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history of australian national rowing championships

1977 National Championships - Canning River, Perth WA

1977 Programme

A five lane course was used for these Championships. The regatta was held on 9-11 April 1977, immediately after the Interstate Championships.

The regatta was conducted in warm weather but the rowing was somewhat marred by the strong winds which blew during the five days.


Organising Committee

Organising Committee: Berry Durston (Chairman), Craig James (Secretary), William R Burbidge, Bill Coer, P R Cox, Frank Le Souef, Susie Gaskin, D K Lilyman, Lindsay Wallis, John Whitehead, G W Giles

Men's Double Scull


1st Haberfield/Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Robert McGowen, Str: Richard Reddel
2nd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Jim Stride, Str: Edward Hale, Cch: Stuart Mackenzie
3rd North Esk (TAS) - Bow: John P Bugg, Str: Adrian R Marshall
4th Perth (WA) - Bow: John Vos, Str: Murray McHenry, Cch: Ken Grant
5th Perth/Joondalup (WA) - Bow: Peter Shakespear, Str: Peter Jones

Torrens and Balmain were eliminated in the repechage.

Men's Quad Scull

First & final

1st Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Charlie Rowe, 2: William Newton, 3: Richard Reddel, Str: Paul Rowe, Cch: Kevyn Webb
2nd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Kirk Olsson, 2: Kim Mackney, 3: Jim Stride, Str: Neil McGill, Cch: Reg Stride

Men's Pair


1st Haberfield No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Charlie Rowe, Str: Paul Rowe
2nd Haberfield/Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Richard Reddel, Str: Gordon Clubb
3rd Franklin (TAS) - Bow: A (Tony) D Heron, Str: Roger Grace
4th Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Anthony R Amisimoff, Str: Phil G Winkworth, Cch: John Welch
Sydney (NSW) Did not finish - Bow: Chris Shinners, Str: Simon Dean, Cch: Stuart MacKenzie

E1: 1st Haberfield No 1, other crews Adelaide University No 1, Monash & Haberfield/Sydney
E2: 1st Franklin, other crews MUBC/Mercantile, Joondalup/UWA & SUBC
E3: 1st Sydney, other crews Adelaide, AUBC No 2 & Haberfield No 2.
R: 1st Sydney University, 2nd Haberfield/Sydney, 3rd MUBC/Mercantile, 4th AUBC, 5th AUBC

Men's Coxed Pair


1st Adelaide (SA) - Bow: Nigel W (Charlie) Winter, Str: Mark G Hebblewhite Cox: Brenton (Snips) Parsons
2nd Sydney/Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Chris Shinners, Str: Simon Dean, Cox: Stuart Carter, Cch: Stuart MacKenzie
3rd Franklin (TAS) - Bow: Anthony (Tony) Heron, Str: Roger Grace, Cox: C Wotjas
4th Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Anthony R Anisimoff, Str: Phil G Winkworth, Cox: R Hooper, Cch: John St V Welch
5th Mercantile/MUBC (VIC) - Bow: Rod Guy, Str: Tim Ross-Edwards, Cox: unknown, Cch: David Bishop

E1: 1st Sydney/Mosman, 2nd Mercantile/MUBC, 3rd Haberfield/Sydney No 2 (Hawke/Mackney)
E2: 1st Adelaide, 2nd Franklin
E3: 1st SUBC, 2nd AUBC, 3rd Joondalup/UWA
R: 1st Franklin, 2nd Mercantile/MUBC, other crews AUBC & Joondalup/UWA

Men's Four


1st Mercantile/Monash (VIC) - Bow: Peter Benjamin, 2: Stephen Shirrefs, 3: Alec Sloan, Str: Wil Magennis, Cch: David Bishop
2nd Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Colin Smith, 2: Peter Antonie, 3: Simon Gillett, Str: Geoff Rees, Cch: Peter Philp
3rd Haberfield (NSW) - crew not known
4th Perth & Collegians/Ascot/University of WA (WA) - Bow: Peter R Woodlands, 2: John Vos, 3: Michael Low, Str: Jim Battersby, Cch: Ken Grant
5th ANA/Joondalup/Perth Collegians (WA) - Bow: Murray McHenry, 2: Mark Scott, 3: Joe Saunders, Str: Stephen Saunders, Cch: Ken Grant

E1: Mercantile/Monash, 2nd Perth & Collegians, 3rd Budaberg, 4th Sydney
E2: 1st Melbourne University, 2nd Haberfield, 3rd ANA/Joondalup/Perth Collegians, 4th Sydney/Mosman/Drummoyne
No repechage

