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history of australian national rowing championships

1964 National Championships - Lake Burley Griffin ACT

A 2,000 metre course on Lake Burley Griffin was the venue for the second Australian National Regatta, which was conducted over three days, from 30th April to 2nd May 1964.


The program noted that: "It will be the first official major aquatic carnival held on the Lake and will be used to celebrate the opening of what is destined to become one of the main attractions in the National Capital, and the scene of future National and International events."

Great importance was placed on the results, as many of the races were trials to decide the crews which would be nominated to represent      Australia at the Tokyo Olympics.


Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee:Sir Harold Alderson, John Rook, Oswald Nelson (Ossie) Rosevear, Bill Purcell, Keith Cummins, Allan Shedden, Laurie Stepto, Kevyn Parke Webb, Richard J Luker, William E O'Brien, J P Weldon, William (Bill) E O'Brien, S Brown, R Abbott, G Ruddock, C Colquhourn, Alwyn Druce, R Street, Reginald Libbis, Thomas (Tom) Monaghan, D Mackie, D Stockdill, Pieter Arriens, I Edwards, Alan Thornhill, John Foley, A. Pugh, Dr A Robson, Maj. Gen. Sir William D Refshauge MBE, R Burnard

Jury for the finals:

Starter: Oswald Nelson (Ossie) Rosevear

Aligner: William (Bill) Winkworth

Umpires: Vic Mossong, Eric Holford, Neil McCallum, B James

Judges: Alec McLeish, Peter Waddington, George Wallis

Timekeepers: Perce Spurling, George Ashley, Malcom (Mac) Ruffels, Graham Eastes

Reserves: William Bradshaw, R Selman and Warwick Mahoney

Men's Double Scull

Time: 7 min 19.6 sec
0.3 sec
2.2 sec

1st Balmain/Mosman(NSW) - Bow: Barclay Wade, Str: Gary Pearce, Cch:Wim Sirks
2nd Yarra Yarra (Vic) - Bow: James Skidmore, Str: Alan Rice
3rd Corio Bay/Wendouree (Vic) - Bow: Jeff Sykes, Str: James Thomas

E1: 1st Balmain/Mosman, 2nd Corio Bay/Wendouree, 3rd Sydney Rowing Club
E2: 1st Yarra Yarra, 2nd Haberfield
R1: 1st Corio Bay/Wendouree, 2nd Haberfield, 3rd Sydney

Pearce and Wade

Men's Coxless Pair

Time: 7 min 30.8 sec
16.1 sec
14.9 sec

1st Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Robert Shirlaw, Str: Rodger Ninham, Cch: Wim Sirks
2nd Nagambie (Vic) - Bow: Neil Lodding, Str: Bruce Richardson, Cch: Alf Lodding
3rd Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Alan (Spooky) Turner, Str: Allan Hawkes

E1: 1st Mosman, 2nd Balmain, 3rd Sydney No.2
E2: 1st Nepean, 2nd Colleagues(NSW), 3rd Mercantile No 2
E3: 1st Nagambie, 2nd Mercantile No 1, 3rd Haberfield
E4: 1st Otago (N.Z.), 2nd North Shore/Mosman
R1: 1st Balmain, 2nd Mercantile No 2, 3rd North Shore/Mosman
R2: 1st Colleagues (NSW), 2nd Haberfield
R3: 1st Mercantile No 1, 2nd Sydney No 2
SF1: 1st Mosman, 2nd Otago (N.Z.), 3rd Mercantile No 1
SF2: 1st Balmain, 2nd Nepean
SF3: 1st Nagambie, 2nd Colleagues (NSW)

Men's Coxed Pair

Time: 8 min 3.1 sec
11.2 sec
6.8 sec

1st Nagambie (Vic) - Bow: Neil Lodding, Str: Bruce Richardson, Cox: Wayne Gammon, Cch: Alf Lodding
2nd Hawthorn (Vic) - Bow: Len I Stewart, Str: Brian A Craven, Cox: Peter Cosgrove, Cch: Stan J Neal
3rd Wendouree (Vic) - Bow: Ken Fraser, Str: Bill Coutts, Cox: Brendan Zala, Cchs: Ron Widgery and Eric Walker
4th Banks (Vic) - Bow: Ian E Douglas, Str: Charles J Lehman, Cox: Clyde Gilmour, Cch: David H Boykett

E1: 1st Hawthorn, 2nd Mercantile No 2, 3rd Banks
E2: 1st Nagambie, 2nd Wendouree
R1: 1st Wendouree, 2nd Banks, 3rd Mercantile No 2

1964 Men's Coxed Pair from Nagambie Rowing Club

Men's Coxless Four

Time : 6 min 56.0 sec
0.3 sec
13.0 sec

1st Mercantile (Vic) - Bow: Anthony M Walker, 2: Richard J Garrard, 3: Simon H Newcomb, Str: Peter Gillon, Cch: Keith A Bilney
2nd Leichhardt/Colleagues (NSW) - Bow: John Hudson, 2: Bruce Dickson, 3: Peter Dickson, Str: Rod Northam, Cch: Peter M Evatt
3rd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Alfred Duval, 2: John Campbell, 3: Graeme (Mick) Allen, Str: Gary Herford, Cch: Phillip Cayzer

E1: 1st Mercantile, 2nd Haberfield, 3rd Western Australia
E2: 1st Leichhardt/Colleagues, 2nd Yarra Yarra/MUBC
E3: 1st Sydney, 2nd Mosman No 2
R1: 1st Mosman, 2nd Haberfield
R2: Yarra Yarra/MUBC, Western Australia
SF1: 1st Leichhardt/Colleagues, 2nd Mercantile, 3rd Mosman No 2
SF2: 1st Sydney, 2nd Yarra Yarra/MUBC

