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history of australian national rowing championships

1984 Men's National Championships - Lake Barrington TAS

The 1984 Women's National Championships results are on the next page.


1984 programme cover

The new Barrington course drew great praise from all those who attended and was superb. The course is largely free from the curse of the dreaded cross breeze and has ample training areas both before the start and after the finish. Some 15,000 specatators witnessed the final days racing.


Organising Committee and Officials

1984 Organisers

1984 Organising Committee

Back row: D McCarthy, I Dickinson, M Barry, David L Schier (Chairman), G Bligh, K Jacobs
Front row: David Rattray, L Higgs, Margaret Spurling OAM, G Pryor
Absent: G Brook, Kerry Dawkins

1984 BROs

1984 Jury

Back row: Jack Hutchinson, Jim Dowrie, Jack Pritchard, Steve Hinchy, Mike Leonard, Ray Hammon, Berry Durston
Middle row: John Drew, Michael Williams, Bill Cooper, Alan Willett, Jim Harvey, Pat McGuffie, Ron Richardson, Bob Duncan, Bill White, Jim Hardie, Reg McKay
Front row: Bill Brbidge, Harvey Nicholson, George Honer, Bill Morrison, Phil Cayzer, Ian Moy, Brett Woolfitt, Noel Wilkinson, Doug Clark

Men's Scull


1st Freemantle (WA) - Anthony Lovrich
2nd Wendouree-Ballarat (VIC) - Gary Gulloch
3rd Melbourne University (VIC) - Paul Reedy, Cch: David Yates
4th St George (NSW) - Tim McLaren
5th St George (NSW) - Alan Pollock
6th Port Adelaide (SA) - Brenton Terrell, Cch: Rob Lang

E1: 1st Port Adelaide, 2nd St George (Ronald Smith), 3rd Franklin (Ted Hale), 4th Buckingham (David Emmett)
E2: 1st St George (McLaren), 2nd St George (Pollock), 3rd St George (Peter McLaren), 4th Commercial (Laurie Campbell), 5th Buckingham (Gregory Hall)
E3: 1st Freemantle, 2nd Leichhardt (Bruce Hick), 3rd Mosman (Lionel McFadyen)
E4: 1st MUBC, 2nd Wendouree-Ballarat, 3rd UQBC (Richard Powell), 4th Haberfield (Richard Reddell)
R1: 1st Wendouree Ballarat, 2nd Commercial, 3rd Mosman
R2: 1st St George (McLaren), 2nd Buckinham, 3rd Leichhardt
R3: 1st St George (Pollock), 2nd Franklin, 3rd Haberfield
R4: 1st Buckingham, 2nd St George (Smith), 3rd UQBC
SF1: 1st St Georgre (t McLaren), 2nd Port Adelaide, 3rd St George (Pollock), 4th Buckingham, 5th Commercial, 6th St George (Smith)
SF2: 1st Freemantle, 2nd MUBC, 3rd Wendouree Ballarat, 4th St George (P McLaren), 5th UQBC, 6th Franklin

Men's Double Scull


1st St George No 2 (NSW) - Bow: Allan Pollack, Str: Tim McLaren
2nd Melbourne University (VIC)/Freemantle (WA) - Bow: Tony Lovrich, Str: Paul Reedy, Cch: David Yates
3rd Wendouree-Ballarat (VIC)/Port Adelaide (SA) - Bow: Gary Gulloch, Str: Brenton Terrell
4th Commercial/University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: Lawrie Campbell, Str: Richard Powell, Cch: Noel Langton
5th St George No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Bow: Peter McLaren, Str: Ronald Smith
6th Sydney/Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Robert Allen, Str: Lionel MacFadyen, Cch: Ron Ficarra

E1: 1st St George No 2, 2nd Wendouree-Ballarat, 3rd Commercial/UQBC, 4th St George No 1
E2: 1st MUBC/Freemantle, 2nd Leichhardt (NSW) Bow: Bruce Hick, Str: Unknown, 3rd: Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Robert Leach, Str: Tony Inglis, 4th Sydney/Mosman
R1: 1st Wendouree-Ballarat/Port Adelaide, 2nd St George No 1, 3rd MUBC
R2: 1st Commercial/UQBC, 2nd Sydney/Mosman, 3rd Leichhardt

