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History of the South Australian Schools Head of the River rowing regatta

1924 South Australian Schools' Head of the River

Saturday, 26 April – Port River:

The 1924 Head of the River was combined with the Australian Rowing Championships given they were held in SA. This large regatta was held on the Port River, where the 1893-6 SA school races were held. The schools race was a head-to-head contest over 1-mile between St. Peter's College and Adelaide High School.

The Daily Herald wrote that the contest was close, with St. Peter's winning by just ½ a canvas over Adelaide High School.


Daily Herald accounted for the 1924 SA schools race:

"An electrical start was made. Stroking at 42 St. Peter's forged ahead of their rivals who were only stroking at the rate of 40. Naturally the pace did not last and at the count being taken at the half mile it was found that St. Peter's were stroking at the rate of 35 while the Adelaide High School crew were stroking at 26. The reduced rate was kept up by an effort. A most erratic course was steered by the cox of the college boat. The college boat miraculously crossed the line about half a canvas in the lead. The time...was 7m 7s."

Organising Committee:

South Australian Rowing Association


Starter: Mr. J. H. Hill

Umpire: Mr. C. R. Cudmore

Judges: Mr. F. Willoughby & Mr. A. E. Broadbent

Timekeepers: Mr. C. T. Madigan & Mr. R. F. Matheson

First Four

1 mile

Time: 7 min 7⅘ sec

Margin: ½ canvas

1st St. Peter's College – Bow: A. Walkley, 2: M. C. Lotz, 3: W. R. C. Howard, Str: R. R. Knight, Cox: R. K. Hart

2nd Adelaide High School – (unknown)


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