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history of australian national rowing championships

1979 National Championships - West Lakes SA

1979 Programme Cover

This was the first Championships held on this man made course some 11 kms from the centre of Adelaide. The Interstate Championships were conducted on Saturday & Sunday 21st & 22nd April and were followed by the National Championships over four days starting on 25th April.

The weather cool and windy which caused some problems for competitors and officials alike.


Organising Committee and Officials

Organising Committee: Frank (Doc) O'Brien (Chairman), Robert (Bob) Potter (Secretary), R Bodger (Treasurer), Derek Swan, J Blank, C Williams, Graham Coldwell, Phil Mangelsdorf, E Morrison, C Cooper, Elaine Guterres, W Watts, V Bacciarelli, Roger Leach, R Bodger, Luigi Lippis & R Simpson

Jury: William (Bill) T Morrison, William (Bill)Winkworth & Allan S Hay (Umpires Committee).
SA - Bryan Draper, Derek Swan, Sam Rose, Graham Coldwell, Peter Cudmore, Michael Lohmeyer, M Evans, R Lawrence.
VIC - Jack Donald, Phil Cayzer, Ron Richardson, Robert Duncan, William Morrison, James Hardie, James Harvey, Michael Leonard, Warwick Mahoney, Reg McKay, Noel Wilkinson, Bill White, Harvey Nicholson, Ralph Murphy
NSW - Ossie Rosevear, Don Croot, William Winkworth, Neil McCallum, John St V Welch
WA - William Cooper, Berry Durston, William R Burbidge
QLD - Jim Dowrie
TAS - A Hay, Doug Clark, Patrick McGuffie, Chris Dalton, A R T Griffiths, I Moy

Men's Double Scull

Time: 6:59.3

1st Haberfield/Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Richard Reddel, Str: Tim Crooks
2nd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Jim Stride, Str: Edward Hale
3rd Australian National Railways (SA) - Bow: T Sullivan, Str: Norm Talbot
4th Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Andrew Rigby, Str: George Fulford
5th Wendouree Ballarat (VIC) - Bow: Andrew McKinley, Str: Bruce Sarah
6th North Esk (TAS) - Bow: L Stevens, Str: Adrian Marshall

No details available for prelimiary rounds. Other crews competing were Franklin/Lindisfarne & Torrens.

Men's Quad Scull

Time: 6:30.3
First & final

1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Gordon Clubb, 2: John Sivewright, 3: Ted Hale, Str: Jim Stride, Cch: Michael Morgan
2nd Haberfield/Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Phil O;Connell, 2: Kim Mackney, 3: Tim Crooks, Str: Richard Reddel
3rd Wendouree Ballarat/Ballarat City/Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Terry Poole, 2: Danny Elliot, 3: Andrew McKinley, Str: Bruce Sarah

Men's Coxless Pair

Time: 7:17.8

1st Sydney/Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Edward Hale, Str: Chris Shinners
2nd Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: Robert Lang, Str: John Bolt
3rd Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Kim Mackney, Str: Phil O'Connell
4th Torrens/Adelaide (SA) - crew members not known
5th Nepean (NSW) - Bow: Phillip Byrne, Str: Mark Gilpin
Sydney (NSW) - John Sivewright, Str: Athol MacDonald were not recorded as racing.

E1: 1st Sydney/SUBC, 2nd Sydney, 3rd MUBC, 4th Commercial, 5th & 6th not known
E2: 1st Torrens/Adelaide, 2nd Haberfield, 3rd Nepean, 4th AUBC, 5th Mercantile/Banks, 6th Perth Collegians
Repechage details unknown

Men's Coxed Pair

Time: 7:41.8
Margins: 2.5 & 9.5 secs
First & final

1st Sydney No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Stephen Handley, Str: Islay Lee, Cox: Stuart Carter, Cch: Michael Morgan
2nd Torrens/Adelaide No 2 (SA) - Bow: Henry Duncan, Str: William Dankbaar, Cox: Brenton (Snips) Parsons, Cch: Paul Jeffries
3rd Mercantile/Banks (VIC) - Bow: Geoffrey Matheson, Str: Rod Guy, Cox: Michael Nicholson, Cch: Chris Dane
4th Wendouree Ballarat (VIC) - Bow: Rick Blanchfield, Str: John Faulkner, Cox: Peter Ludbrook, Cch: Ron Widgery
5th Torrens/Adelaide No 1 (SA) - Bow: Jack Richards, Str: Frank Quigley, Cox: A Howard