Men's Quad Scull


1st Melbourne University (VIC)/Freemantle (WA) - Bow: Simon Cook, 2: Tony Lovrich, 3: Paul Reedy, Str: John McKenzie, Cch: David Yates
2nd St George (NSW) - Bow: Lance Wilkinson, 2: Peter McLaren, 3: Timothy McLaren, Str: Alan Pollock
3rd Mersey (TAS) - Bow: Timothy Gott, 2: Robert Williams, 3: David Carter, Str: David Tippett

Men's Pair

6: 55.3

1st Balmain/Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Stan Humiecki, Str: Clyde Hefer, Cch: Rusty Robertson
2nd Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: John Bentley, Str: Tim Willoughby, Cch: Robert Cooper
3rd Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Craig Muller, Str: Jim Battersby, Cch: Rusty Robertson
4th University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: Duncan Fisher, Str: Ian Edmunds, Cch: Robert Bleakley
5th Mosman/Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Steve Evans, Str: Jim Stride, Cch: Rusty Robertson
6th Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Mark Doyle, Str: David Doyle, Cch: Brian Doyle

E1: 1st Mercantile, 2nd Toowong, 3rd Mercantile Banks No 5, 4th China
E2: 1st AUBC, 2nd Balmain/Drummoyne, 3rd Mosman, 4th Mosman/Sydney No 1, 5th Waikato No 2, 6th Barwon/Corio Bay
E3: 1st Adelaide/Torrens, 2nd UQBC, 3rd Wakato, 4th Mercantle/Banks No 2, 5th ACT
R1: 1st Balmain/Drummoyne, 2nd Mercantile/Banks, 3rd Waikato No 2, 4th Mercantile Banks
R2: 1st Mosman/Sydney, 2nd Wikato No 1, 3rd Toowong, 4th Drummoyne/Sydney, 5th Barwon/Corio Bay
R3: 1st Mosman, 2nd UQBC, 3rd ACT, 4th China
SF1: 1st AUBC, 2nd Balmain/Drummoyne, 3rd UQBC, 4th Adelaide/Torrens, 5th Waikato
SF2: 1st Mosman, 2nd Mosman/Sydney No 1, 3rd Mercantile, 4th Toowong, 5th ACT

Men's Four


1st Toowong/University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: Duncan Fisher, 2: Ian Edmunds, 3: Peter Zahnleiter, Str: Gavin Kelly
2nd Sydney/Balmain/Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: David Binks, 2: Murray Doust, 3: Kirk Olsson, Str: George Andrews, Cch: Peter Stroud
3rd See Club Zurich (SUI) - Bow: Philip Montheil, 2: Peter Rahn, 3: Franz Wyss, Str: Daniel Homberger
4th Banks (VIC) - Bow: Colin Rawson, 2: Hamish McGlashan, 3: Matthew Pringle, Str: Nicholas Robinson, Cch: Chris Dane
5th Chinese Olympic Team

Men's Coxed Four


1st Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Craig Muller, 2: Jim Battersby, 3: Rich Doodrich, Str: Steve Evans, Cox: Grant Corbett, Cch: Rusty Robertson
2nd Mercantile/Banks No 1 (VIC) - Bow: Ion Popa, 2: Sam Patten, 3: James Lowe, Str: Glenn Deag, Cox: Graham Barns, Cch: Chris Dane
3rd Adelaide/ANR (SA) - Bow: Graham Keynes, 2: Michael Nielsen, 3: John Quigley, Str: Stephen Mann, Cox: Gavin Threadgold, Cch: Robert Cooper
4th Waikato (NZL) - Bow: Nigel Atherfold, 2: Geoff Horan, 3: Merv Troughton, Str: Chris White, Cox: Unknown, Cch: Harry Mahon
5th See Club Zurich (SUI) - Bow: Bow: Bow: Philip Montheil, 2: Peter Rahn, 3: Franz Wyss, Str: Daniel Homberger, Cox: Unknown
6th Mercantile/Corio/Barwon (VIC)- Bow: Simon Parker, 2: Richard Tomszak, 3: Mark Doyle, Str: David Doyle, Cox: John Leeming, Cchs: Brian Doyle & Richard Garrard

