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history of australian national rowing championships

1971 Women's National Championships - 17 April, Nepean River NSW

1971 Women's Championships program cover


Organising Committee

NSW Women's Rowing Association - President: Rose Evans


Starters: Ossie Rosevear & V Mossong

Umpire: N McCallum

Judges: William Winkworth & Sam Hobbs

Announcers: Alan Callaway & George Parlby

Women's Senior Pair

(500 metres)

Time: 2 min 26 sec
No margins available

1st Ryde (NSW) - Bow: Nan Geer, Str: Pam Murray
2nd Nestles (VIC) - Bow: Valmai Bertrand, Str: June Thorne

Other entries:
Lakside (SA) - Bow: Elaine Guterres, Str: J Jepson, Cox: N Clark, Cch: B Mattsson
Lakside (SA) - Bow: P Vale, Str: B Mattsson, Cox: unknown, Cch: B Mattsson
YWCA/Nestles (VIC) - Bow: Trudy Van Rooy, Str: Helen Murnane
Sydney Women's (NSW) - Bow: P Cree, Str: Jenny Adam, Cox: H M Perry

Women's Lightweight Scull

(1000 metres)

Time: 4 min 37.8 sec
Margins: 2 1/2 & 1 length

1st Nestles (Vic) - Val Bertrand
2nd Tweed Heads (QLD) - J Wilkie
3rd Tweed Heads (QLD) - Shirley Graham

Other entries:
YWCA (VIC) - Kath Suhr
Sydney University (NSW) - Anne Ellison

Women's Lightweight Pair

(500 metres)


No race was held.

Women's Junior Scull

Time: 4 min 38.6 secs
Margin: 5 lengths

1st Tweed Heads (Qld) - Joan Wilkie
2nd Mosman (NSW) - J Cameron

Other entires:
Tweed Heads (NSW) - Laura Finucan
Tweed Heads (NSW) - Ann Finucan
Sydney Women's (NSW) - Joan Lake
YWCA (VIC) - Julie Hutchinson
Melbourne University (VIC) - Pat Oddie

Women's Junior Pair

(500 metres)

Time: 2 min 20.6 secs
Margins: 3 lengths and 1/3 length

1st YWCA (Vic) - Bow: Helen Murname, Str: Julie Hutchinson, Cox: Rae Wheeler
2nd Tweed Heads (QLD) - Bow: Ann Finucan, Str: Laura Finucan
2nd Lakeside (SA) - Bow: Elaine Gutteres, Str: J Jepson, Cox: N Clark, Cch: N Mattsson

Other entries:
Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Betty Gawthorne, Str: Pat Oddie
YWCA/Essendon (VIC) - Bow: Sandra Deer, Str: Maree Cox
Bundaberg (QLD) - Bow: L Brown, Str: J Axam
Bundaberg (QLD) - Bow: C Taylor, Str: S Glass
Tweed Heads (NSW)
- Bow: Kay Crompton, Str: Sonia Whitton

Women's Junior Four

Time : 4 min 23.1 sec
Margins: 4 lengths and 0.5 lengths

1st Melbourne Univesity (Vic) - Bow: S Kousal, 2: D Widmer, 3: Betty Gawthorne, Str: Pat Oddie
2nd Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: J Donne, 2: D Westbrook, 3: M McDonald, Str: M Gregory, Cox: S Edwards, Cch: Phil Titterton
3rd Sydney Women's (NSW) - Bow: S Wendy, 2: J Stephens, 3: C Cashman, Str: R Hillier, Cox: K Hollingworth, Cch: G Sollom

Other entries:
Lakeside (SA) - Bow: Elaine Guterres, 2: G Johnson, 3: J Stephen, Str: J Jepson, Cox: N Clark, Cch: B Mattsson
Lakeside (SA) - Bow: C Motley, 2: C Bonnett, 3: P Vale, Str: B Mattsson, Cox: N Clark, Cch: B Mattsson
YWCA (VIC) - Bow: Rae Wheeler, 2: Sandra Deer, 3: Julie Hutchinson, Str: Helen Murname, Cox: Rod Florence, Cch: Lance Gallagher
Bundaberg (QLD) - Bow: C Taylor, 2: S Glass, 3: L Brown, Str: J Axam, Cox: G Smith, Cch: M Dahl

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