Men's Coxless Four

Time: 6:33.0

1st Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Brian Weir, 2: Ian Luxford, 3: Murray Ross, Str: Stephen Newnham
2nd Monash/Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Will Magennis, 2: Tim Young, 3: James Lowe, Str: Brian Richardson
3rd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: John Sivewright, 2 Athol MacDonlad, 3: Ian Clubb, Str: Gordon Clubb
4th Mercantile/Monash (VIC) - Bow: Martin Hunt, 2: Stephen Shirrefs, 3: Alec Sloan, Str: Andrew Withers
5th Banks (VIC) - Bow: Andrew McQueen, 2: Ian McWilliam, 3: John Oates, Str: David McDougal
6th GPSOB/Tipperoo/Toowong (QLD) - Bow: Trevor Bettenay, 2: Christopher Beech, 3: Peter van den Broek, Str: Robert Alexander

Men's Coxed Four

Time: 6:45.0
Margins: 2.7 & 3.0 secs

1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Stephen Handley, 2: Gordon Clubb, 3: Ian Clubb, Str: Islay Lee, Cox: Stuart Carter, Cch: Michael Morgan
2nd Adelaide/Torrens/Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: Rob Lang, 2: Henry Duncan, 3: William Dankbaar, Str: John Bolt, Cox: Brenton (Snips) Parsons, Cchs: Willie Hay & Paul Jeffries
3rd Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Brian Weir, 2: Ian Luxford, 3: Murray Ross, Str: Stephen Newnham, Cox: Warren Ardell, Cch: Rusty Roberston
4th Monash/Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Brian Richardson, 2: Will Magennis, 3: James Lowe, Str: Tim Young, Cox: Michael Nicholson, Cch: Chris Dane
5th Mercantile/Monash (VIC) - Bow: Martin Hunt, 2: Stephen Shirrefs, 3: Alec Sloan, Str: Andrew Withers, Cox: Noel Donaldson, Cch: Chris Dane
6th Tasmanian University/Reeconian (TAS) - Bow: David McCarthy, 2: P Beswick, 3: G Roberts, Str: John Saul, Cox: Craig Higgs, Cch: Brian Palmer

E1: 1st Adelaide/Torrens/AUBC, 2nd Monash/MUBC, 3rd Mercantile/Monash, 4th Banks, 5th GPSOB/Tipperoo/Toowong
E2: 1st Sydney, 2nd Drummoyne, 3rd TUBC/Reeconian, 4th Adelaide/AUBC, 5th Franklin/Lindisfarne
No repechage details.

Men's Lightweight Single Scull

Time: 7:45.6
Margins: 6.0 & 0.2 secs

1st Wendouree Ballarat (VIC) - Andrew McKinley
2nd Melbourne University (VIC) - Stephen Spurling
3rd ANA (WA) - G Wayne Simmons
4th Haberfield No 3 (NSW) - John Bailey
5th Manning River (NSW) - Graham Nix
6th Australian National Railways (SA) - Robert Bradley

No details of preliminary rounds. Other scullers entered were: ANU (G Thomas), Footscay City (Mark Kwaitkowski), Banks (Tony Feldt), ANA No 2 (G Mitchell), WAIT (G Panorios), Haberfield No 1 (Michael Wilson), Drummoyne (Graham Wearne)

Men's Lightweight Double Scull

Time: 7:19.5
First & final

1st Australian National Railways/Mannum (SA) - Bow: Robert Booth, Str: Robert J Bradley
2nd Corio Bay/Ballarat City (VIC) - Bow: Danny Elliot, Str: Terry Poole
3rd ANA (WA) - Bow: Geoff Mitchell, Str: G Wayne Simmons, Cch: Richard T ("Dick") Gard
4th Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Neville Wilson, Str: Michael Wilson
5th Canberra/ANU (ACT) - Bow: Greg Thomas, Str: Andrew Randall, Cch: Peter Nevett