Men's Coxed Four


1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Anthony Brown, 2: Gordon Clubb, 3: Ian A Clubb, Str: Islay Lee, Cox: Stuart Carter, Cch: Stuart MacKenzie
2nd Monash/MUBC (VIC) - Bow: Kerry Jelbart, 2: Murray Ross, 3: Tim Young, Str: Brian Richardson, Cox: Adriann Maginn, Cch: David Bishop
3rd Buckingham/Franklin (TAS) - Bow: Victor Gibson, 2: Reg Free, 3: Terry Davis, Str: Eric Miller, Cox: Roger Curtis, Cch: David Poulson
4th Sydney/Mosman/Drummoyne/SUBC (NSW) - Bow: Steve Handley, 2: Ian Paver, 3: Gary Uebergang, Str: David Clark, Cox: John Boultbee, Cch: Stuart MacKenzie
5th Mercantile/Monash (VIC) - Bow: Peter Benjamin, 2: Stephen Shirrefs, 3: Alec Sloan, Str: Will Magennis, Cox: David England, Cch: David Bishop

E1: 1st Mercantile Monash, 2nd Buckingham/Franklin, 3rd Bundaberg
E2: Monash/MUBC, 2nd Sydney/Mosman/Drummoyne/SUBC, 3rd AUBC
E3: 1st Sydney, 2nd ANA/Joondalup/Perth Collegians, 3rd Perth Collegians/Ascot/UWA
R1: 1st Buckingham/Franklin, 2nd Perth Collegians/Ascot/UWA
R2: 1st Sydney/Mosman/Drummoyne/SUBC, 2nd ANA/Joondalup/Perth Collegians, 3rd Bundaberg

1977 Sydney Rowing Club Coxed Four

National Coxed Four Champions from Sydney Rowing Club

Men's Lightweight Scull


1st Wendouree Ballarat (VIC) - Andrew G McKinley
2nd ANU (ACT) - Peter Nevett, Cch: Barry Ninham
3rd Banks (VIC) - Anthony Feldt
4th Ballarat City (VIC) - Dan Elliot
5th Mercantile (VIC) - Neville Smith

E1: 1st Wendouree Ballarat, 2nd ANU, 3rd Banks, 4th Corio Bay No 2 (Terry Poole)
E2: 1st Mercantile, 2nd Power House (Len Budge)
E3: Ballarat City, 2nd SA Railways (R J Bradley)
R: 1st ANU, 2nd Banks, 3rd SA Railways, 4th Corio Bay No 2, 5th Power House

Andrew McKinley in 1979 in Victorian uniform

Men's Lightweight Pair


1st ANA (WA) - Wayne Simmons, Str: Geoff Mitchell, Cch: R (Dick) Gard
2nd Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Richard F Hunt, Str: Terry R Maher, Cch: Don Croot
3rd Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Peter Stroud, Str: Mick Reynolds, Cch: Milan Parker
4th University of WA (WA) - Bow: Chris Curry, Str: Michael Sasse, Cch: Richard (Dick) Gard
5th Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: A Ranson, Str: R Widger

E1: 1st Balmain, 2nd AUBC, 3rd North Esk, 4th Flinders Uni
E2: 1st Drummoyne, 2nd Essendon
E3: 1st ANA, 2nd Sydney, 3rd UWA No 1, 4th Murray Bridge
R1: 1st AUBC, 2nd Murray Bridge, 3rd Essendon, 4th Flinders Uni
R2: 1st University of WA, 2nd Sydney, 3rd North Esk

Men's Lightweight Four

First & final

1st Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Colin Smith, 2: Peter Antonie, 3: Simon Gillett, Str: Geoff Rees, Cch: Peter Philp
2nd Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Phillip Gardiner, 2: Alan De Belin, 3: Peter Riccord, Str: John Bailey, Cch: Bert Harding
3rd Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: William Moody, 2: A Beal, 3: W Young, Str: Vaughan Bollen
4th UWA/ANA/WAIT (WA) - Bow: George Gallo, 2: Peter Shugg, 3: John Harris, Str: Ian Waite, Cch: Richard (Dick) Gard

1977 MUBC Lightweight Four
1977 Melbourne University Lightweight Four
Bow: Colin Smith, 2: Peter Antonie, 3: Simon Gillett, Str: Geoff Rees

