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history of australian national rowing championships

2023 National Championships — Champion Lakes, Perth

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The 2023 regatta was back in Perth for the first time since 2012 at the Champion Lakes course. 

The weather for a lot of the regatta was not kind with a strong cross breeze making conditions unfair. Following the heats, lanes were seeded with the highest ranked crews gaining the best lanes. There were some wider margins in racing than normally seen as a result. The weather on the final day was superb.

Photography for the last four days of the regatta can be found on the Australian Rowing Images website.

Sydney University Boat Club won the overall medal tally as most successful club at the 2023 Australian National Championships.

New South Wales won the overall point score to win the Rowing Australia Cup.

Results by day in pdf format:

Monday 27th March 2023

Tuesday 28th March 2023

Wednesday 29th March 2023

Thursday 30th March 2023

Friday 31st March 2023

Saturday 1st April 2023

Sunday 2nd April 2023


Organising Committee

Rowing Australia headed by RA Events Manager Alice Evans. Other members included Ian Jickell (Rowing Victoria), Chris Grummitt, Michael Eastaughffe, Fred Taylor, Anthony Brown and Brett Ralph (Technical Delegate).


Caroline Schomberg (QLD) (President of the Jury), David Grubits (VIC) (Assistant President of the Jury), Catherine Garrington (ACT), Merran Holmes (NSW), Stewart McQuade (QLD), Karen Mills (QLD), Rod Roy (QLD), Rob Stobie (QLD), Vicky Knight (SA), Phillip Fraser (TAS), Tina Maher (TAS), Chris Symons (TAS), Ashley Dillon (VIC), Duncan MacKinnon (VIC), William Webster (VIC), Grant Ford (WA), Zara Underwood (WA), Paul Knight (SA), Rene Klupacs (VIC), Phil Gunning (QLD), Bruce McCarthy (QLD)

Men's Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Open Men's Single Scull







B Final









1st ANU – Calib Antill

2nd Griffith Uni Surfers Paradise – Cormac Kennedy-Leverett, Cchs: D Fraumano, T Creber

3rd Sydney University– Joseph Hargreaves

4th Sydney University– Cameron Watts

5th Melbourne University– Ben Canham

6th Swan River– Sam Marsh

B Final

1st UTS Haberfield– Bow: M Della Marta, Cch: E Shackcloth-Bertinetti

2nd Tamar– H Youl

3rd Team Hong Kong – H Chiu

4th UTS Haberfield– T Masters, Cchs: M Ungemach, T McLaren

5th Buckingham – J Wilson, Cch: J Crow

6th UTS Haberfield – M Blackmore Cram, Cch: E Schackcloth-Bertinetti

7th Banks – J Meads, Cch: B Scott

8th North Esk – J Barrett, Cch: T Barrett

Open Men's Double Scull







1st ANU/Griffith Uni Surfers Paradise – Bow: C Kennedy-Leverett, 2: C Antill, Cchs: D McLachlan, D Fraumano

2nd Melbourne University/Adelaide – Bow: O McGuinness, 2: B Canham

3rd Adelaide Uni/UTS Haberfield– Bow: M Della Marta, 2: N Blackman, Cchs: E Shackcloth-Bertinetti, N Mitchell

4th Sydney University/Haberfield– Bow: T Masters, 2: C Watts, Cchs: D McLachlan, T McLaren

5th Banks – Bow: M Cain, 2: J Meads, Cch: B Scott

Scratched WARC/Swan River– Bow: S Marsh, 2: J Cleary

Open Men's Quadruple Scull








1st Griffith Uni Surfers Paradise – Bow: H Youl, 2: M Della Marta, 3: N Blackman, 4: C Kennedy-Leverett, Cchs: E Shackcloth-Bertinetti, D Fraumano, N Mitchell

2nd WARC/Swan River– Bow: J Cleary, 2: J Daubney, 3: S Marsh, 4: A Rossi

3rd Sydney University– D Walsh, 2: L Miles, 3: H Danks, 4: M Britt, Cchs: T Laurich, D McLachlan

4rd North Esk Composite – Bow: W Birchmore, 2: R Colley, 3: J Wilson, 4: J Barrett, Cch: T Barrett