Men's Lightweight Pair

Time: 7:38.8

1st Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Michael Smith, Str: Allan Greenbank, Cch: Patrick Hannan
2nd Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Richard Garrard, Str: Jeff Sykes
3rd Drummoyne/Balmain (NSW) - Bow: Peter Stroud, Str: Terry Maher, Cch: Don Croot
4th or 5th Barwon (VIC) - Bow: William Digby, Str: Robert Gardner
4th or 5th not known
6th Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Nick Newton, Str: Nick Gibson

E1: 1st Mercantile, 2nd UWA No 1, other crews UWA No 2, Glebe No 2, ANU, St George
E2: 1st Glebe No 1, 2nd North Esk, 3rd Corio Bay, 4th Barwon, 5th Leichhardt, 6th ANR
E3: 1st Sydney, other crews Banks, Drummoyne/Balmain, Murray Bridge, Murray Bridge/Mannum, ANA
No details of repechages nor semi finals

Men's Lightweight Coxed Four

Time: 6:50.5
Margins: 2.7 & 1.6 secs

1st Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Geoff Webb, 2: Cyde Hefer, 3: Graham Hefer, Str: Graeme Wearne, Cox: C Harland, Cch: Hans Hefer
2nd University of WA/Swan River (WA) - Bow: George Gallo, 2: Neville Kempton, 3: David Curry, Str: Ian Clairs, Cox: Michael Hart, Cch: Ken Grant
3rd GPSOB & Brisbane (QLD) - Bow: John Bliss, 2: Gavin Kelly, 3: Ross Gibson, Str: Gary Merritt, Cox: unknown, Cch: Bob Bleakley
4th Buckingham (TAS) - Bow: W Moore, 2: Alistair Lewis, 3: Edwin George, Str: Kevin Phillips, Cox: Craig Higgs, Cch: David Poulson
5th Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Tim Hyett, 2: John McKenzie, 3: Sandy Marshall, Str: Richard Rees, Cox: Adriann Maginn, Cch: Chris Low
6th Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: Ken Bertram, 2: Jake Gillen, 3: Lachlan Smith, Str: Robert Cooper, Cox: Brenton (Snips) Parsons, Cch: Robert Russell

No details of heats but others crews entered were: Haberfield, Murray Bridge/Mannum, SUBC/North Shore, Mercantile

Men's Lightweight Eight

Time: 6:04.9
First & final

1st Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Phil Gardiner, 2: Vaughan Bollen, 3: Dennis Hatcher, 4: Simon Gillett, 5: Geoff Rees, 6: Andrew Michelmore, 7: Peter Antonie, Str: Colin Smith, Cox: David England
2nd Melbourne University/Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Tim Hyett, 2: Richard Rees, 3: Paul Vanveenandaal, 4: John McKenzie, 5: Robert Stewart, 6: Michael Quinn, 7: Lyall McCarthy, Str: Charles Bartlett, Cox: Adrian Maginn
3rd North Esk/Buckingham (TAS) - Bow: Simon Wishaw, 2: Maurice Barry, 3: Ian Jordan, 4: John Paynter, 5: W Moore, 6: Alistair Lewis, 7: Edwin George, Str: Kevin Phillips, Cox: Craig Higgs
4th Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Mark Connolly, 2: Martin Owen, 3: Peter Kerr, 4: Michael Kerin, 5: Rod Stewart, 6: John Hawkins, 7: Andrew Dungan, Str: Phil Ainsworth, Cox: Ken Marshall
5th Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: John Bailey, 2: Phil Morgan, 3: Alan Phillips, 4: Terry Phillips, 5: Peter Riccord, 6: Russell Higgins, 7: David Taylor, Str: Denis Carmody, Cox: John Leeming
6th University of WA/Swan River (WA) - Bow: Chris Ayres, 2: Damien Flynn, 3: Jeremy Hobbs, 4: P Hodder, 5: George Gallo, 6: Neville Kempton, 7: David Curry, Str: Ian Clairs, Cox: Michael Hart

Men's Junior Scull (not under 19)

Time: 7:36.8

1st Melbourne University (VIC) - Andrew Rigby
2nd Drummoyne (NSW) - Dominic O'Loughlin
3rd Franklin (TAS) - David Schier
Other finalists
Warnambool (VIC) - D Stapleton
Melbourne University (VIC) - George Fulford
Drummoyne (NSW) - Jack McGee

No details of the preliminary rounds available.