E1: 1st Mosman, 2nd Adelaide/ANR, 3rd SeeClub Zurich
E2: Mercantile/Bamks, 2nd Waikato, 3rd ACT, 4th Mercantile/Corio/Barwon
R: 1st Adelaide/ANR, 2nd See Club Zurich, 3rd Waikato, 4th Mercantile/Corio/Barwon, 5th ACT

Men's Lightweight Scull


1st Sydney (NSW) - Robert Allan, Cch: Ron Ficarra
2nd Melbourne University (VIC) - Simon Cook, Cch: David Yates
3rd Corio Bay (VIC) - Sam Golding
4th ACT - Andrew Randell, Cch: Greg Thomas
5th Melbourne University (VIC) - John McKenzie, Cch: David Yates
6th Swan River (WA) - George Gallo

E1: 1st Corio Bay, 2nd Melbourne (James Scott), 3rd Swan River, 4th St George( Lance Wilkinson), 5th Drummoyne (Maurice Sizzi)
E2: 1st ANR (Mark Johnston), 2nd Franklin (John Driessen), 3rd Pine Rivers (John Hodgkinson), 4th Ulverston (Craig Higgs)
E3: 1st Sydney, 2nd ACT, 3rd Commercial (Greg Swan), 4th MUBC (Tony Inglis), 5th Swan River (Charles Luckman)
E4: 1st MUBC (Cook), 2nd MUBC (McKenzie), 3rd ACT (Andrew Randell), 4th New Norfolk (Neville Walker)
R1: 1st Melbourne, 2nd MUBC (Inglis), 3rd Pine Rivers
R2: 1st Commercial, 2nd Franklin, 3rd Drummoyne
R3: 1st ACT (Randall), 2nd St George, 3rd ACT (Bettle)
R4: 1st MUBC (McKenzie), 2nd Swan River (Gallo), 3rd Ulverston, 4th Swan River (Luckman)
SF1: 1st Corio Bay, 2nd Sydney, 3rd MUBC (McKenzie), 4th St George, 5th Commercial, 6th MUBC (Inglis)
SF2: 1st MUBC (Cook), 2nd ACT (Randall), 3rd Swan River (Gallo), 4th Melbourne, 5th ANR, 6th Franklin


Sydney's Bob Allan

Men's Lightweight Double Scull


1st St George/Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Lance Wilkinson, Str: Richard Reddell
2nd Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Bow: Simon Cook, Str: John McKenzie, Cch: David Yates
3rd Corio Bay/Melbourne (VIC) - Bow: Sam Golding, Str: James Scott, Cch: Terry Poole
4th ACT - Bow: Reuben Bettle, Str: Andrew Randell, Cch: Greg Thomas
5th Commercial/Pine River (QLD) - Bow: John Hodgkinson, Str: Greg Swan, Cchs: Robert Bleakley & Noel Langton
6th Franklin/New Norfolk (TAS) - Bow: Neville Walker, Str: John Driessen

Men's Lightweight Pair


1st Melbourne University No 1 (VIC) - Bow: Peter Antonie, Str: Charles Bartlett, Cch: David England
Equal 2nd Buckingham No 2 (TAS) - Bow: Ian Jordan, Str: Russell Hookway, Cch: David Poulson
Equal 2nd Melbourne University No 2 (VIC) - Bow: Phil Gardiner, Str: Steve Spurling, Cch: David England
4th ACT - Bow: Merrick Howes, Str: Nick Hunter, Str: Roland Stocker
5th Corio Bay/Barwon (VIC) - Bow: Stuart Wilson, Str: Brian Digby, Cch: Geoff Hunter
6th Mercantile No 2 (VIC) - Bow: Greg Pechan, Str: Joe Joyce, Cch: Martin Owen