5th Commercial/Toowong– Bow: H Moore, 2: T Coates, 3: E Apel, 4: S Green, Cch: S Pozzi

6th Sydney – Bow: M Harrold, 2: T Cregan, 3: T Olsson, 4: H Mak

Open Men's Coxless Pair







Final B







1st Sydney University – Bow: M Britt, 2: A Purnell, Cchs: D McLachlan, T Laurich

2nd Commercial/Mercantile – Bow: A Widdicombe, 2: H Moore

3rd Melbourne University/Sydney – Bow: S Hardy, 2: S Keenan

4th Adelaide/Sydney – Bow: T Olsson, 2: A Hill

5th Sydney/Mercantile – Bow: J Robertson, 2: J Hicks

6th Melbourne University/UTS Haberfield – Bow: P Holt, 2: R Lavery, Cchs: T McLaren, M Ungemach, M Ryan

B Final

1st Sydney University – Bow: W O’Shannessy, 2: J Kench, Cch: D McLachlan

2nd Sydney – Bow: A Nichol, 2: A Wolf

3rd Melbourne University – Bow: H Wynn-Pope, 2: C Batrouney

4th UTS Haberfield/WARC – Bow: J Cleary, 2: G Finlayson, Cchs: M Ungemach, S Balosso, T McLaren

5th Melbourne University/KAND – Bow: M Rowe, 2: W Achermann

6th Team Hong Kong – Bow: S Lam, 2: W Wong

Open Men's Coxless Four








1st Sydney University – Bow: J Kench, 2: W O’Shannessy, 3: J Hargreaves, 4: A Purnell, Cch: D McLachlan

2nd Adelaide Composite – Bow: H Moore, 2: A Widdicombe, 3: T Olsson, 4: A Hill

3rd UTS Haberfield/Mercantile – Bow: J Robertson, 2: T Masters, 3: P Holt, 4: G Finlayson, Cchs: M Ungemach, T McLaren

4th Sydney – Bow: A Nichol, 2: A Wolf, 3: S Turrin, 4: J Hicks

5th KAND/Melbourne University – Bow: C Batrouney, 2: H Wynn-Pope, 3: W Achermann, 4: M Rowe

6th Sydney University/Swan River – Bow: D Walsh, 2: M Britt, 3: M McQuillan, 4: L Miles, Cch: T Laurich

7th Team Hong Kong – Bow: M Yeung, 2: S To, 3: Y Chau, 4: H Wong

Open Men's Coxed Eight







1st Melbourne University – Bow: N Smith, W Achermann, F Miscamble, C Batrouney, H Wynn-Pope, R Lavery, B Canham, S Keenan, Cox: L Burnell

2nd UTS Haberfield/Mercantile – Bow: M Thompson, O St Pierre, J Robertson, A Wood, T Ungemach, T Masters, P Holt, N Pender, Cox: T O'Hanlon, Cchs: M Ungemach, T McLaren

3rd Sydney – Bow: A Hoskin, M Harrold, T Olsson, H Crouch, A Aitken, T Cregan, M Morgan, J Hicks, Cox: T Harris, Cchs: D Cech, S Mulvaney

4th KAND Composite – Bow: A McCasker, T Coates, D Rhodes, M Salisbury, J Lord, M Britt, E Apel, M Rowe, Cox: J Cooke, Cchs: J Scott, M Salisbury, L Slatter

5th Toowong/Mercantile – Bow: D Carter, H Cathcart, R Martin, M Murphy, M Jeremijenko, A Jeremijenko, M Bridge, D Watter, Cox: A Underhill, Cchs: M Game, L Karadimitris

6th Ballarat City/University of WA – Bow: S Pendlebury, I Hamilton, D Holding, A Den Ouden, W Hynes, R McDougall, W Gilbert, W McKechnie, Cox: L Kerr, Cchs: G McKechnie, G White