Men's Junior Pair (not under 19)

Time: 7:59.1

1st Power House (VIC) - Bow: J Know, Str: M Fergus, Cox: P Anderson
2nd Glebe No 2 (NSW) - Bow: Robert Wickenden, Str: Michael Kelly, Cox: Troy Johnson, Cch: Milan Parker
3rd Australian National Railways (SA) - Bow: Mike Osis, Str: John Curtis, Cox: R Raymond
4th Torrens (SA) - Bow: Roland "Rolly" Dankbaar, Str: Steve Mann, Cox: Brenton Parsons
5th Haberfield (NSW) - Bow: Ray Nicol, Str: Andrew Goodchild, Cox: G Chapman
6th Tipperoo (QLD) - Bow: Stephen Winter, Str: Richard van den Broek, Cox: David Higgins

E1: 1st Glebe No 2, other crews entered were UWA, Perth & Collegians, Power House, Glebe No 1, Sydney
E2: 1st Torrens, 2nd QUBC, 3rd Haberfield, 4th Tipperoo, other crews entered were Tamar & ANR
No repechage details available.

Men's Junior Four (not under 19)

Time: 6:54.0

1st Barwon (VIC) - Bow: Roman Tomszak, 2: Robert Kvant, 3: Andrew Cleary, Str: Richard Tomszak, Cox: Mark Sheahan, Cch: Len Gladman
2nd Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Michael Tait, 2: Mark Avakian, 3: Jordan (Jordi) Martin, Str: Greg Fitzgerald, Cox: Sam Wayland, Cch: Frank Male
3rd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Geoff Brown, 2: Grieg Segaert, 3: Richard Luxford, Str: Kirk Ollson, Cox: John Leeming, Cch: Michael Morgan
Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Hugh Lukins, 2: Jim Battersby, 3: Mark Campbell, Str: Adam Davenport, Cox: Scott Kalcraft, Cch: Christopher G Noel
Nepean (NSW) - Bow: Robert McGovern, 2: John Penellum, 3: Alex Rybak, Str: Richard Stewart, Cox: David Leahy, Cch: David Parcell
6th Glebe (NSW) - Bow: Graham Gardiner, 2: Robert Wickenden, 3: Michael Kelly, Str: Stephen Herd, Cox: Troy Johnson, Cch: Milan Parker
NB: The order of the 4th and 5th plavings is unknown.

Other crews entered were: Wendouree Ballarat, UWA/ANA/Perth Collegians Nos 1 & 2, AUBC, Canberra, Swan River & Pembroke.

1979 Barwon Junior Four
1979 Barwon Junior Four

Men's Junior Eight (not under 19)

Time: 6:18.0
First & final

1st Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: P O'Loughlin, 2: John Cantor, 3: Dominic O'Loughlin, 4: Peter Dall, 5: George Andrews, 6: Jeff Andrews, 7: Clyde Hefer, Str: Graeme Wearne, Cox: Sam Wayland
2nd Mercantile (VIC) - Bow: Neil Myers, 2: Jeff Lawrence, 3: Grant Crothers, 4: David Pincus, 5: Ian Belot, 6: A Davies, 7: Michael Stout, Str: David Watson, Cox: Kevin Wickham
3rd Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Paul Gledhill, 2: Mick Smith, 3: Simon Todd, 4: D Gillett, 5: A King, 6: M Rowe, 7: Richard Luxford, Str: Kirk Ollson, Cox: Stephen Dadour
4th WAIT/University of WA/Perth Collegians (WA) - Bow: Peter Evans, 2: Timothy Cornish, 3: Mark Beekink, 4: R Mitchell, 5: Ian Hilton, 6: John Throssell, 7: Anthony Seymore, Str: Robert Geurini, Cox: P Andrews
5th Torrens (SA) - Bow: P Quigley, 2: A Nicholson, 3: J Nicholson, 4: M Bullen, 5: G Jones, 6: G Quigley, 7: J Draper, Str: D Lyons, Cox: A Howard

Men's Youth Scull

Time: 5:57.6

1st Drummoyne No 1 (NSW) - Dominic O'Loughlin
2nd Tailem Bend (SA) - G Hunt
3rd Canberra (ACT) - Andrew Randell
4th Banks No 2 (VIC) - Cameron Syme
5th Derwent Mercantile (TAS) - G Swan
6th Banks No 1 (VIC) - Neil Rycroft