E1: 1st ACT, 2nd Barwon/Corio Bay, 3rd Sydney/Balmain, 4th WA/ANA, 5th ANA No 2, 6th ANA
E2: 1st Mercantile No 2, 2nd Buckingham No 1, 3rd Swan River, 4th GPS/Brisbane, 5th North Esk
E3: 1st Buckingham No 2, 2nd MUBC No 1, 3rd Mercantile No 1, 4th Buckingham No 4
E4: 1st MUBC No 2, 2nd Barwon, 3rd Power House, 4th Drummoyne, 5th Freemantle
R1: 1st Corio Bay/Barwon, 2nd Swan River, 3rd Buckingham No 4
4th Freemantle
R2: 1st Buckingham No 1, 2nd Mercantile No 1, 3rd Drummoyne, 4th ANA No 2
R3: 1st MUBC No 1, 2nd Power House, 3rd North Esk, 4th WA/ANA
R4: 1st Barwon, 2nd Sydney/Balmain, 3rd GPS/Brisbane, 4th ANA
SF1: 1st Buckingham No 2, 2nd Mercantile No 2, 3rd Corio Bay/Barwon, 4th Barwon, 5th Mercantile No 1, 6th Power House
SF2: 1st MUBC No 1, 2nd MUBC No 2, 3rd ACT, 4th Buckingham No 1, 5th Sydney/Balmain, 6th Swan River

Men's Lightweight Four


1st Barwon/Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Bill Digby, 2: Robert Gardner, 3: Stuart Wilson, Str: Brian Digby, Cch: Geoff Hunter
2nd Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Charles Bartlett, 3: Peter Antonie, Str: Stephen Spurling, Cch: David England
3rd Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Greg Pechan, 2: Joe Joyce, 3: Alan Borger, Str: Derek Mollison, Cch: Martin Owen
4th Buckingham No 1 (TAS) - Bow: Bruce House, 2: Ian Jordan, 3: Michael Partridge, Str: Russell Hookway, Cch: David Poulson
5th ACT/Balmain/Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Merrick Howes, 2: Nick Hunter, 3: Warren Arndell, Str: Simon Pardy, Cch: Peter Stroud
6th Adelaide University/Port Adelaide (SA) - Bow: Damian Cooke, 2: Cameron Miller, 3: Robert Hughes, Str: Richard Hall, Cch: Ronald (Slim) Lawrence

E1: 1st MUBC, 2nd Buckingham, 3rd AUBC/Port Adelaide, 4th Swan River/North Esk, 5th ACT/Balmain/Sydney, 6th ANA/Freemantle
E2: 1st Barwon/Corio Bay, 2nd Mercantile, 3rd Tweed Heads, 4th WA/ANA
R1: 1st Buckingham No 1, 2nd ACT/Balmain/Sydney, 3rd Tweed Heads, 4th WA/ANA
R2: 1st Mercantile, 2nd AUBC/Port Adelaide, 3rd Swan River/North Esk

Men's Lightweight Eight


1st Buckingham (TAS)/Barwon (VIC)/Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Bruce House, 2: Ian Jordan, 3: Michael Partridge, 4: Russell Hookway, 5: Bill Digby, 6: Robert Gardner, 7: Stuart Wilson, Str: Brian Digby, Cchs: Geoff Hunter & David Poulson
2nd Mercantile (VIC) - Bow:Ian Rycroft, 2: John Grant, 3: Gary Harris, 4: Andrew Douglas, 5: Greg Pechan, 6: Joe Joyce, 7: Alan Borger, Str: Derek Mollison, Cox: John Leeming, Cch: Martin Owen
3rd ANA/Freemantle/WARC (WA) - Bow: Marc Corser, 2: John Langton, 3: John Grulich, 4: Richard Burnell, 5: Will Drage, 6: Craig Ryan, 7: Darryl Salisbury, Str: Vaslev Vanek, Cox: Jeff Murphy, Cch: Ken Grant
4th Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Tom Hugh, 2: Simon Glascott, 3: Geoff Patterson, 4: Alan Esdale, 5: Merrick Howes, 6: Nicholas Hunter, 7: Warren Arndell, Str: Simon Pardy, Cox: Grant Corbett, Cch: Peter Stroud