Open Lightweight Men's Single Scull







B Final



1st Adelaide – O McGuinness, Cch: N Mitchell

2nd ANU – H Harding, Cchs: D Fraumano, T Creber

3rd UTS Haberfield– S Murphy

4th University of Queensland – B Heseltine, Cchs: B Southwell, A Radero

5th UTS Haberfield – M Ferriere

6th Tasmania University – A Casey

B Final

1st Pine Rivers – M Hart, Cchs: C Borger, A Borger

2nd Mersey – G Marshall

Open Lightweight Men's Double Scull





1st Team Hong Kong – Bow: T Chan, 2: S Ho

2nd Barwon/Banks – Bow: N Szigeter, 2: T Hastings, Cchs: M Cushion, B Scott

3rd UTS Haberfield/Tasmania Uni – Bow: S Casey, 2: M Ferriere, Cch: E Shackcloth-Bertinetti

4th Newcastle Grammar – Bow: L Burton, 2: R Brown

Open Lightweight Men's Quadruple Scull




1st Toowong Composite – Bow: D Schroder, 2: R Williams, 3: N Szigeter, 4: C Place

2nd UTS Haberfield Composite – Bow: N Mathur, 2: A Tomanovits, 3: M Rickard, 4: Z Bosco, Cchs: E Shackcloth-Bertinetti, M Kwiatkowski

3rd Tasmania University Composite – Bow: N Langford, 2: M Hart, 3: S Toland, S Casey

Open Lightweight Men's Coxless Pair






1st Swan River – P Boere, 2: R James, Cchs: N Kempton, 2: M Beer

2nd North Esk – D Birtwistle, 2: C Ryan, Cch: T Barrett

3rd Adelaide University – Bow: M Moore, 2: C Moore, Cch: S Morton

4th Toowong – J Price, 2: J Bowser, Cchs: M Game, L Karadimitris

5th University of WA/WARC – S Toland, E Aird, Cch: N Kempton

Open Lightweight Men's Coxless Four






Open Lightweight Men's Coxed Eight

Women's Open Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Open Women's Single Scull

Final A







Final B






Final A

1st Sydney University (NSW) - Tara Rigney

2nd MUBC (VIC) - Amanda Bateman

3rd Sydney (NSW) - Hariet Hudson

4th University of Queensland (QLD) - Caitlin Cronin, Coaches: Ben Southwell, A Radero

5th Sydney University (NSW) - Rowena Meredith

6th Sydney (NSW)  - L Graham, Coaches: D Cech, L Carter

Final B

1st North Esk (TAS) - S Ashlin, Coach: T Barrett

2nd Sydney University (NSW) - N Greenland, Coach: Tom Laurich

3rd Brisbane & GPS (QLD) - K Morris, Coaches: C Borger, A Borger

4th ANU (ACT) - Catherine Khan, Coach: Nigel Harding

5th University of Queensland (QLD) - C Jamison, Coach: M Russell

Open Women's Double Scull







1st Sydney University – Bow: Rowena Meredith, 2: Tara Rigney, Cchs: A Young, D McLachlan

2nd University of Queensland – Bow: R Thompson, 2: C Cronin, Cchs: B Southwell, A Radero

3rd Sydney University / ANU – Bow: A Reardon, 2: L Coleman

4th Adelaide / Melbourne University – Bow: A Bateman, 2: M Goodman

5th Sydney University – Bow: N Greenland, 2: E Mentzines, T Laurich

Scratched Sydney/ACTHP – Bow: A Hawe, 2: H Hudson

Open Women's Quadruple Scull







1st UTS Haberfield Composite – Bow: M Goodman, 2: G Rowe, 3: A Bateman, 4: L Gourley

2nd Sydney Composite – Bow: L Sypher, 2: G Sypher, 3: S Hawe, 4: H Hudson, Cchs: L Carter, D Cech

3rd Sydney University – Bow: E Mentzines, 2: J Ford, 3: E Price, 4: G Miansarow

4th ANU – Bow: B Andrews, 2: C Khan, 3: T Caudle, 4: E Kelly, Cch: N Harding

5th ANU Composite – Bow: M Foley, 2: S Jerapetritis, 3: E Mure, 4: A Moylan, Cchs: N Harding, L Hall-Sullivan, J Driessen

Scratched ANA – Bow: E Mansell, 2: N Gray, 3: M Amato, 4: R Brovelli, Cch: G Scattergood

Open Women's Coxless Pair







B Final







1st Melbourne University / Mercantile – Bow: Katrina Werry, 2: Lucy Stephan

2nd Adelaide / Mercantile – Bow: Jessica Morrison, 2: Molly Goodman

3rd UTS Haberfield / Sydney – Bow: Sarah Hawe, 2: Georgina Rowe, Cchs: D Cech, M Ungemach