Men's Youth Pair

Time: 5:50.0

1st Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Rod Purnell, Str: Graeme Jones, Cox: Terry O'Hanlon
2nd North Esk/Franklin (TAS) - Bow: Robin Bakker, Str: Richard Heron, Cox: David Cleary, Cch: Brian Palmer
3rd Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Dominic O'Loughlin, Str: John Cantor, Cox: Sam Wayland, Cch: Frank Male
4th Australian National Railway (SA) - Bow: Michael Nielsen, Str: Greg Melbourne, Cox: R Raymond
5th Yarra Yarra (VIC) - Bow: Malcolm Coe, Str: Peter Jeffrey, Cox: Peter Ford, Cch: Michael Bushby
6th Banks No 2 (VIC) - Bow: Matthew Pringle, Str: Nick Robinson, Cox: Stephen Reynolds, Cch: Jack Bennett

No details of preliminary rounds.

Men's Youth Four

Time: 5:12.6
Margins: 2.1 & 3.6

1st Adelaide/Torrens (SA) - Bow: Matt Draper, 2: Mark Hill, 3: Graham Keynes, Str: Chester MacDonald, Cox: Gavin Thredgold, Cch: Ronald (Slim) Lawrence
2nd Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Steve Evans, 2: Graeme Jones, 3: Rod Purnell, Str: Graham Edmonds, Cox: Terry O'Hanlon, Cch: Bruce Evans
3rd Franklin/North Esk/Lindisfarne/Tamar (TAS) - Bow: N Childs, 2: P Silver, 3: Robin Bakker, Str: Richard Heron, Cox: Craig Higgs, Cch: Brian Palmer
4th Drummoyne No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Michael Tait, 2: Mark Avakian, 3: Jordan (Jordi) Martin, Str: Greg Fitzgerald, Cox: Sam Wayland, Cch: Frank Male
5th Mercantile No 1 (VIC) - Bow: Cam Hall, 2: David Thomas, 3: Andrew Birnie, Str: David Webster, Cox: C Sloman, Cch: Martin Aitken
6th Bundaberg (QLD) - Bow: G Hughes, 2: N Young, 3: G Luthe, Str: R Silcox, Cox: R O'Dell, Cch: Laurie Lister

E1: No details - Crews entered were Toowong, Adelaide/Torrens, Mercantile No 3, Sydney & Franklin composite.
E2: No details - Crews competing entered were Mosman, Bundaberg No 2, Drummoyne No 2, Banks & QUBC
E3: 1st Mercantile No 2, 2nd WAIT/ANA/Pert & Collegians, 3rd Lindisfarne/Buckingham, 4th Corio Bay, 5th TUBC/Grammar/Tamar/Ulverstone
E4: 1st Drummoyne No 1, 2nd Mercantile No 1, 3rd Bundaberg, other crews UWA/Perth & Collegians & Southport School
No details of repechages nor semi finals.

Schoolboy Four

Time: 5:26.2

1st Ballarat Grammar No 1 (VIC) - Bow: Phillip Gray, 2: Craig Stevenson, 3: Paul Johns, Str: Trevor Jeffrey, Cox: Andrew Tunbridge, Cch: Eric Vahl Meyer
2nd Southport School (QLD) - Bow: Duncan Ethell, 2: Bryan Battersby, 3: Kenneth Winter, Str: Bryant Ussher, Cox: Lachlan Peglar, Cch: Richard Graham
3rd Unley High School (SA) - Bow: Jeffrey Cooke, 2: John Argue, 3: John Deller, Str: Michael Mildren, Cox: Scott Brumby, Cox: Roland Dankbaar
4th Canberra (ACT) - Bow: D Emery, 2: D Rich 3: M Newton, Str: A Coleman, Cox: P Storer, Cch: R Delbridge
5th Ballarat Grammar No 2 (VIC) - Bow: Andrew Rix, 2: Geoff Forsyth, 3: Mark George, Str: Phillip Irvine, Cox: Ross Fairhurst, Cch: Eric Vahl Meyer
6th Nepean (NSW) - Bow: D Davies, 2: B Cross, 3: J Green, Str: P Weston, Cox: David Richardson, Cch: Alex Rybak

E1: 1st Unley High, 2nd Pembroke, 3rd St Peters, 4th Adelaide High No 2, 4th Ballarat High
E2: 1st Nepean High, 2nd Canberra, 3rd Adelaide High No 1, other crews entered were South Grafton High & St Patricks
E3: 1st Ballarat Grammar No 1, 2nd Southport, 3rd Ballarat Grammar No 2, 4th Launceston
No repechage details available.