Men's Lightweight Eight

First & final

1st Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Martin Owen, 2: Malcolm Robertson, 3: Terry Thurtell, 4: Rod Stewart, 5: Ian Porter, 6: Phil Ainsworth, 7: Richard Garrard, Str: John Hawkins, Cox: Vic Ronai-Horvath, Cchs: Hubert Frederico & Paul Guest
2nd University of Melbourne (VIC) - Bow: Frank Saccardo, 2: Paul Van Veernandaal, 3: Norman O'Bryan, 4: Rob Stewart, 5: Colin Smith, 6: Peter Antonie, 7: Simon Gillett, Str: Geoff Rees, Cox: David England, Cch: Peter Philp
3rd Haberfield/Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Peter McCallum, 2: Greg Farrar, 3: P Garner, 4: Ronald McConville, 5: David Taylor, 6: Alan deBelin, 7: Peter Riccord, Str: John Bailey, Cox: R Denton, Cch: Bert Harding
4th ANA/WAIT/University of WA (WA) - Bow: George Gallo, 2: Geoff Mitchell, 3: John Harris, 4: Peter Shugg, 5: Michael Sasse, 6: Chris Curry, 7: Wayne Simmons, Str: Ian Waite, Cox: Michael Hart, Cch: Richard (Dick) Gard
5th Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: William (Billy) Jackson, 2: Robert Jackson, 3: Les Crawford, 4: Les Donnelly, 5: Maxwell Simmons, 6: Jock Cunningham, 7: Lyall McCarthy, Str: Graeme Wearne, Cox: Aaron Agnew, Cch: Rusty Roberston

Men's Junior Scull (not under 19)


1st Sydney No 4 (NSW) - Kim Mackney, Cch: Ian Carmody
2nd Adelaide (SA) - Mark G Hebblewhite
3rd Nepean (NSW) - Leif Schnoor
4th Queensland University (QLD) - Geoff Hall

E1: 1st Sydney No 4, 2nd Sydney No 2 (K Olsson), 3rd Sydney No 3 (N McGill), 4th Haberfield (P O'Connell)
E2: 1st Adelaide, 2nd SA Railways (T D Sullivan), 3rd Queensland University , 4th University od WA (P Bairstow)
E3: 1st Nepean, other details unknown
Semi final details unknown

Men's Junior Pair (not under 19)


1st Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Greg Pearson, Str: John M Stagg, Cox: Michael Sheridan, Cch: Stuart Evans
2nd Adelaide (SA) - Bow: Bruce Keynes, Str: P Deeves, Cox: unknown
3rd North Esk (TAS) - Bow: Robin Bakker, Str: R Canning, Cox: G Ewington
4th Essendon (VIC) - Bow: Craig Forsyth, Str: C R Ohlson, Cox: unknown, Cch: J "Jock" V Heyes
5th Flinders University (SA) - Bow: D G Fotheringham, Str: D R Craick, Cox: R Harries

E1: 1st Flinders University, other crews Buckingham, UWA No1, UWA No 2, Swan River/UWA
E2: North Esk, other crews Adelaide, Essendon, Banks & SA Railways
E3: 1st Mosman, other crews SUBC, Drummoyne, Joondalup & Wendouree Ballarat
R: 1st Adelaide, 2nd Essendon, 3rd SA Railways, other crews Joondalup & Banks

Men's Junior Four (not under 19)


1st Nepean (NSW) - Bow: Leif Schnoor, 2: John Penellum, 3: Phillip Byrne, Str: Mark Gilpin, Cox: David Nunn, Cch: Richard Tarlinton
2nd University of WA No 1 (WA) - Bow: Allan R Stewart, 2: M Oxenham, 3: Stephen Donaldson, Str: Jack Fischer, Cox: R Kay, Cch: C Richards
3rd North Esk (TAS) - Bow: Mark Roach, 2: Maurice Barry, 3: David MacFarlane, Str: G Williams, Cox: D Williams, Cch: John Bolton
4th Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Paul Van Veenandaal, 2: Frank Saccardo, 3: Norman O'Bryan, Str: Rob Stewart, Cox: David England, Cch: Peter Philp
5th Torrens (SA) - Bow: R Gardner, 2: Nick Gibson, 3: S Smith, Str: Phil Gebhardt, Cox: J Holst, Cch: D Edmonds

E1: 1st Nepean, other crews University of WA No 2, Melbourne University &University of WA No 1
E2: 1st North Esk, other crews University of WA No 3 & Sydney
E3: 1st Torrens, other crews Banks &Perth & Collegians
R1: 1st MUBC, 2nd University of WA No 2, 3rd Perth & Collegians
R2: 1st University of WA No 1, 2nd Banks, 3rd University of WA No 3