Men's Under 23 Scull


1st Drummoyne (NSW) - Murray Doust, Cch: Les Donnelly
2nd Melbourne University (VIC) - Robert Leach, Cch: Alan Darker
3rd Glebe (NSW) - Ed Fessey, Cch: John Longeragan
4th ACT - Andrew Fairfield-Smith
5th Melbourne University (VIC) - Tony Inglis, Cch: David Yates
6th Buckingham (TAS) - Andrew Palmer

E1: 1st MUBC (Leach), 2nd Glebe, 3rd ACT
E2: 1st Drummoyne, 2nd Melbourne, 3rd MUBC, 4th Leichhhardt, 5th Buckingham
R1: 1st Glebe, 2nd MUBC (Inglis), 3rd Leichhardt
R2: 1st ACT, 2nd Buckingham

Men's Under 23 Pair


1st ACT - Bow: Paul Thompson, Str: James Galloway, Cch: Peter Shakespear
2nd Tamar (TAS) - Bow: Simon Frost, Str: Glenn Myler, Cch: Mark Roach
3rd Mosman (NSW) - Bow: David Hoy, Str: Luke Linton-Simkins, Cch: Rusty Robertson
4th Sydney University/Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Robert Britt, Str: Roger Brighton, Cch: Rusty Robertson
5th Sydney University/Nepean (NSW) - Bow: John Skellern, Str: Brian Payne
6th Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Yvan Ocasic, Str: Darryn Hope, Cch: John Virgona

Men's Under 23 Four


1st Mosman/Sydney/Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Robert Britt, 2: Roger Brighton, 3: David Hoy, Str: Luke Linton-Simpkins, Cox: Andrew Cox, Cch: Rusty Robertson
2nd Toowong (QLD) - Bow: Andrew Rolfe, 2: Patrick O'Keefe, 3: David Power, Str: Cameron Prout, Cox: John Lincoln, Cch: Terry Mulligan
3rd Tamar (TAS) - Bow: Dan Wyly, 2: Craig Saville, 3: Simon Frost, Str: Glenn Myler, Cox: Michael Cox, Cch: Mark Roach
4th Toowong/GPS/Commercial (QLD) - Bow: Stuart Cioccarelli, 2: Bruce Speare, 3: Jeremy Brett, Str: Corby Green, Cox: James Camick, Cch: Terry Mulligan
5th Mersey/Reeconian/Ulverstone/Derwent Mercantile (TAS) - Bow: David Banks, 2: John Bannon, 3: Stuart Evans, Str: David Tippett, Cox: Unknown, Cch: Mark Roach
6th Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Chris Klupacs, 2: Mark Rice, 3: Yvan Ocasic, Str: Darryn Hope, Cox: George Kounavis, Cch: John Virgona

E1: 1st Mosman/Sydney/SUBC, 2nd Corio Bay, 3rd UWA, 4th Eastern Suburbs/NarraBandah
E2: 1st Toowong, 2nd Tamar, 3rd Toowong/GPS/Commercial, 4th Mersey/Reeconian/Ulverstone/Derwent Mercantile
R: 1st Tamar, 2nd Corio Bay, 3rd Mersey Composite, 4th Toowong Composite, 5th UWA, 6th Narrabundah Composite