Schoolboy Eight

Time: 4:45.0

1st St Kevins (VIC) - Bow: Michael A Quirk, 2: Matthew J Benson, 3: Glenn J Deag, 4: Patrick F Robinson, 5: Gregory J Robinson, 6: Paul DeGuingand, 7: Nicholas J DeGuingand, Str: Alan G Borger, Cox: Peter D Wiseman, Cch: Hubert R Frederico
2nd Launceston Grammar (TAS) - Bow: T Taylor, 2: S Carter, 3: P Orchard, 4: P Dehnert, 5: C Raymond, 6: T Lord, 7: A Roberts, Str: N Butler, Cox: S Dale, Cch: T Whyte
3rd Prince Alfred (SA) - Bow: Paul Breen, 2: Robert Culver, 3: Gregory Romanes, 4: Mark Keynes, 5: Angus McTaggart, 6: David Powell, 7: Simon Breen, Str: Gregory Bowyer, Cox: Tom Bolton-Smith, Cch: Graham Coldwell
4th Pembroke (SA) - Bow: Stephen Pendle, 2: Timothy Reedman, 3: David Lee, 4: Jeremy Brookes, 5: George Jeffrey, 6: Peter Shakes, 7: T Gill, Str: David Pennington, Cox: Robert Stobie, Cch: Robert Pennington
5th St Peters (SA) - Bow: Mark T J Butler, 2: Charles H Jacka, 3: Wally V Abolins, 4: Clynton B Higgs, 5: Peter B Cook, 6: Anthony Lea, 7: Douglas J Bishop, Str: Daniel Milton-Hine, Cox: Christopher Kirby, Cch: A Lindsay Southcott
6th Ballarat Grammar (VIC) - Bow: Andrew Rix, 2: Geoff Forsyth, 3: Mark George, 4: Phillip Irvine, 5: Phillip Gray, 6: Craig Stevenson, 7: Paul Johns, Str: Trevor Jeffrey, Cox: Andrew Tunbridge, Cch: Eric Vahl Meyer

No details of preliminary rounds available.

Women's Senior Scull

Time: 4:14.7

1st YWCA (VIC) - Rosemary Hoffman
2nd Leichhardt (NSW) - Denise Phillips
3rd Drummoyne (NSW) - Klara Lantay
4th Perth Collegians (WA) - Vanessa Grant
5th Ballarat City (VIC) - Kate Wise
6th Sydney (NSW) - Judy Balfour

E1: 1st YWCA, 2nd Corio Bay, other scullers Ballarat City & Leichhardt
E2: 1st Drummoyne, 2nd Perth Collegians, 3rd Sydney, 4th Commercial
No repechage details available.

Women's Elite Double Scull

Time: 3:58.0
Margins: 3.3 & 4 secs
First & final

1st Corio Bay/Artemis (VIC) - Bow: Leisa Patterson, Str: Mary Renouf, Cch: Terry Poole
2nd Tasmanian University (TAS)/GPSOB (QLD) - Bow: Shanne McGinniss, Str: Wendy Alexander
3rd Leichhardt/Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Karen Law, Str: Sandy Rourke
4th Leichhardt/Drummoyne (NSW) - Bow: Klara (Kik) Lantay, Str: Denise Phillips
5th Sydney (NSW) - Bow: Judy Balfour, Str: Evelyn Adams, Cch: Tim Crooks

Women's Quad Scull

Time: 3:46.6
First & final

1st Leichhardt (NSW)/Sydney (NSW)/Tasmanian University (TAS) - Bow: Sandy Rourke, 2: Denise Phillips, 3: Shanne McGinness, Str: Karen Law
2nd Ballarat City/YWCA/Corio Bay/Artemis (VIC) - Bow: Kate Wise, 2: Rosemary Hoffman, 3: Leisa Patterson, Str: Mary Renouf, Cox: Jan Davidson
3rd Lakeside (SA)/Metropolitan (SA)/Perth Collegians (WA) - Bow: Vanessa Grant, 2: G Prior, 3: Barbara Phelan, Str: Elaine Guterres