Men's Junior Eight (not under 19)


1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Ken Rickard-Bell, 2: Simon Wiadrowski, 3: Paul Hermann, 4: Anthony Curtin, 5: Mark Shillington, 6: Steve Curtin, 7: Peter Chidgey, Str: Mark Hermann, Cox: R Gillett, Cch: Pat Hannan
2nd Nepean (NSW) - Bow: Ronald McGovern, 2: David Babicci, 3: Robert Glendenning, 4: John Penellum, 5: Leif Schnoor, 6: Richard Stewart, 7: Phillip Byrne, Str: Mark Gilpin, Cox: S Murphy, Cch: Richard Tarlinton
3rd Lindisfarne/Franklin/Buckingham/New Norfolk (TAS) - Bow: M Thorpe, 2: L McMullen, 3: S Ebsworth, 4: T Scandrett, 5: G Willis, 6: P Beswick, 7:Bruce Heron, Str: P Hansen, Cox: C Wotjas, Cch: Paul Myler
4th Wendoureee Ballarat/Barwon (VIC) - Bow: Brad G Horney (Barwon RC), 2: James A Burzacott, 3: Peter A Shorten, 4: Richard J Tomczak, 5: Phillip A Scott, 6: Gary J Gullock, 7: Anthony R Heys, Str: Mark W Cunningham, Cox: Mark O'Brien, Cch: Jock B Heys
5th University of WA/WAIT (WA) - Bow: Guy Bicknell, 2: Stewart Mitchell, 3: Jamie Downs, 4: Neville Kempton, 5: James Fairchild, 6: John Stocco, 7: Richard Read, Str: Peter Scott, Cox: Simon Cox, Cch: Paul Cox

E1: 1st Lindisfarne composit, 2nd UWA composite, 3rd Wendouree Ballarat
E2: 1st Sydney, 2nd Nepean, 3rd UWA
R: 1st Nepean, 2nd UWA/WAIT, 3rd Wendouree Ballarat, 4th UWA

Champion Junior Eight from Sydney
National Champion Junior Eight from Sydney Rowing Club

Men's Youth Scull

First & final

1st Haberfield (NSW) - Charlie Rowe, Cch: Senko Marlukin
2nd North Esk (TAS) - David MacFarlane, Cch: John Bolton

Men's Under 16 Four


1st Aquinas No 3 (WA) - Bow: Neil Stedman, 2: Paul Saunders, 3: Ralph Cullen, Str: John Saunders, Cox: Jon Foster, Cch: Peter Lillis
2nd Scotch (WA) - Bow: Sven B Campbell, 2: Ian G Digwood, 3: Richard B Lynn, Str: Sam R Leighton, Cox: Rodney J Johnston, Cch: Adrian Monger
3rd Wesley (WA) - Bow: Bede Rogers, 2: Brad Miocevich, 3: Warren Hawes, Str: Stuart Janes, Cox: Hugh Rogers, Cch: John Kirwan
4th Christ Church (WA) - Bow: Andrew C Moyes, 2: Joel M Dowsing, 3: David N MacKenzie, Str: Randall J Harding, Cox: Geoffrey P Gribble

E1: 1st Scotch, 2nd Aquinas No 1 , 3rd Trinity
E2: 1st Aquinas No 3, 2nd Wesley, 3rd Christ Church
R: 1st Wesley, 2nd Christ Church, 3rd Aquinas No 1, 4th Trinity

Schoolboy Four


1st Taree High School (NSW) - Bow: Wayne W Dennes, 2: Keith R Currie, 3: Stephen A Gaul, Str: John D Polson, Cox: Peter J McHugh, Cch: Errol Brazenall
2nd Christ Church (WA) - Bow: Lindsay B McRae, 2: Warren S Jones, 3: Ian D Hilton, Str: John S Throssell, Cox: Stephen J Annear, Cch: Murray McHenry
3rd Newington (NSW) - Bow: Richard R Welch, 2: Julian Hansen, 3: Mark Dockrey, Str: Howard R Goodall, Cox: Philip D Hodgkinson, Cchs: Michael Morgan & Peter D Robertson
4th Aquinas (WA) - Bow: Mark Cronin, 2: James Raszyk, 3: Anthony Fitzgerald, Str: Anthony Golding, Cox: Jonathan Foster, Cch: Robert Brearley
5th Scotch (WA)