Men's Under 23 Eight


1st Toowong/GPS/Commercial (QLD) - Bow: Andrew Rolfe, 2: Stuart Cioccarelli, 3: Bruce Spear, 4: Jeremy Brett, 5: Corby Green, 6: Cameron Prout, 7: David Power, Str: Patrick O'Keefe, Cox: John Lincoln, Cch: Terry Mulligan
2nd Adelaide/Torrens/Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: Justin Smith, 2: Tim Belcher, 3: Grant McGarty, 4: Mark Jenkinson, 5: Victor Sukacz, 6: Mark McInerney, 7: Michael Emery, Str: Patrick Winter, Cox: Robert Rowlands, Cch: Robert Russell
3rd Mosman/Sydney/Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Matt Weir, 2: Henry Vaughan, 3: Cuy Morgan, 4: Andrew Smith, 5: Chris Goodman, 6: Mark Alerdice, 7: Craig Allen, Str: Craig Mitchell, Cox: Andrew Cox, Cch: Graeme Allen

Men's Under 19 Scull


1st ACT - Andrew Fairfield-Smith
2nd Glebe (NSW) - Thomas Parker, Cch: Milan Parker
3rd Brisbane Grammar (QLD) - Mark Twist, Cch: Alan Bromiley
4th Commercial (QLD) - Peter Oxenford, Cch: John Kelly
5th ACT - Bruce Wood, Cch: Roland Stocker
6th Mannum (SA) - Jonathan Greening

E1: 1st ACT (Fairfield-Smith), 2nd Glebe (Parker), 3rd Glebe (Major)
E2: 1st ACT (Wood), 2nd Brisbane Grammar, 3rd Commercial, 4th Mannum
R: 1st Glebe (Parker), 2nd Commercial, 3rd Brisbane Grammar, 4th Mannum, 5th Glebe (Major)

Men's 19 Double Scull


1st ACT - Bow: Andrew Fairfield-Smith, Str: Bruce Wood
2nd Commercial/Brisbane (QLD) - Bow: Peter Oxenford, Str: Mark Twist, Cch: John Kelly
3rd Glebe No 3 (NSW) - Bow: Ken Major, Str: Thomas Parker, Cch: Milan Parker
4th Glebe No 2 (NSW) - Bow: Andre Blum, Str: Anthony Chan, Cch: Milan Parker
5th Glebe No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Simon Horsburgh, Str: Andrew Simpson, Cch: Kim Mackney

Men's Under 19 Pair


1st Commercial/University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: Lachlan Meehan, Str: Rod Birt, Cch: Jack Hutchinson
2nd Glebe (NSW) - Bow: Simon Horsburgh, Str: Andrew Simpson, Cch: Kim Mackney

Men's Under 19 Four


1st Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Robert Law, 2: Peter Tomanovits, 3: Stephen Hair, Str: Stuart Wade, Cox: Peter Bester, Cch: Phil Ainsworth
2nd GPS/Commercial/University of Queensland (QLD) - Bow: Darren Collins, 2: Paul Sargent, 3: Karl Rollings, Str: Paul Baxter, Cox: James Gamack, Cch: Alan Bromiley
3rd University of Western Australia/ ANA/Swan River (WA) - Bow: Haig McGlashan, 2: Anthony Reily, 3: David Deykin, Str: Tim Beeson, Cox: Shay Egan
4th Tamar (TAS) - Bow: Paul Geason, 2: Scott Oakley, 3: James Russell, Str: Randal Weeks, Cox: David Hardman, Cch: Robert Weeks

Schoolboy Scull


1st Brisbane Grammar (QLD) - Mark Trist, Cch: Alan Bromiley
2nd Marist College (NSW) - Thomas Parker, Cch: Milan Parker
3rd Scotch Oakburn No 1 (TAS) - Peter Boden
4th Scotch Oakburn No 2 (TAS) - James Stromach
5th Scotch Oakburn No 3 (TAS) - Richard Ford