4th University of WA / WARC – Bow: G Patten, 2: B Cox

5th Melbourne University– Bow: E Gaffney, 2: J Mitchell

6th Sydney University – Bow: J Ford, 2: E Price

B Final

1st Sydney University / Mercantile – Bow: Paige Barr, 2: Georgie Gleeson, Cch: A Eaton

2nd University of Queensland / Kand – Bow: J Scott, 2: M Williams, Cch: S Rowe

3rd Adelaide / University of Queensland – Bow: S Tisdall, 2: E Bramwell

4th Melbourne University / Mercantile – Bow: M Tuddenham, 2: L Foley, Cch: A Eaton

5th Sydney / Swan River – Bow: L Franklin, 2: L Nothdurft

6th University of Queensland – Bow: E Newell, 2: E Pozzi, P Bourguignon

Open Women's Coxless Four







1st Melbourne University – Bow: L Foley, 2: E Gaffney, 3: J Mitchell, 4: L Stephan

2nd WARC Composite– Bow: R Pretorius, 2: J Swick, 3: B Cox, 4: G Patten

3rd University of Queensland Composite – Bow: L Graham, 2: L Nothdurft, 3: J Scott, 4: M Williams, Cchs: S Rowe, D Cech

4th Mercantile– Bow: M Tuddenham, 2: J Morrison, 3: K Werry, 4: P Barr, Cchs: A Eaton, A Matthews

5th Sydney University/University of Queensland – Bow: G Gleeson, 2: S Tisdall, 3: J Ford, 4: E Price, Cchs: A Young, P Bourguignon, D McLachlan

6th Team Hong Kong – Bow: H Cheung, 2: L Wong, 3: W Hui, 4: K Leung

Open Women's Coxed Eight






1st University of Queensland– Bow: E Newell, 2: M Williams, 3: R Thompson, 4: S Tisdall, 5: L Hope, 6: E Pozzi, 7: L Alton, 8: C Cronin, Cox: L Lunney, Cch: P Bourguignon

2nd Melbourne University– Bow: R Cantwell, 2: Z Lavery, 3: S de Uray, 4: E Gaffney, 5: L Foley, 6: S Marriott, 7: J Mitchell, 8: L Stephan, Cox: E Coghlan

3rd Sydney/ACTHP – Bow: G Sypher, 2: I Furrer, 3: T Knoke-Driver, 4: I Scammell, 5: S Hawe, 6: H Hudson, 7: L Graham, 8: L Nothdurft, Cox: H Cowap, Cchs: L Carter, D Cech

4th ANU Composite – Bow: M Foley, 2: A Moylan, 3: A Isaacs, 4: E Mure, 5: G Miansarow, 6: L Coleman, 7: S Jerapetritis, 8: A Reardon, Cox: B Blackmore, Cch: N Harding

5th ANU/Sydney University – Bow: P Gray, 2: B Andrews, 3: N Greenland, 4: E Kelly, 5: T Caudle, 6: E Moran, 7: E Lambden, 8: C Khan, Cox: C Barr, Cchs: N Harding, T Creber

Open Lightweight Women's Single Scull







B Final







1st Sydney University– G Miansarow, Cch: T Laurich

2nd ANU– A Reardon

3rd Sydney University– L Coleman

4th Sydney– G Sypher, Cchs: L Carter, D Cech

5th ANU – S Jerapetritis, Cch: N Harding

6th Corio Bay – M Foley, Cch: L Hall-Sullivan

B Final

1st Huon– E Mure

2nd ANU – A Moylan, Cch: N Harding

3rd Team Hong Kong – W Leung

4th Sydney University – A Isaacs, Cch: T Laurich

5th Banks – A Di Cosmo, Cch: E Crute

6th Mersey – E Marshall, Cchs: D Tippett, M Tippett

Open Lightweight Women's Double Scull








1st Sydney/Sydney University– Bow: G Miansarow, 2: G Sypher, Cchs: T Laurich, L Carter