E1: Newington, 2nd Aquinas, 3rd Trinity
E2: 1st Taree, 2nd Scotch, Christ Church swamped
R: 1st Christ Church, 2nd Aqinas, 3rd Scotch, 4th Trinity

Schoolboy Eight


1st Newington (NSW) - Bow: Richard C Carter, 2: Rick K Haining, 3: R Stephen Todd, 4: Peter G Hermann, 5: Scott D Reid, 6: Wayne P Forrest, 7: Paul C Gledhill, Str: David S Wiadrowski, Cox: Murray D McGann, Cchs: Michael Morgan & Peter D Robertson
2nd Aquinas No 1 (WA) - Bow: Bradley Sinclair, 2: Richard Maxwell, 3: Garry Green, 4: Benjamin Killerby, 5: Francis O'Hare, 6: Jamie Jones, 7: Patrick Joyce, Str: Greg Fremantle, Cox: Stephen Biglin, Cch: Don (Butch) O'Brien
3rd Wesley (WA) - Bow: Stephen J Dungey, 2: Peter F Kirwan, 3: David R Martin, 4: Nigel W Newby, 5: Bretton L Day, 6: Mark G Field, 7: Geoff M Couper, Str: David W Robinson, Cox: Neal A Doncon, Cch: Barry J MacKinnon
4th Scotch No 1 (WA) - Bow: Jeffrey G Medcalf, 2: Richard F Dixon, 3: Peter M Blair, 4: Grant W Ford, 5: Michael J Cain, 6: Richard L McMillan, 7: Kim R Slatyer, Str: Lachlan M Simpson, Cox: Kimberley S Lyons, Cch: Jeremy H Parkinson
5th Cygnet (WA) - Bow: Edward (Ted) J Hill, 2: Ian (Norm) Beacham, 3: Alistair J Yencken, 4: Angus J Cooke, 5: Michael A Brand, 6: Craig C Anderson, 7: David R Bungey, Str: Wade Anderson, Cox: Michael Kampf, Cch: Roger Harrison

E1: 1st Newington, other crews Scotch No 1, Trinity & Christ Church
E2: 1st Aquinas No 1, other crews Cygnet & Scotch No 2
E3: 1st Wesley, other crew Aquinas No 2
R: 1st Scotch No 1, 2nd Cygnet, 3rd Christ Church, 4th TRinity, 5th Scotch No 2

Men's Veteran Four

First & final

1st University of WA/Joondalup/Swan River (WA) - Bow: Roger Fitzhardinge, 2: George Elmslie, 3: R Stephenson, Str: George Xouris, Cox: Rob Kay
2nd ANA/WAIT (WA) - Bow: C Alistair McMillan, 2: Reg J Clairs, 3: Derek O Fern, Str: Arnold H Drok, Cox & Cch: Ken Reynolds
3rd University of WA (WA) - Bow: D Muir, 2: B Clark, 3: Ross Moffat, Str: John Negus, Cox: S Abrahams

Women's Senior Scull


1st Sydney (NSW) - Denise Phillips, Cch: Ian Carmody
2nd Corio Bay (VIC) - Leisa Patterson, Cch: Jeff Sykes
3rd Tasmania University (TAS) - Shanne McGinniss  
4th Perth & Collegians (WA) - Vanessa Grant, Cchs: Ken Grant & S Stephens

Women's Elite Double Scull


1st Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Elaine Guterres, Str: Lynette Skelton, Cch: Keith Swanson
2nd YWCA/Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Kath Bennett, Str: Leisa Patterson, Cchs: Jack Bennett & Jeff Sykes
3rd Artemis (VIC) - Bow: Meredith Raynor, Str: Mary Renouf, Cch: Lou Renouf
4th Sydney No 2 (NSW) - Bow: Karen Law, Str: Evelyn Adams, Cch: Robyn Pull
5th Sydney No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Robyn Mackney, Str: Denise Phillips, Cch: Kim Mackney

Women's Coxed Quad Scull

First & final

1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Karen Law, 2: Denise Phillips, 3: Lydia Miladinovic, Str: Evelyn Adams, Cox: unknown
2nd Balmain/Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Robyn Pull, 2: Elaine Guterres, 3: H Bates, Str: Lynette Skelton, Cox: Vanessa Grant
3rd Artemis/YWCA/Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Leisa Patterson, 2: Kath Bennett, 3: Meredith Raynor, Str: Mary Renouf, Cox: C Gellion, Cchs: Jack Bennett, Jeff Sykes & Lou Renouf

