SA Head of the River:

"The final was rowed shortly before 5 p.m. The win of Princes in eight seconds faster time than Adelaide High's victory over Scotch, made Princes start favourites for the final. Adelaide High, however, made Princes row well out. At the Morphett Street Bridge, Princes had a lead of half a length. High hung on gamely to a better finish by Princes by one and a quarter lengths."

Prince Alfred College winning the Gosse and Blackmore Shields for the second year in-a-row
(Source: The Advertiser, 1 May 1933) 

Organising Committee:

South Australian Rowing Association


Starters: Mr. C. R. Cudmore, Mr. M. Fotheringham & Mr. H. V. Menz

Judges: Mr. W. R. Bayly, Mr. F. W. Porter & Mr. R. H. Wallman

Umpires: Mr. C. R. Cudmore & Mr. C. T. Madigan

First Eight

Gosse Shield

½ mile

Time: 3 min 9½ sec

Margin: 1¼ length

1st Prince Alfred College – Bow: A. J. King, 2: M. J. Barrett, 3: A. K. Trott, 4: R. K. Dunn, 5: J. T. Hiatt, 6: F. A. Hamilton, 7: J. S. T. T. Hill, Stroke: D. O. Compton, Cox: D. O. Glasson

2nd Adelaide High School – Bow: A. J. Berry, 2: A. J. Huispel, 3: D. O. Nightingale, 4: R. M. Nightingale, 5: R. M. Stanway, 6: C. F. Milbank, 7: L. C. Harrison, Stroke: D. A. Dowie, Cox: D.A. Maxen-Wright

(Knocked out in heat by Prince Alfred College): 

St. Peter's College – Bow: H. N. Hayter, 2: J. A. Smeaton, 3: G. O. McEwin, 4: F. F. Espie, 5: K. Viner-Smith, 6: W. H. Wallace, 7: S. G. W. Burston, Stroke: K. L. Milne, Cox: N. M. Cudmore

(Knocked out in heat by Adelaide High School): 

Scotch College – Bow: G. K. Arnold, 2: P. W. Hayward, 3: J. B. Norman, 4: M. D. Dawe, 5: W. L. Ledgerwood, 6: B. W. Shearer, 7: E. H. Burgess, Stroke: P. C. R. Goode, Cox: G. B. Kelly

Open Tub Four (Slides)

¼ mile

Time: unknown

Margin: unknown

1st St. Peter's College 

2nd Prince Alfred College

(Knocked out in heat by St. Peter's College):

Adelaide High School

Open Tub Four (Fixed)

¼ mile

Time: unknown

Margin: ¼ length

1st Scotch College – Bow: D. M. McDonald, 2: A. L. Sandland, 3: B. A. Pile, Stroke: F. H. Sanders, Cox: J. B. Tyson

2nd St. Peter's College

(Knocked out in heat by Scotch College):

Adelaide High School 

(Knocked out in heat by St. Peter's College):

Prince Alfred College

Under 16 Tub Four (Fixed)

¼ mile

Time: unknown

Margin: 2 lengths

1st St. Peter's College – Bow: H. Brown, 2: P. G. Brooks, 3: J. Syme, Stroke: R. H. Wallace, Cox: W. D. McWorthy

2nd Prince Alfred College – Bow: L. R. Barrett, 2: W. M. Fong, 3: C. L. Gilbert, Stroke: K. P. Filmer, Cox: R. H. Burden

(Knocked out in heat by St. Peter's College):

Adelaide High School –

Under 15 Tub Four (Fixed)

¼ mile

Time: unknown

Margin: 2 lengths

1st Prince Alfred College – Bow: K. V. Pelham, 2: D. G. Phelps, 3: C. F. Dunn, Stroke: J. Tregonne, Cox: B. E. C. Ford

2nd Adelaide High School – Bow: M. Jones, 2: J. Hooper, 3: A. Watson, Stroke: P. Lower, Cox: H. Cox

(Knocked out in heat by Prince Alfred College):

St. Peter's College – 


PRINCES AGAIN HEAD OF RIVER (1933, 1 May), The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA: 1931 – 1954), p. 11, Retrieved July 20 2023, from

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