Schoolboy Four


1st Ballarat & Clarendon College (VIC) - Bow: Jeffrey Robinson, 2: Wayne Mott, 3: John Dryden, Str: Timothy Oliver, Cox: Stuart Robinson, Cch: Andrew McKinley
2nd Prince Alfred College (SA) - Bow: David Greenslade, 2: Hamish McLachlan, 3: Michael McLeish, Str: Matthew Henbest, Cox: David Grayling, Cch: Graham D Coldwell
3rd Melbourne High School (VIC) - Bow: Marc Polster, 2: Matthew Dingle, 3: Sven Straub, Str: Matthew Robinson, Cox: Anthony Young, Cch: David Fisher
4th Hutchins No 2 (TAS) - Bow: Matthew Grant, 2: Michael Hughes, 3: Adam Bentley, Str: Ian McMahon, Cox: Gerald Parsons, Cch: John Verney
5th Dominic College (TAS) - Bow: Andrew Viduka, 2: Matthew Jackson, 3: Richard Sampson, Str: Christopher Bobbi, Cox: James Mulcahy
6th Melbourne High School No 2 (VIC) - Bow: Stuart Green, 2: Ashdon Capp, 3: Mark Clark, Str: Stephen Loukomitis, Cox: David Marcun, Cch: Chris Sutcliffe

E1: 1st Hutchins No 2, 2nd Melbourne High No 1, 3rd Melbourne High No 2, 4th St Patricks, 5th Reece High/St Brendan
E2: 1st Dominic College, 2nd Hutchins No 1, 3rd Cranbrook, 4th Dominic College No 2, 5th Scotch Oakburn
E3: 1st Ballarat & Clarendon, 2nd Prince Alfred, 3rd Ballarat & Queens, 4th Christian Brothers
R1: 1st Melbourne High No 2, 2nd Christian Brothers, 3rd Scotch Oakburn
R2: 1st Melbourne High No 1, 2nd Ballarat & Queens, 3rd Dominic College No 2, 4th Reece High/St Brendons
R3: 1st Prince Alfred, 2nd Cranbrook, 3rd St Patricks

Schoolboy Eight


1st Wesley College (VIC) - Bow: Richard Wraith, 2: Andrew Shugg, 3: Nick Stranks, 4: Peter Wright, 5: Heath Ruddock, 6: Anthony Ryan, 7: David McLeod, Str: Michael Stranks, Cox: Stuart Greenbaum, Cch: David Palfreyman
2nd Caulfield Grammar (VIC) - Bow:Mark Harrison, 2: Warren Linton, 3: Ryan Glossop, 4: Jeffrey Seers, 5: Michael Howells, 6: Peter English, 7: Oresti Kyriakopoulos, Str: Nicholas Richardson, Cox: Peter Scott, Cch: Brad Fenner
3rd Hutchins (TAS) - Bow: Glenn Moroney, 2: Stewart Hutcheon, 3: Philip Pearce, 4: Michael Hughes, 5: Matthew Grant, 6: Ian McMahon, 7: Adam Bentley, Str: Edward Burbury, Cox: Geoffrey Hosking, Cch: John Verney
4th Dominic College (TAS) - Bow: Joseph Sandric, 2: Stephen Bresneham, 3: Peter Dixon, 4: Matthew Drake, 5: Andrew Viduka, 6: Matthew Jackson, 7: Richard Sampson, Str: Christopher Bobbi, Cox: James Mulcahy, Cch: Tony Salisbury
5th Launceston Grammar (TAS) - Bow: Philip Hughes, 2: Richard Dowling, 3: Tim Callaghan, 4: Chris Schramm, 5: Drew Cox, 6: Neil Grose, 7: Patrick Lawrence, Str: Mark Ranicar, Cox: Peter Roberts, Cch: Max Plummer
6th Melbourne High School (VIC) - Bow: Martin Barrie, 2: Colin Axup, 3: Marc Polster, 4: Martin Uhiherr, 5: Matthew Dingle, 6: Hugh Barnett, 7: Sven Straub, Str: Matthew Robinson, Cox: Anthony Young, Cch: David Fisher

E1: 1st Wesley, 2nd Caulfield, 3rd Melbourne High, 4th Christian Brothers, 5th St Virgils
E2: 1st Hutchins, 2nd Dominic College, 3rd Launceston Grammar
R: 1st Melbourne High, 2nd Launceston Grammar, 3rd Christian Brothers, 4th St Virgils

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