Women's Elite Pair

Time: 3:59.7
Margins: 3.0 & 1.1 secs

1st Adelaide University (SA) - Bow: Barbara Henrich, Str: Dale Henrich
2nd Tasmanian University (TAS)/GPSOB (QLD) - Bow: Shanne McGinniss, Str: Wendy Alexander
3rd Artemis (VIC) - Bow: Marina Dimartino, Str: D Davis, Cch: Lou Renouf
4th Leichhardt/Mosman (NSW) - Bow: Vicki Spooner, Str: Denise Phillips
5th YWCA (VIC) - Bow: Michelle A Wright, Str: Anne Marie Cox
6th Monash/Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Ros J Barnard, Str: Andrea Giles, Cch: Stephen Mollard

Women's Senior Pair

Time: 4:07.3

1st Monash/Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: R Barnard, Str: Andrea Giles
2nd YWCA/Monash (VIC) - Bow: Meredith Williams, Str: Elizabeth Nicholson
3rd Leichhardt (NSW) - Bow: Karen Williamson, Str: Jenny Rourke
Other finalists
Commercial (QLD) - Bow: Catherine Langton, Str: Catherine Wright
University of WA/WAIT (WA) - Bow: C King, Str: E Roberts
YWCA (VIC) - Bow: Mary-Lou Johnston, Str: Christine Betremieux

Women's Elite Coxed Four

Time: 3:41.4
First & final

1st Melbourne University/Dimboola (VIC) - Bow: Anne Chirnside, 2: Sally Harding, 3: Pam Westerndorf, Str: Verna Westwood, Cox: Susie Palfreyman, Cch: David Boykett
2nd Melbourne University/Monash (VIC) - Bow: Ruth Sweetman, 2: Gwenda Bennetts, 3: Ruth Rycroft, Str: Barbara Griffiths, Cox: K Wilcox
3rd University of WA/WAIT/Perth Collegians (WA) - Bow: Toni Spurge, 2: Jenny Dalziell, 3: Ruth Riddell, Str: Joanne Linck, Cox: Ros Bowl, Cch: Conway Stacey

Women's Senior Coxed Four

Time: 3:51.9
Margins: 4.0 & 1.8 secs

1st Leichhardt/Sydney University (NSW) - Bow: Vicki Baxter, 2: Jenny Rourke, 3: Karen Williamson, Str: Johanna Whittle, Cox: Megan Turner, Cch: Reg Stride
2nd Metropolitan (SA) - Bow: L Quigley, 2: C Cooper, 3: A Lowe, Str: Lesley Cummins, Cox: G Nelligan, Cch: Bill Dankbaar
3rd University of WA/WAIT/Perth & Collegians (WA) - Bow: Toni M Spurge, 2: Jenny A Dalziell, 3: Ruth Riddell, Str: Joanne J Linck, Cox: Ros D Bowl, Cch: Conway I Stacey
4th YWCA (VIC) - Bow: Mary-Lou L Johnston, 2: Meredith A Williams, 3: Michelle A Wright, Str: Christine Betremieux, Cox: Jan Davidson, Cch: Kath Bennett
5th Commercial (QLD) - Bow: Debbie Baskerville, 2: Catherine Wright, 3: Catherine Langton, Str: S Greenwood, Cox: R Mules, Cch: Bradley Beutel
6th WAIT (WA) - Bow: Janet Lankester, 2: Tracey O'Shannessy, 3: Lynne Bayliss, Str: Eva Oldfield, Cox: Veronica (Ronnie) Cooper, Cch: Steph Greenway

E1: 1st YWCA, 2nd Metropolitan, 3rd UWA/WAIT/Perth, 4th Commercial
E2: 1st Leichhardt/SUBC, 2nd AUBC/Metrop/Lakeside, 3rd North Esk/Reeconian, 4th Mannum
R: unknown but Metropolitan, UWA/WAIT/Perth, Commercial & WAIT progressed through.