2nd ANU/Huon – Bow: E Mure, 2: S Jerapetritis, Cchs: J Driessen, N Harding

3rd WARC – Bow: S Gravestock, 2: R Morris, Cch: S Balosso

4th ANU/Corio Bay – Bow: M Foley, 2: A Moylan, Cchs: L Hall-Sullivan, N Harding

5th Sydney University/Banks – Bow: A Di Cosmo, 2: A Isaacs

6th Team Hong Kong – Bow: S Wong, 2: W Hung

7th ANA – Bow: R Brovelli, 2: N Hardner, Cch: G Scattergood

Open Lightweight Women's Quadruple Scull




1st Sydney Uni Composite – Bow: S Robinson, 2: A Reardon, 3: E Mure, 4: P Teale, Cch: P Newbon

2nd WARC Composite – Bow: L Glendinning, 2: S Gravestock, 3: L Davies, 4: R Morris

3rd Sydney University Composite – Bow: C Ball, 2: D Kyriacopoulos, 3: A Di Cosmo, 4: A Isaacs

Men's Under 23 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Under 23 Men's Single Scull

Under 23 Men's Double Scull

Under 23 Men's Quadruple Scull

Under 23 Men's Coxless Pair

Under 23 Men's Coxless Four

Under 23 Men's Coxed Eight

Under 23 Lightweight Men's Single Scull

Under 23 Lightweight Men's Double Scull

Under 23 Lightweight Men's Coxless Pair

Under 23 Lightweight Men's Coxless Four

Women's Under 23 Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Under 23 Women's Single Scull

Under 23 Women's Double Scull

Under 23 Women's Quadruple Scull

Under 23 Women's Coxless Pair

Under 23 Women's Coxless Four

Under 23 Women's Coxed Eight

Under 23 Lightweight Women's Single Scull

Under 23 Lightweight Women's Double Scull

Under 23 Lightweight Women's Quadruple Scull

Under 23 Lightweight Women's Coxless Pair

Men's U21, U19, U17 and Club Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Under 21 Men's Single Scull

Under 21 Men's Double Scull

Under 21 Men's Quadruple Scull

Under 21 Men's Coxless Pair

Under 21 Men's Coxed Four

Under 21 Lightweight Men's Single Scull

Under 19 Men's Single Scull

Under 19 Men's Double Scull

Under 19 Men's Quadruple Scull

Under 19 Men's Coxless Pair

Under 19 Men's Coxless Four

Under 19 Men's Coxed Four

Under 19 Men's Coxed Eight

Under 17 Men's Single Scull

Under 17 Men's Double Scull

Under 17 Men's Coxed Quadruple Scull

Club Men's Double Scull

Club Men's Coxless Four

Club Men's Coxed Eight

Women's U21, U19, U17 and Club Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Under 21 Women's Single Scull

Under 21 Women's Double Scull

Under 21 Women's Quadruple Scull

Under 21 Women's Coxless Pair

Under 21 Women's Coxed Four

Under 21 Lightweight Women's Single Scull

Under 19 Women's Single Scull

Under 19 Women's Double Scull

Under 19 Women's Quadruple Scull

Under 19 Women's Coxless Pair

Under 19 Women's Coxless Four

Under 19 Women's Coxed Four

Under 19 Women's Coxed Eight

Under 17 Women's Single Scull

Under 17 Women's Double Scull

Under 17 Women's Coxed Quadruple Scull

Club Women's Double Scull

Club Women's Coxless Four

Club Womens Coxed Eight

Para-Rowing Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

PR1 Men's Single Scull

PR2 Men's Single Scull

PR2 Mixed Double Scull

PR3 Women's Single Scull

PR3 Women's Coxless Pair

PR3 Men's Single Scull

PR3 Men's Coxless Pair

PR3 Mixed Double Scull

PR3 Mixed Coxed Four

School Rowing Race Results

Click on the race of interest and the results will appear below the buttons:

Schoolgirl's Single Scull

Schoolgirl's Coxed Quadruple Scull

Schoolgirl's Coxed Four

Under 17 Schoolgirl's Coxed Eight

Schoolgirl's Coxed Eight

Schoolboy's Single Scull

Schoolboy's Coxed Quadruple Scull

Schoolboy's Coxed Four

Under 17 Schoolboy's Coxed Eight

Schoolboy's Coxed Eight

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