Women's Elite Pair

First & final

1st Mosman No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Viv Rowe, Str: Sally Harding, Cch: Tim Conrad
2nd YWCA (VIC) - Bow: Wendy John, Str: Anne Chirnside, Cch: Nick Smith
3rd Artemis (VIC) - Bow: Meredith Raynor, Str: Mary Renouf, Cch: Lou Renouf
4th Mosman No 2 (NSW) - Bow: Jill Callan, Str: Vicki Spooner, Cch: Tim Conrad 
5th Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Pauline Kahl, Str: Maureen Revington, Cch: Margaret MacKenzie

Women's Senior Pair


1st Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: Barbara Henrich, Str: Dale Henrich, Cch: Bill Dankbaar
2nd Leichhardt (NSW) - Bow: Kim Gentle, Str: Jane Piper, Cch: Len MacPherson
3rd Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Pauline Kahl, Str: Maureen Revington, Cch: Margaret MacKenzie
4th Perth & Collegians (WA) - Bow: L Symonds, Str: Carol Cunningham, Cch: M Oxenham
5th University of WA (WA) - Bow: Rosemary Barwick, Str: Verna Westwood, Cch: Terry Scook

Women's Senior Four


1st Dimboola (VIC) - Bow: Leanne Whitehouse, 2: Lyn McDonald, 3: Pam Westerndorf, Str: Denise Petschel, Cox: Terry Gazelle, Cch: Ruth Klinge
2nd University of WA/WAIT (WA) - Bow: Gwenda Bennetts, 2: Jenny Dalzeil, 3: Jane Cowan, Str: Penny Curry, Cox: Susie Gaskin, Cch: Terry Scook
3rd Adelaide University/Metropolitan (SA) - Bow: Barbara Phelan, 2: Lesley Dankbaar, 3: Barbara Henrich, Str: Dale Henrich, Cox: G Kinnane, Cch: Bill Dankbaar
4th Leichhardt (NSW) - Bow: Chris Lupp, 2: Anne Piper, 3: Kim Gentle, Str: Jane Piper, Cox: Terry O'Hanlon, Cch: Len MacPherson
5th Metropolitan (SA) - Bow: Carol Cooper, 2: Paula J Mann, 3: Annette L Lowe, Str: Susan C Egan, Cox: Bronwyn Coulter, Cch: Phil L Mangelsdorf

Women's Lightweight Scull

First & final

1st Corio Bay (VIC) - Leisa Patterson, Cch: Jeff Sykes
2nd YWCA (VIC) - Kath Bennett, Cch: Jack Bennett

Perth & Collegians (V R Grant) and Sydney (Evelyn Adams) did not make weight.

Leisa welcomed back to shore by coach Jeff Sykes

Women's Lightweight Pair

First & final

1st Artemis No 2 (VIC) - Bow: Meredith Raynor, Str: Marina Di Martino, Cch: Lou Renouf
2nd Artemis No 2 (VIC) - Bow: Jan Olney, Str: L McKinnis, Cch: Lou Renouf
3rd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Gwen Ryan, Str: Barbara Webb, Cch: Robert Stone
4th ANA (WA) - Bow: Barbara F Kelly, Str: Marie T Gibson, Cch: Warren J Gibson
5th Leichhardt (NSW) - Bow: Vicki Baxter, Str: Helen Ward, Cch: Len MacPherson

Women's Junior Four (not under 19)


1st Dimboola (VIC) - Bow: Leanne Whitehouse, 2: Lyn McDonald, 3: Pam Westendorf, Str: Denise Petschel, Cox: Terry Gazelle, Cch: Ruth Klinge
2nd Leichhardt (NSW) - Bow: Jenny Rourke, 2: Anne Piper, 3: Kim Gentle, Str: Jane Piper, Cox: Terry O'Hanlon, Cch: Len MacPherson
3rd University of WA (WA) - Bow: E Arnold, 2: M Arnold, 3: J Cary, Str: Sue Travers, Cox: Kay Dixon, Cch: Steph Greenway
4th Tweed Heads (NSW) - Bow: Gillian Richards, 2: Cindy Walpole, 3: Debbie Walpole, Str: Megan McConnell, Cox: John Avery, Cch: Bede McLennan
5th Taree High School (NSW) - Bow: Helen King, 2: Daintry L Fletcher, 3: Gay P Allen, Str: Megan E Crisp, Cox: Peter J McHugh, Cch: Graham Nix

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