Women's Open Eight

Time: 3:19.8
First & final

1st Melbourne University/Dimboola/Monash (VIC) - Bow: Anne Chirnside, 2: Gwenda Bennetts, 3: Ruth Sweetman, 4: Barbara Griffiths, 5: Ruth Rycroft, 6: Sally Harding, 7: Pam Westerdorf, Str: Verna Westwood, Cox: unknown, Cch: David Boykett
2nd Adelaide University/Metropolitan/Lakeside (SA) - Bow: C Cooper, 2: Lesley Cummins, 3: G Prior, 4: B Clutterbuck, 5: S Nairn, 6: Barbara Phelan, 7: Barbara Henrich, Str: Dale Henrich, Cox: R Warne
3rd WAIT/University of WA (WA) - Bow: Janet Lankester, 2: Tracey O'Shannessy, 3: Jenny Dalziell, 4: Toni Spurge, 5: Ruth Riddell, 6: Joanne Linck, 7: Lynne Bayliss, Str: Eva Oldfield, Cox: Veronica "Ronnie" Cooper
4th Leichhardt (NSW) - Bow: Janelle Williams, 2: Kim Brown, 3: Vicki Baxter, 4: Leanne Turner, 5: Karen Williamson, 6: Jenny Rourke, 7: Denise Phillips, Str: Sandy Rourke, Cox: Megan Turner
5th Melbourne University (VIC) - Bow: Kate Colclough, 2: Sarah Pizzey, 3: Sarah Secombe, 4: Maryjane Crabtree, 5: Janet Johnston, 6: Jacqui Marshall, 7: Virginia Kratochvil, Str: Margot Foster, Cox: Alison Inglis, Cch: Michael Nicholson.
6th Unley High School (SA) - Bow: Ros Aylmore, 2: Wendy Dwyer, 3: Gina Marshall, 4: Connie Vanderwerp, 5: Fiona Walters, 6: Judi Singleton, 7: Catherine Argue, Str: Jean Jackson, Cox: Kate Marshall

Women's Lightweight Scull

Time: 3:51.9

1st Corio Bay (VIC) - Leisa Patterson
2nd Leichhardt (NSW) - Sandy Rourke
3rd Sydney (NSW) - Evelyn Adams
4th Sydney (NSW) - Karen Law
5th Ballarat City (VIC) - Kate Wise
6th Perth Collegians (WA) - Vanessa Grant

Women's Lightweight Pair

Time: 4:16.1
Margin: 4.1 secs

1st Monash/Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: Ros Barnard, Str: Andrea Giles, Cch: Stephen Mollard
2nd YWCA No 2 (VIC) - Bow: Mary-Lou Johnston, Str: Christine Betremieux, Cch: Kath Bennett
3rd Leichhardt No 1 (NSW) - Bow: Janelle Williams, Str: Kim Brown
4th Australian National University (ACT) - Bow: R Dubs, Str: Lesley S Paton, Cch: Joe Wolfe
5th YWCA/Monash (VIC) - Bow: Meredith Williams, Str: Elizabeth Nicholson, Cch: Kath Bennett
6th University of Western Australia/WAIT (WA) - Bow: J Daly, Str: Cathy Paxton, Cch: Steph Greenway

Details of preliminary rounds not known

Women's Junior Four (not under 19)

Time: 4:05.4

1st Mannum (SA) - Bow: R Williams, 2: D Schache, 3: K Chadwick, Str: S Bormann, Cox: M Bullard, Cch: N Bormann
2nd Leichhardt (NSW) - Bow: Michelle Cook, 2: Leanne Turner, 3: Janelle Williams, Str: Kim Brown, Cox: Megan Turner
3rd Corio Bay (VIC) - Bow: M Henry, 2: A Francis, 3: J Hobbs, Str: L Paton, Cox: K Layton, Cch: R Allan
Other finalists were:
North Esk/Reeconian/Mersey (TAS) - Bow: R Targett, 2: T Johnson, 3: K King, Str: S Thomas, Cox: L Hendley, Cch: John Bugg
Canberra (ACT) - Bow: S Engledow, 2: M Game, 3: D Cunningham, Str: J Donoghue, Cox: R Hibberson
Unley High School (SA) - Bow: Gina Marshall, 2: Judi Singleton, 3: Amanda Argue, Str: Jean Jackson, Cox: Alex Levkowicz, Cch: John Argue

Preliminary rounds not known but other crews entered were: ANU/Canberra, Mersey, Ballarat Grammar, Pembroke &Canberra.

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