Winning Four from Mercantile - inset Keith Bilney (coach)

Men's Coxed Four

Time: 6 min 59.5 sec
3.0 sec
0.3 sec

1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Alfred Duval, 2: John Campbell, 3: Graeme (Mick) Allen, Str: Gary Herford, Cox: Alan Grover, Cch: Phillip Cayzer
2nd Leichhardt/ Colleagues (NSW) - Bow: John Hudson, 2: Bruce Dickson, 3: Peter Dickson, Str: Rod Northam, Cox: Lionel Robberds, Cch: Peter M Evatt
3rd Yarra Yarra/MUBC (Vic)- Bow: John Castle, 2: Robin Jones, 3: Ian Bolt, Str: Jim Howden, Cox: Peter Nicholson, Cch: Ron Jelbart
4th Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Gordon McWhirter, 2: Brian Denny, 3: Errol Brazenall, Str: Phil Faddy, Cox: Brian Thomas, Cchs: Lance Robinson and Owen Ruffels

Other competitors:

Mosman (NSW) - Bow: M Johnman, 2: D Lukins, 3: R Tipping, Str: Bruce Evans, cox: Alf Maclaren, Cch: M H Perry
Bundaberg (QLD) - Bow: Barry Zunker, 2: Bevan Zunker, 3: Gordon Zunker, Str: Laurie Zunker, Cox: L Smith, Cch: Colin Zunker

The all Zunker family crew from the Bundaberg Club represented Queensland at this event.

E1: 1st Sydney, 2nd Yarra Yarra/MUBC, 3rd Leichhardt/Colleagues
E2: 1st Haberfield, 2nd Mosman, 3rd Queensland
R1: 1st Yarra Yarra/MUBC, 2nd Leichhardt/Colleagues, 3rd Mosman, 4th Queensland

Coxed Four from Sydney

Men's Lightweight Scull

Time: 8 min 7.0 sec
Margin: 5.0 sec

1st Corio Bay (Vic) - Jeff Sykes
2nd Leichhardt (NSW) - Steve Roll

This was a first and final.

Jeff Sykes

Men's Lightweight Eight

Time: 6 min 40.3 sec
7.0 sec
7.5 sec

1st Mercantile (Vic) - Bow:Rodney Weatherhead, 2: H Penry Green, 3: Tim Hogan, 4: Graeme G Smith, 5: Anthony Fox, 6: George Xouris, 7: Jeff J Wylie, Str: David Palfreyman, Cox: Clyde Gilmour, Cch: Mark Farmer
2nd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Dennis Carmody, 2: Jim Hansen, 3: Ian Carmody, 4: Robert Powell, 5: Graham Angus, 6: Peter Gwalter, 7: Bruce Holden, Str: Alan Symons, Cox: Larry Parker, Cch: Norm Grounds
3rd Yarra Yarra Composite (Vic) - Bow: Len J Robertson, 2: J Rod Smith, 3: Michael J Oakley, 4: Alan Darker, 5: Bruce L Smith, 6: Rudi von Harder, 7: Raymond J Smith, Str: Brian Tateson, Cox: Doug J King, Cch: William L Wallace & Charlie Saleh
4th Ballarat Composite (Vic) - Bow: Graeme Wright, 2: Dennis O'Toole, 3: Brian Gallagher, 4: Milton Charles, 5: Peter Duffy, 6: Ken Hume, 7: Alan Dixon, Str: John Menzies, Cox: Tony Bryant, Cchs: Ron Widgery and Eric Walker

This was first and final.

The victorious Mercantile crew

Schoolboy Four

Time: 6min 26.6 sec
2.0 sec
38.8 sec

1st Cranbrook (NSW) - Bow: Peter Francis Draffin, 2: Louis (Lou) Stephen Simmons, 3: Andrew Roy Campbell Macpherson, Str: Michael Charles Corbett, Cox: Jonathon Guy Apted, Cch: Anthony (Tony) M Brough
2nd Ballarat College (VIC) - Bow: Robert Evans, 2: Peter Clift, 3: Terry Benjamin, Str: Geoff Borwick, Cox: Morris Price, Cch: Jack Barnett
3rd Narwee High School (NSW) - Bow: P Mutton, 2: A Blow, 3: J Murray, Str: W Grace, Cox: L Cowan, Cch: K McQueeny
4th Reservoir High School - Bow: David Reid, 2: Peter Ritchie, 3: Geoffrey Thomas, Str: Ian Hudson, Cox: Ken Sampson, Cch: Laurie Hudson

Schoolboy Eight

Time: 6 min 38.4 sec
10.0 sec
7.0 sec

1st Hutchins (Tas) - Bow: Andrew Edwards, 2: Lindsay Peters, 3: Chris King, 4: David Lardner, 5: Arthur Wherret, 6: Daryl Balding, 7: Jock Nicholls, Str: Robert Vincent, Cox: John Clennett, Cch: Paul Cox
2nd Cranbrook (NSW) - Bow: Timothy J Brangwin, 2: Vyvyan B Minell, 3: Richard I Goninan, 4: John E Chatterton, 5: Derry T Hogue, 6: Philip C Wilkinson, 7: Russell F Bennett, Str: Warren M Burgess, Cox: Robin H Apted, Cch: John B Caddy
3rd Southport (Qld) - Bow: David M Rouse, 2: Barry D Braithwaite, 3: John W Spooner, 4: Bruce E Hutcheon, 5: Robert M Alexander, 6: Gregory A Wehl, 7: Rodney I Seccombe, Str: James W Bell, Cox: Robert Taylot, Cch: Clavill M Bere


  • 1964 Regatta Programme
  • Photos - Andrew Guerin

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